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32 Evergreen Hairstyles: Women Over 50

When we reach a certain age, we wonder how to maintain our youth without compromising our fashion and respectable ability. It has always been a source of admiration to have the ability to age gracefully, and selecting the appropriate hairstyle is one of the most critical steps in achieving that look. Many famous people over 50, such as Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Rinna, Madonna, and Kim Basinger, are living proof that you can still look stunning after age 50. Explore the options and select the hairdos that highlight your refined beauty the most.

Whether you favour curls, waves, or straight braids, here are 32 different hairstyles worthy of inspiration for the new you. Make a decision about which of the many trendy and contemporary hairstyle trends you can try in 2022.

1. A contemporary layered pixie cut for fine and thin hair

1. A contemporary layered pixie cut for fine and thin hair 

It would help if you got a layered pixie cut for thin and fine hair as your following style. It is much simpler to blow dry and style short hair, and it also gives the appearance that hair is thicker when worn short. A special touch that can be added to a layered pixie cut is to leave the front section of the hair long and sweep it behind the ear. This can make any facial profile appear more rounded.

2. A fashionable shag for middle-aged women who wear glasses

A fashionable shag for middle-aged women who wear glasses

A short haircut gives older women who wear glasses a more youthful appearance and is much simpler to style around eyewear. If you must wear glasses daily, you should think about selecting a cut for your hair that works well with the frames.

Be sure that the bangs or layers in front of your face won’t get in the way of your glasses or cause discomfort. Layers that frame the face can be achieved with short bangs. They do an excellent job of flattering the beginning, and at the same time, they allow space for glasses. Blonde hair is the best choice to cover up unsightly grey hair.

3. A bouncy bob cut for short hair

A bouncy bob cut for short hair

An expertly layered cut is the only way to give shape to short haircuts for women. There is no other way. If your hair is straight naturally, you can give it more body by using a curling iron with a large barrel and tousling the ends of your hair.

4. A choppy bob with close-cropped bangs

A choppy bob with close-cropped bangs

A glamorous and low-maintenance look for women over 50 is a straight haircut with a matching fringe. This style works best with super straight hair. It is also an excellent choice for women who are over the age of 50. Women over 60 looking for hairstyles with bangs can also benefit significantly from this option. However, it will only work well for those with thicker hair types.

5. The messy ponytail with loose wavy curls

The messy ponytail with loose wavy curls

This laid-back look is frequently seen in celebrities like Jenifer Aniston and Jenifer Lopez, amongst others.

Even though it may have a laid-back appearance, it is still fashionable.

This hairstyle will still look very fashionable, even if you don’t put a lot of effort into “styling” it, and it’s perfect for occasions like getting together with the family or attending a small party.

This look is achieved by giving your wavy or curly hair a layered or stepped haircut and then tying it back into a ponytail. However, it would help if you allowed a few stray strands of hair to fall loosely on the sides of your face to appear more polished.

6. Blowout hairstyle of medium length

Blowout hairstyle for medium length

The right haircut can completely change the appearance of a woman’s medium-length hairstyle for women over 50. Create your do-it-yourself hairstyle to achieve a stunning and put-together appearance. The cut that has light layers will look the best with this style.

You could go for a more pronounced side part and push the front layers to the side to create movement and height on top.

7. An easy messy updo with free hair strands

An easy messy updo with free hair strands

Not a single person on the planet has not been mesmerised by Salma Hayek’s enviably seductive and voluminous mane. This lady has always been the embodiment of a fiery and fiery character, and the highlight of this look is her hair.

The actress finished off an utterly girly appearance by putting her thick mane into a chic updo and leaving a few strands of hair in front of her face to subtly frame her features. In this way, the focus shifts from anything else to her stunning appearance. This is precisely how easy and gorgeous hairstyles for women over 50 should be done.

8. Face-framing inverted bob for round face

Face-framing inverted bob for round face

Are you a woman over 50 with a round face looking for the best short hairstyles for round faces? This face-framing inverted bob can make rounder faces appear more oval. It is a neck-length cut that looks flawless and works well with your round face because it emphasises the roundness of your face.

