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Wolf Cut: The Vintage Haircut Trend

wolf cut

Does the wolf cut make you feel a little wild? For a good reason, the name means “wolf cut.” A closer examination reveals that it is even more understandable.  When pushed to the limit, the gradient creates the volume of a fawn on the top of the head! What is certain is that the wolf cut is the current vintage cut trend, made famous by Billie Eilish.

To persuade you further, we have found 12 of the most beautiful wolf cut-in pictures, ranging from the most classic to the most original, oscillating between the shag cut and the mullet cut.

What exactly is the wolf cut?

The Wolf Cut is a cross between the mullet cut and the shag cut that combines these two techniques. As a result, it adopts the accentuated gradient of the shag cut that was popular in the 1970s.

The desired effect was maximum destructuring of the hair, which needed to show several levels of lengths to maximise volume. But that’s not all: the wolf cut also borrows from the mullet cut, which is making a comeback by maintaining longer lengths at the nape of the neck. Proof that the wolf cut is unmistakably vintage.

Who is eligible to adopt a wolf cut?

Almost anyone can succumb to the wolf-cut craze! This style works well with all hair types (straight, wavy, curly.), colours (from platinum blonde to intense brown), and facial morphologies.

You can also complement your wolf cut with curtained or tapered fringe, which looks great with this style. That being said, the wolf cut is best suited for those with thick hair because straightening or tapering it will lose density and volume if you have splendid hair.

You might be perplexed if only a few strands are left in the back of your neck.

How much does a wolf cut cost at the salon?

A wolf cut costs about the same as a regular haircut. The wolf cut solely degrades any haircut while leaving the famous lengths in the nape of the neck, which are dear to the mullet style.

12 Pictures of Wolf Cut Ideas

Wolf Cut

This wolf cut on this long curly brown hair adds volume on top and highlights the curls. Indeed, because of the multi-level gradient, curls can be formed on the entire length of hair without bearing the weight of the lengths.

Wolf cut

A light wolf cut is achieved on this very thick brown hair. The hair is layered on several levels and a little distended at the level of the lengths, but they do not lose intensity. A thick fringe fits nicely into the cut and highlights this oval face. This haircut is ideal for anyone looking to add sophistication to their long hair.

wolf cut

We drastically alter our appearance with this haircut! We’re getting closer to the mullet cut than the shag cut. Not only is the hair incredibly layered, but it is also very short in length. The fringe is asymmetrical, tapered, and on the side. For a rock look that is guaranteed!

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut looks great on these delicate, wavy Venetian blond hairstyles in a layered, mid-length bob that is thinned out at the ends. A long curtain fringe adds a wise but sexy touch to the overall look.

wolf cut

The wolf cut can also look great on short hair, as evidenced by these short brown hairstyles. It adds volume and creates a hairstyle that can be worn every day. The locks are shorter in the front and rest on the brow without completely covering them so that the cut retains its lightness of touch.

wolf cut

The wolf cut looks great on straight hair as well! It tends to emphasize the different layers of straight hair, allowing the hair to be relieved. Especially if your hair is highlighted and has a lot of highlights, as shown in the photo!

wolf cut

This wolf cut makes the hair move. The gradient is made in the continuity of the fringe on this concise hair, with strands above the ears barely longer than the fringe.  The lengths are colored blue on the nape of the neck to provide contrast. Two moods, two levels!

wolf cut

The fact that these very thick short hair has been degraded adds an element of originality to them. The lengths have a wavy texture. The curtain fringe elegantly completes the cut. The overall effect is fantastic: we adore it!

wolf cut

The desired effect is evident here. A perfectly defined staircase cut provides this wolf cut. There are three distinct gradient levels: a short straight fringe, a first gradient at the level of the ears, roughly in the middle of the hair, and a second gradient from the top of the neck. Quite graphic!

wolf cut

This time, we’re closer to the shag cut than the mullet cut. The hair is deteriorating in length, but the effect is subtle. The originality here comes from the blue and purple reflections well highlighted in the fringe, gradient, and waves.

Wolf Cut

The mane of a lioness. Or perhaps she-wolf. We no longer know anything! This dark blonde hair with golden highlights has been styled in a wolf cut that perfectly frames the face. The volume is evenly distributed and cuts a fiery effect.

wolf cut

This wolf cut, done on this concise brown hair, adds volume and height to most likely very straight hair. The long tapered fringe emphasizes the voluminous side.

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