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Top 7 Best Workout at Home For Weight Loss

Whenever you think of losing your weight the first destination that you can think off is the gyms. Yes, the gyms are helpful in this aspect, but many times you will fund that you are not finding a proper schedule to go to the gyms or the gym is a little far from your office and home and hence it is making an unnecessary difficulty for you. The best solution here is to find out some of the practices that you can do by yourself and that is very much effective to burn out the excess fat in your body and make your weight tightened to where it must be. Here are some of the most effective and the widely tested home methods for reducing your weight and get back the swimming suit again on your shoulders –

Go for a run/walk

Walking is good, but running is better. Running burns the extra calories that your body produces and that is not used at all. The best time to get the snickers on again is either morning or in the evening time. However, the fresh air of the morning is much better, as the dusty pollution of your city gets little settled, by the halt of night. The effectivity of running or walking needs no further clarification though, but still one thing must be kept in mind very much sharply – do not have much glucose water after your run. Try to have a balanced diet to get the best result out of the run.

best workout at home for weight loss


Circuit Training

You must have gone through all these at your schools and simply have forgotten all those. Just get through some images and you will understand what is meant by the term. You know all the arts and aerobatics that are there to be done in the circuit training and hence just follow those and get the results. There is no way that you will not find the results if you follow a strict diet at the end of all these. Keep one thing in mind here, start dealing with the easier acrobatics at the beginning. Since you are away from the practice for a longer session, you can give stress to the muscles, if you practice the harder ones at the beginning. As you practice it regularly, increase the dose for better results.

best workout at home for weight loss



Hang a bag of sand and keep it at a distance from the ground so that, you need to give your leg a full stretch to reach the top of that bag, during a kick. It is better if you get a leather bag for the sand to contain and also make sure that you keep the weight of the bag right, in all possible ways. Consult some of the YouTube videos for the right guidance here. Now, morning or evening, make a schedule and start boxing as well as kicking. Effect of this is superbly and that is not only to keep yourself fit and to reduce your fats, but you will see that your mood also remains very good. Why? You will be able to shade off the frustrations you had the earlier day, with those hits and kicks.

best workout at home for weight loss


Yoga and Yoga Postures

Through yoga sitting postures and also by the help of meditation, you can reduce your extra weight. Yoga postures are you know – highly effective as those put pressure on the unnecessary or the extra bit of fats and hence 8s very much effective. On the other hand, when you sit for meditation, you will be making no exercises physically, but the process burns huge calorie in your body and that ultimately reduces the fat of your body quite effectively and much effectively than the best of the workout that is usually recommended.

best workout at home for weight loss


Surya Namaskar

This is also one form of Yoga and that is according to the Astavakra Yoga practice. You will be doing this in the early morning before the sun to pay homage to the sun god himself. The process is having eight postures in total and that includes all the acrobatics that you need to practice for your fat burning. If you can regularly practice this one, then within one month, you will get the result. The most important thing is that you will not even have to do the practice for even 15 minutes a day. Hence if you are running short of time and yet want to do something that is going to help you loos your weight, then this is the best applicable method that can be applied.

best workout at home for weight loss


Normal Stretching

Stretching is a very good exercise to reduce the fat content from your hips and legs and the lower portion of the body. If this practice can be made along with some of the yoga postures, then it is going to be more effective for you. The simple thing is that you will have to be very much regular to get the absolute results, but if you can practice it regularly, you will get the results for sure. Here also, do not try to get the full stretch on the first day. Try to give yourself enough time to get the right posture.

best workout at home for weight loss



This is a breathing exercise that burns your fats and shreds off the excess calorie from your body with outstanding style and efficiency. There are essentially four types of styles in it and you need to do all the things. There are two things is that you will have to keep in mind here. The best practice of Pranayama is when you practice it thrice a day – once after getting away from your bed, second during the noontime, just after the time of sunset and thirdly during the night, before you go to sleep. the second thing that you must remember is that while taking your breath inside, make sure that the lungs of yours are completely filled and while putting it off, extract the last cubic centimeter of the air you breathe in.

best workout at home for weight loss


The above few methods are all tested and approved methods of reducing your fat. Hence, simply use them and get the right results.

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