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Bohemian Wedding Makeup Tips

An evening at the beach, the song “California Dreaming,” loose hair, and a wreath of simple flowers in place of a veil. If your ideal wedding looks like this, write down the boho makeup rules.

The image of a bride moving like a doll because of a skirt the size of the Kazan Cathedral’s dome is long gone. Corsets are reserved for princesses—Spike heels for the runway models. Going barefoot to the wedding is possible. It’s comfortable and unique, and you’ll save money on shoes. 

Makeup in the “Boho” Style

Step 1: 

Create a base by applying a tone and concealer and shaping the brows. Pupa Beauty Touch (shade 020 Natural Beige) tone in stick, PupaExtreme Cover Concealer corrector (002 Light Beige). You can define your brows with the Pupa High Definition Eyebrow Pencil (002 Brown) and fill in any gaps with a clear Pupa Eyebrow Fixing Gel.

Brides’ skin produces sebum when they are nervous before the ceremony. To keep the tone as fresh as possible, you can apply powder immediately after the foundation.

Step 2: 

Highlight the cheekbones under the brow and above the upper curve of the brow with a highlighter, from the inside of your eye to the bridge of your nose. First and foremost, the skin will glow in profile photos. Second, it softens the edges of the eyeshadow.

Bohemian Wedding Makeup Tips

Step 3: 

Apply blush just above the apples of the cheeks and blend it towards the cheekbones, avoiding the highlighted area. This produces a lifting effect. Brush the remaining pigment along the edge line of the forehead and the moving eyelids: the blush will appear natural.

I like to match the blush colour to the colour of the eye shadow, and you can follow it too. We still need to start the eye makeup, but it would look awesome if you plan to use a warm purple and burgundy colour scheme. As a result, the blush should be friendly as well. Pupa Like a Doll Maxi Blush (102 Vintage Pink) is appropriate.

It is recommended that you apply blush before applying eye shadow. It’s harder to overdo your eye makeup this way because you can see right away if you need to add drama to your eyelids or if you already have enough.

Step 4:

Using a pencil, trace the outline of the upper eyelid, extend the line at the outer corner and brush. Wedding eye makeup does not require elaborate schemes. The maximum darkening is at the lash roots, stretched to the temples.

The colour scheme is reminiscent of the boho style: Pupa Multiplay Eye Pencil (05 Full Violet) is a dark purple pencil that most experts use to create a boho-style makeup look.

Bohemian Wedding Makeup Tips

Step 5: 

Apply a thick layer of metallic eye shadow over the pencil. Make the edges softer. The magenta shade from the Pupa Make Up Stories (003 Bright Violet) palette is most loved.

Step 6: 

Apply a shadow in a complementary colour, such as a coppery maroon. For a smooth transition, brush on the centre of the mobile eyelid. You can also use the Bright Violet palette.

Step 7: 

Bohemian Wedding Makeup Tips

Apply a glowing shadow to the rest of the mobile eyelid. Try doing it with a champagne colour with a pink undertone.

The intensity should be highest in the centre of the eyelid and gradually fade out at the edges.

Step 8: 

Apply a sculptor to the upper eyelid crease to accentuate the shape and size of your eyes. Apply the same technique to the lower lash line.

For this purpose, sculptors or bronzers are preferable (Pupa Contouring & Strobing Powder Palette in the shade 002 Medium Skin) because you won’t want them to be heavier than eyeshadows. And nobody wants her makeup to look plump and contrasty.

At the same time, apply a sculptor beneath the cheekbones.

Step 9: 

Apply mascara to your upper lashes. Mascara Extreme 010 Extra Black could be your favourite.

Step 10: 

Bohemian Wedding Makeup Tips

Select a calm, neutral lipstick shade. During the day, the outline is bound to smudge more than once. Try Miss Pupa’s fine, moisturizing textures (200 Pink Sorbet). They peel cleanly and are simple to touch up on the go.

Step 11: 

Apply a fixing spray to your makeup. Pupa Sport Addicted Make Up Fixer, for example, is ideal.


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