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Must Try Sleeping Hair Mask For Hair Growth

Hair Mask For Hair Growth

Poor and dry hairs are some of the things that act as the barricade to your hair growth. In this regards, there are some of the medicines that you have taken and even applied some of the medicated ointments or oils, but none worked for your hair actually. Hence, you have left all your hopes. But this is not the time to get disheartened. Rather it is the time to give a special concern to all the aspects and that also in style.

First of all, it is to be understood that it is not the dryness of hair that is the problem. Rather, it is the strength your hair has lost at its root that is acting as the issue. Hence the thing that you need to do is to strengthen your hair root and that you can well do with the help of the different hair masks. Again when masking is talked about there are some of the options that will be availed before you. From there, it is the best option to go for the overnight masks that act great for the strength of hair and ultimately aids your hair growth.

Now, you are thinking about the right product for the same use, but that is not the case at all. The best ingredients are those that are prepared at your home and here is a guide of the different therapies that you can prepare at home and apply on your hair as a mask. You can select any one of the following guides to get the best help.

1. Coconut oil mask

This is the age-old masking tech and you must know that till now, even after so many new oils and extracts in the market, this remained the most effective hair therapy for all. It softens your hair and even makes the hair roots nourished from inside. The technique to apply the same is simple and straight forward. Just heat up your favorite coconut oil and apply the same when it is lukewarm. Do some gentle massage, while applying the same. Keep that overnight and wash off the next morning. Follow the therapy twice to thrice a week and get the best results.

Hair Mask For Hair Growth

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2. Use White Flakes

Dandruff is the biggest issue that is going to give you the toughest fight for your hair growth. You can apply different solutions and medications for the same, but could not get the right help and make your hair healthier. The best way is to get nothing new but to use those medications as your hair mask. Try to use some air locking bags for the support here, as that will keep the hair soft and healthy and will dry off all the white flakes.

Hair Mask For Hair Growth

3. Rosemary Oil and castor hair

Hair fall needs to be cured with some of the best hair growth oil and the best of that kind is castor oil. To treat your hair fall at the same time and to make the roots strengthened, the thing is that is needed is nothing but the mix of Rosemary oil on it. Apply the mixture of the two oils thrice a week for three to four weeks and get the best results.

Hair Mask For Hair Growth


4. Coconut oil mixed with Honey

Coconut oil itself is very good in making your hair strong from inside. When honey is added to it, your hair will have the resplendent look in it and that is the biggest thing that you need. At the same time, both coconut oil and honey are very much good for your hair strength. Apply the thing lukewarm to get the best effect. Coconut oil makes the hair little sticky and mixing honey with that will remove that stickiness.

Hair Mask For Hair Growth


5. Olive Oil mask

One of the best ingredients for your hair roots is definitely the olive oil. As you do with that of the coconut oil by warming it up and applying that overnight, the same thing can be done in case of the olive oil. Make it lukewarm and massage your hair and the scalp especially. Now leave it as it is overnight and wash it out the next morning. Repeat this thrice a week and get the perfect result for hair growth.

Hair Mask For Hair Growth


6. Apply Sunflower seed oil

If you are having rough and dry hair with broken ends the best support that you can get at this stage is by the help of sunflower seed oil. Just mix the same with some lukewarm coconut oil and massage your hair. Apply the same regularly for a month and you will find the ultimate results, without any doubt. You will face the silkiness, lightweight and strong hair roots very soon.

Hair Mask For Hair Growth


7. Honey makes hair locks

Need some lustrous locks? The best way to get the support is by mixing honey to pumpkin paste and apply that on yours. Apply for three to four continuous days in a week and repeat the same every week. Make sure that you apply the same only on the hair strip that you want to be locked, otherwise that will reflect in the total hair and that might lead to additional hair falls. Keep the paste retained overnight and on the next morning wash it off using shampoo.

Hair Mask For Hair Growth


8. Olive Oil with Aloe Vera

Olive oil itself is very good for hair roots, and Aloe Vera is excellent for the scalp. You need to add them all in one paste. Get the lukewarm olive oil and mix Aloe Vera with it. Now, add some egg yolk on to it and apply the paste over your hair and the scalp. Keep it overnight and repeat it twice only in a week. You will be able to stop your hair removal permanently.

Hair Mask For Hair Growth


Above mentioned are some of the best homemade therapies suitable for your hair. You can apply each of the items individually for your hair and make your hair resplendent. All the therapies that have been prescribed above are tested and you will be amazed t know that most of the hair treating chemicals that you buy from the market have the above formulae in those. Hence, make it yourself and apply that yourself – spend less and get the same result every time.

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