9. An auburn bob with layers

An auburn bob with layers

If you decide to get a layered bob, you need to make sure that your hairstyle is perfect so that people can see how dynamic your cut is. The shorter layers have been brushed back and pinned so that the style resembles feathered hair but with a modern twist.

10. An elegant chignon for long hair

An elegant chignon for long hair

This sophisticated woman can pull off this sleek bun without any difficulty. This textured bun, which is to die for and looks fabulous on women over 50 with long hair, is perfect for unique celebrations such as a wedding and can be worn with long hair.

11. Long hair with waves

Long hair with waves

The Beachy Balayage Babe should consider getting this long haircut. It’s a lovely light brown shade that will give the impression that you’ve spent the whole summer lazing around in the sun at the beach. The natural look of this long hairstyle is my absolute favourite part because it makes it ideal for women who get highlights three to four times a year and requires very little maintenance. (For some, that only happens once or twice a year!)

12. Regarding the black women

Regarding the black women

How daring are you willing to be with your long locks? The kind of style that you need in your life is this kind of hairstyle. In a nutshell, if you are a black woman, you can achieve an unrivalled level of glamour by styling your hair in twists and curls like this.

13. Ombre in shades of white and grey

Ombre in shades of white and grey

Everyone has seen the ombre hair colour with burgundy and blonde highlights, but what about grey? This look begins off-white and then naturally transitions into a rich, hazy colour that is stunning on any woman who exudes sophistication.

14. A grey bob with swoopy layers

A grey bob with swoopy layers

Finding a mature style and colour that you feel comfortable wearing as a woman over 60 can be challenging. Instead of hiding your grey hair, try embracing it and asking your hairstylist to adjust your cut and colour to complement your silver hair. Using techniques of finely tuned lighting, dimensions can be easily painted into the hair.

15. The timeless bob

The timeless bob

If your hair is straight and delicate, a timeless style like this bob is the way to go. When it comes to grey hair, a bob cut is one of the best ways to display the stunning colour dimension that comes with naturally grown-out whites or platinum highlights that have been added. It is also a low-maintenance style, making it an excellent choice for busy women.

16. Waves that reach the shoulders

Waves that reach the shoulders

Choose a shoulder-length cut with tousled waves, like Meg Ryan does, if you want your hair to be shorter without being too harsh.

17. Spiked pixie on one side

Spiked pixie on one side

Try replicating Jane Fonda’s voluminous pixie cut if you’re looking for a fun and flirty take on the traditional pixie cut. The bangs that are swept to the side are the perfect finishing touch.

18. Sleek and straight

Sleek and straight

Nothing says it like a long, sleek haircut. Sandra Bullock gives this hairdo a contemporary update by adding long layers and a centre parting to her otherwise classic look.

19. Hair cut in a side-parting fashion with loose waves

Hair cut in a side-parting fashion with loose waves

The fact that Jodie Foster is so skilled at styling her fine hair ensures that it will never let her down. During the height of her career, she frequently sported those fashionable blowouts in her signature bob hairstyle.

Nowadays, she opts for a hairstyle that is somewhere between having long hair and short hair. Despite its apparent lack of complexity, this look is exceptionally complimentary not only to her face but also to the texture of her hair. The waves add a lively finish, while the side parting lends it an appearance that is both proportionate and full of volume.

20. Hairstyle with a slicked-back pixie cut

Hairstyle with a slicked-back pixie cut

Tilda Swinton is one of the few actresses who demonstrates that a woman can only become more beautiful with age if she chooses to do so. This is something that can be said about Tilda Swinton.

It should come as no surprise that this lady is always up for trying new things, as evidenced by the fact that she is currently sporting an extended pixie cut. Her sleek and slightly textured pixie cut adds a lot of volume to her look, which also helps balance out her facial features.

