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10 Awesome Fish Tattoo Designs

Fish Tattoo

Fish is an integral part of our food habits and culture. Not only on your dish, but fishes are also popular among the tattoo lovers too. Girls and boys both love to get inked with a different kind of fish due to their varieties pattern and colors.  Fish is a water element and acts as an intercessor of heaven and earth.

Fish is a symbol of power, strength, wisdom, ambition, and most importantly patience.  The symbol of fish is associated with Christianity.  According to their tradition, fish is responsible for ecology and loyalty. It is an early symbol of Christianity, carried the meaning of the word ‘ihtios’ which is ‘Jesus Christ Son of God Savior’. In Buddhism, fish stand for passion, enlightenment, and moksha (freedom from earthy desire). Chinese people consider the fish association as a mark of prosperity, gratification, and harmony. On the other hand, in Egypt, the depiction of fish is quite different. There, thought the fish is related to god, but also considered as negativity, crime, evil character.

So, apart from the aesthetic value and fashion trend, a fish tattoo can be worn to protect from any odds. Fish is also part of the zodiac system, the sign of Pisces. Therefore, Pisces people can wear a fish tattoo.

1. Pair of Black Goldfish Tattoo in Arm

Fish Tattoo

According to Japanese culture, goldfish is a token of prosperity, fertility, and good luck. In Russia, people wear goldfish tattoo in order to fulfill their desire. Black goldfish are very elegant with their flowing tails. Black goldfish are also considered as a protector of misfortune. Spiritual people also prefer this type of tattoos. Fishes swim in circular form also indicates the life-circle. This medium size tattoo suits on your arm, wrist, and shoulder. When put it in the wrist try to avoid crease line.


2. Yin-Yang Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattoo

Yin-yang is a symbol of balance and harmony. It represents the duality, opposite characteristic. Yin, dark swirl, depicts femininity, a setback of life, shadow. Whereas, yang, light swirl, symbolize the brightness, growth, passion. Yin-yang actually indicates that life is a balancing act with all the ups & downs, good times, and bad times. In fish, tattoo carps are normally drawn swimming in opposite swirls. People who have a piece of deep knowledge about life, patience, can flaunt yin-yang fish tattoo. Yan-yang often defines the dual character of a person. The circular movement of the swirl indicates that life is connected.


3. Little Fish Tattoo on Neck

Fish Tattoo

A black goldfish swims upward means you had gone through a bad path and fought very hard. Now you are on the other side of the pole, but the memories are still with you. And you want people to know. So this tattoo is for you. Zed black goldfish looks extraordinary. This small size tattoo can easily fit on your neck.  tattooing on the neck is a little painful than an arm or leg. But as it gets less sun exposure, it requires less touch-up. Girls and women mainly prefer this type of tattoos.


4. Koi Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattoo

Koi means carp. Koi fish tattoo has various meanings depending on their color and orientation. Koi fish generally refers the independence, power, masculinity, and achievement. People also display their friendship, passion, and love through this sign. Some believe koi fish will bring fortune and longevity for them. When koi fish swims upwards, it indicates the struggle of the wearer.  Black koi declare that you have overcome the struggle successfully. On the other hand, black koi symbolizes the father. In Japan, the father hosts the flag, with a fish symbol, in the name of each child on children’s day.


5. Goldfish tattoo

Fish Tattoo

Another beautiful example of a goldfish tattoo. This time a pair of black and red goldfish tattoo is here. Goldfish is believed as a spiritual animal. Goldfish is a federation of fire which is the opposite attraction of water. Strong and reliable people flaunt goldfish tattoo to convey their characteristics. Red goldfish brings luck and black goldfish defends the bad luck. Thus, to welcome prosperity you can get inked with a tattoo of red and black goldfish together. It also looks fascinating on a girl’s waist.


6. Colorful Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattoo

If you love fish and water-life, then you can put multiple fish tattoos around your skin. These fishes should be small in size. It also gives you the essence of aquarium-like lots of fishes are floating around your body. The intricate details of fishes enhance beauty. You can put colors of your choices. Like redfish is for love, yellow for fortune, blue for reproduction, etc. Color tattoos are much costly but worth it. It will take time too to finish the numbers of tattoos. Overall it is very unique and eye-catching.


7. Tiny Fish Skeleton Tattoo

Fish Tattoo

Fish skeleton or bone tattoo has wide popularity. Though it is painful, a small tiny tattoo looks attractive on a finger. A minimalistic fish skeleton tattoo often stipulates the love for the cat, because cats are closely associated with fish. A fish skeleton can also represent poverty, but when comes with a full fish, it can define the ups & downs of life. In short, the balance of life. Otherwise, just wear the tattoo to show off your love for fish or fishing and make a style statement of your own.


8. Grey Betta Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattoo

Betta fish are the most adorable ones. They are popular for their beautiful flared fins and stunning hues. They are called ‘Jewels of the Orient’. They are aggressive and fighter in nature. They enjoy roaming around alone. People, who are independent, show off their confrontational attitude by putting this tattoo. This realistic illustration of betta fish with veil type fins is amazing. The detailed work with fine lines is commendable. It takes time to get done and make you pay high. You can place this sophisticated tattoo on your shoulder, inner arm, leg, or neck.


9. Blackfish Tattoo on Shoulder

Fish Tattoo

The shoulder is the best place for a tattoo. You can display when you want, otherwise, just cover it with your dress. That’s why it requires less maintenance. Blackfish is a sign of struggle, and when it swims upward it depicts that the struggle is over. People who are struggling in life to overcome the obstacles or already succeed can put this type of tattoo. Here artist’s illustration of the beautiful long floating tail and striking spine surely turn the head of many admirers. These types of fish tattoo are also relatable with fairytales.


10. Blue Betta Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattoo

Another breed of betta fish with striking blue color. The delta shape long fins look heavenly beautiful with the vibrant color. They are fighter and antagonist by character. Another side of their nature is they enjoy the solitude. Therefore, people who are self-centered, most importantly confident to fight alone prefer to put betta fish tattoo. Betta fish stands for freedom and individuality. People with free spirit love this tattoo. You can choose the color of your choice. Color tattoos always look magnificent. This small or medium size tattoo can easily fit in your skin on the shoulder, arm, or leg.

Hence, you are now quite good to have a fish tattoo with required customization. It’s a worse idea to remove a tattoo, so choose accordingly your personality. Just fall in love with your tattoo and flaunt it.

Fish Tattoo

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