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Top 5 Wedding Shoes For The Bride

Wedding Shoes For The Bride

Wedding means beautiful gown, pretty dresses, lots of shopping, great pictures, candid photography, sumptuous food, surprisingly beautiful décor and what not. In other words, a wedding means a reunion of two souls by fulfilling all your dreams that you have dreamt of. Just like photography is vital for any wedding, in the same way, a wedding dress holds the equal importance.

It is your day. You want it to be so special. You want everything to be distinctive and charismatic. And to match every single detail like the jewelry, your hairstyle and of course not to forget – you’re wedding shoes. These are also an essential part of the bride’s dress. You match your wedding jewelry with your dress; likewise, you choose your wedding shoes too.

Just like you do proper research and a survey on the latest design of your wedding dress, you need to choose your wedding shoes too carefully. But before your wedding approaches, you should complete your entire task, sit back and relax. Weddings are a lot of works. Because the bride and the groom are the ones who get exhausted the most. But the bride also needs to be on her toes – this means that she actually needs some comfortable pair of shoes for her wedding that does not tire her. Although it may seem like a trivial detail, it is an integral part of your wedding dress though.
Here is a complete list of wedding shoes that are not only fancy and pretty but comfortable too. Match them up with your attire.

1. High heels

wedding shoes for the bride

Though high heels are the best option for your wedding dress, you need to make sure that your heels do not bother you while you’re walking down the aisle. Honestly speaking, high heels are a real pain in the foot. But choose wisely and accordingly.


2. Opt for smaller heels

wedding shoes for the bride
smaller heels wedding shoes For the bride : Source

If you’re not at all comfortable in high heels or heels aren’t your cup of tea, do not get stressed. Opt for medium-high heels or smaller heels. Match the small heels with your silver or golden dress. These will look ravishing.


3. Choose zippered closure heels

wedding shoes for the bride
zippered closure heels wedding shoes For the bride:-  Source

Zippered closure high/small heels are the newest thing in the town. Team them up with your bridal dress. And if you have a western gown or a dress for your wedding, then zippered closure heels are the best for you.

4. Block heels

wedding shoes for the bride
Block heels wedding shoes For the bride

Do you and your partner have a color-coordinated dress? Are you both planning to wear a similar dress? Wear color-coordinated block heels with your bridal wear. This will look amazing and especially if you have medium high heels.


5. Embellished peep toes with small to high heels

wedding shoes for the bride
small to high heels wedding shoes For the bride: Source

Buy the heels depending on your preference. If you can carry a high heeled belly/footwear, definitely opt for one because nothing looks ravishing than high heels. And if that is embellished with stones, they will create the look of the day.

So here are some quick tips and variations in the sandals and the footwear you can opt for while you are zeroing on your bridal wear.

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