21. A low ponytail pulled back with long bangs

A low ponytail pulled back with long bangs

Sandra Bullock is an incredible role model for women who have square faces like hers. The actress has a very prominent jawline, but she can soften it with suitable hairstyles and achieve a completely harmonious look despite this. On this particular occasion, everything is straightforward. On the other hand, all that is required to achieve the best results is the beauty of a long ponytail and bangs that frame the face.

One simple rule should always be kept in mind when selecting hairstyles for women over 50: simplicity is always the best option.

22. Wavy half-up of medium length

Wavy half-up

Nicole Kidman maintains the refined and virtuous image that has made her a symbol of femininity throughout her career. She gets along best with sophisticated updos, exquisite ponytails, and luxurious waves and curls. This extended half updo finished with soft waves complements her overall appearance and provides the necessary touch of framing for her face.

23. A Purple Pixie Cut that is Short

A Purple Pixie Cut that is Short

In the past, women’s short hairstyles were considered unattractive and out of place; however, these days, short hair is all the rage. The possibilities are endless, with all the different colour and style options!

It takes a lot of bravery to pull off the Pixie haircut, particularly the short and spiky version of the style, and that’s before we even mention the purple hair involved. If, on the other hand, you are the type of person who isn’t afraid to try new things and be noticed, there’s a good chance that this hairstyle will be right up your alley!

24. One Side Bob

One Side Bob

There is no reason why hairstyles for short hair should be dull. The current trend in hairstyles is toward shorter lengths. In addition, bob haircuts will always remain fashionable. If you want to modernise your appearance, consider getting this edgy and stylish haircut with a side part. You will get people’s attention wherever you go if you have cropped layers and a pretty silver tone to your hair.

25. A stacked bob with balayage highlights of blonde or copper

A stacked bob with balayage highlights of blonde or copper

This angled, stacked bob cut with jagged ends is stunning thanks to its vivid colouration. The various tones of red and orange on a dark base and strawberry blonde are daring and vibrant; with this bright pop of colour, you can show them that you are not afraid to play with fire.

26. Sun-kissed beach waves

Sun-kissed beach waves

This dreamy and feminine hairstyle features beach waves and shorter-length hair. The pretty sun-kissed tones are stunning and vibrant, giving an impression of youth that will make you feel like a teenager. To achieve a carefree and messy style perfect for the bedroom, you need to spritz some sea salt spray on your damp hair and gently tousle it with your fingers.

27. Lavender layered bob

Lavender layered bob

The allure of lavender locks is challenging to ignore. If you decide to go with this one, add a few more layers to it so that it has the required volume. Curling your hair is an excellent option for everyday wear and more formal settings and events.

28. A Top-knot hairstyle

A Top-knot hairstyle

Another example that demonstrates how rules do not apply to mature women is Julianne Moore. She looks fantastic, with her hair pulled back into a knot on top of her head. No rule says women over 50 cannot wear hairstyles that are popular among younger women.

29. The backcombed or pulled-back hairstyle

The backcombed or pulled-back hairstyle 

For a wedding, short or shoulder-length hair can be styled in this way to achieve a chic and elegant look. Applying a product to your hair can help you fight flyaways and keep your gorgeous hairstyle in place.

30. A low bun covered in flowers

A low bun covered in flowers

This is a traditional option for the bride’s hair at the wedding. Construct a bun at the nape of the neck and adorn it with flowers to complete the look.

31. The Dreadlocks, a traditional Afro-American Hairstyle

The Dreadlocks, a traditional Afro-American Hairstyle

Dreadlocks are not exceptionally high maintenance and can be worn in various ways. The styling options are practically limitless whether you use natural or artificial hair. The long tresses that Ava Duvernay wears are stunning, and she has coloured highlights and a side sweep to draw attention to her eyes and eyebrows. According to Young, magnificent tresses can be achieved at any length, from very short to very long.

32. Brunette bangs

Brunette bangs

It is impossible to describe the stunning effect bangs have on brunette hair adequately. It is a style appropriate for women over 50 because it allows the bangs to sit on the forehead, which adds beauty to the face and takes away years.

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