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10 Attractive Back Tattoo Designs

Maybe it’s artificially done on your skin, but becomes part of your body as well as your soul. Because when you put a tattoo on our body, it reflects your thoughts, memory, your personality, in some cases your profession too. You may choose any symbol or scene but the depiction of that is far beyond the actual tattoo element. Each symbol carries an individual meaning depending on their art form, posture, orientation, color, and not but the least the position where you place it on your body. The same tattoo can have different meanings when you place it on a chest, hand, or leg.

In this order, a tattoo on the back is very significant and popular too. It can be said, the back tattoo is like the foundation of our life. We put our all emotions whether it is love, pain, or anger. People often prefer the back tattoo to portray memories or past life. People who are shy but at the same time bold or sometimes mysterious people prefer to go for a back tattoo. Because it can be visible only when you wear a revealing dress or go shirtless.

A back tattoo takes a huge space which makes them expensive in terms of both money and time. But it’s worth for a spectacular illustration. We have tried to showcase some wonderful ideas of back tattoos to understand better.

1. Feather Tattoo With Flying Birds

Back Tattoo Design

Feather tattoo is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, mystery, and the mark of an easy-going life. Fighters often get feather tattoo to symbolize the battle for life. Flying birds with feather denote freedom. Transforming birds indicate ambition. The quote- ‘we fight, get beat, rise, and fight again’ also states the unflinching nature of the tattoo owner. Most of the girls who love to fly high and strong enough to overcome all the obstacles love to flaunt flying bird feather tattoo. You can customize the size, color, or even the quotation of your choice.


2. Ornamental Mandala Tattoo

Back Tattoo Design

Mandala is a complicated geometrical art form. This symmetrical pattern is formed by several basic geometrical shapes especially square and triangle. mandala tattoo represents the universe and related to spirituality in Hinduism and Buddhism. It represents truth and reality. One can wear this tattoo to symbolize the balance of life and mind, as the mandala is always symmetrical. You can layer up the mandala by adding different elements that make every mandala art unique in both pattern and meaning. Back mandala tattoo gets enough room to include several intricate and fine lines.


3. Horoscope Tattoo

Back Tattoo Design

This is a fine example of a fantasy Aries tattoo. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The Aries people are independent, straightforward, spontaneous, and courageous. People often choose to get Aries tattoo along with a girl face and ram horns rather than just a curvy ‘v’ shape. Girls face with ram horns stands for a strong personality and who desire to be so, wear this type of tattoo. The flower is a symbol of the feminine. The use of stunning colors makes the tattoo eye-catching and stand-out of the crowd. You can choose your zodiac sign with a customized illustration.


4. Floral Snake Tattoo

Back Tattoo Design

Snake is a sign of evil deeds, lust, temptation, and circle of life. Floral snake tattoo is inspired by Japanese art. In this tattoo, a snake is camouflaged with the flower and leaves in a manner that you hardly able to identify the snake. This type of tattoo indicates some sort of hidden danger. Leaves, flowers also stand for desire and sexuality. Overall, the tattoo is a deadly combo. This tattoo is really huge and furnished with some intricate works. There are also diamond-like dangling accents that make the tattoo visually awestruck.


5. Flying Dragon Tattoo

Back Tattoo Design

Dragon is one of the fascinating elements for a tattoo. They are the most amazing fictional character from mythology. For the back, you can choose a large size flying dragon. Dragon is a sign of power, strength, and prosperity. They also carry a sense of independence and good fortune. The spreading wings with sharp-pointed edge indicate the violence. In Chinese culture, the dragon is found normally going upwards which gives positivity. You can choose any art form to draw a dragon and customize it with suitable props and colors to get the desired tattoo.


6. Rose Tattoo

Back Tattoo Design

The flower is most beautiful & versatile element of nature. A flower is directly associated with god and purity. Other than that flower symbolize the life, femininity, life, victory, etc. flower is also an integral part of every ritual, festivals, or occasions. The meaning of flower tattoo varies with the vast genera and colors. Such as red flower is for love, yellow for friendship and devotion, blue for fascination, white for innocence, and black for death. Similarly, the rose stands for affection, poppy for magic, iris for wisdom, and calendula for grace & ambition. Just choose a flower of your choice that suits your personality and thoughts.


7. Compass Tattoo

Back Tattoo Design

Compasses belong to old school tattoos. Traditionally, sailors ware used to wear a compass tattoo on the belief of their fortune. Compass helps to get direction as the magnet always indicates towards the north. In modern times, people wear a compass tattoo to navigate their lives in a proper direction. This tattoo looks cool and sporty. People who love traveling, especially those who trek in lonely routes, also loves to get a compass tattoo. You can layer up your tattoo with some splash of color, maps, or some customize props like initial of loved one, home sign, etc.


8. Floral Wolf Tattoo

Back Tattoo Design

Though in some situations or cultures, a wolf appears as an evil character, but the wolf is a symbol of love, devotion, and loyalty. When appears with flowers it reminds us about romance. Wolfs share a strong bond with their family and devoted to them. So, people can wear a floral wolf tattoo to convey their love and responsibilities to loved ones. Arctic wolf with leaves and flowers makes the tattoo very unique. Wolf tattoo can be worn on the back as a sign of protection. You can add some pop-up color to make it exciting.


9. Elephant Tattoo

Back Tattoo Design

An elephant is globally accepted as an ideogram of strength & power. Other than that elephant also represents loyalty, determination, stability, intelligence, and peace. The white elephant is also associated with Buddhism, which means wisdom and fertility. An elephant can carry any weight, it depicts the responsibility. People, who can take responsibility and have determination, can flaunt an elephant tattoo on back. Mother often chooses a cute baby elephant to show off how much caring and protective of their child. Elephant also brings good fortune as per the belief.


10. Freedom Tattoo with Dandelion Flower

Back Tattoo Design

Probably everybody had blown dandelion flower at least once in their lifetime. It looks magical when the white fluffy seeds fly on the air. The journey of a dandelion, from a strong geometrical flower to blown away seeds, reminds us about life, to enjoy every bit of what we have. A dandelion tattoo can be worn to portray childhood, innocence, delicacy, happiness, magic, love, hope. The transformation of a bird is a symbol of freedom. The tattoo is popular among the girls who love to be independent, possess an ambition to fulfill. Besides, a quote of your thought makes the tattoo distinctive.

Therefore, you can get an overview of various back tattoos. Choose your tattoo as per your personality. Always keeps on your mind that, a tattoo is an affair of a lifetime. So, love it, flaunt it, and enjoy.

Back Tattoo Designs

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