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31 Best Angel Tattoo Design Ideas To Please Your Angelic Side

Angel tattoo design ideas offer tasteful way of adorning various body parts. The tattoo is as angelic in meaning as it is in looks. these tattoo designs attract people who want to show their faith in God. They take this tattoo design as sign of protection offered by the Almighty. Angel tattoo design is unisex in nature and looks great on both men and women.

The common places to have the angel tattoos inked on the body are chest, shoulder, upper arm, sides of the stomach, back, ankle, fingers, back of the palm and so on. The tattoo representing an angel in its design show religious bend of mind. The followers of God and believers of good luck and destiny love to have the angel tattoos to stand apart in the horde.

Tattoos centering Angel as main design can be colorful made using watercolor techniques. Blue, green, grey and black are other ink colors that accentuate the look of this tattoo beautifully. So, when you want to display your true emotions for the God or have a Godfather in your life, you can use angel tattoos to describe this unique aspect of your personality. It is a token of gratitude towards the God who sails us through all testing times.

1. Angel Wing Tattoo

Angel wing tattoos can have a variety of meanings, including protection, guidance, and even dualism. Duality may imply that the wings reflect both the good and the terrible. Most people opt to have angel wings tattooed below their naps or on their backs.

1. Angel Wing Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

2. Archangel Tattoo

The term “archangel” is composed of two words: arch, which means “big,” and angel, which means “messenger.” Michael, the Archangel Michael, is a popular angel tattoo designer because he represents bravery and protection. Archangel tattoos are visually appealing, and many individuals get them done for cosmetic reasons.

Archangel Tattoo
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3. Fallen Angel Tattoo

Rebels and outcasts are represented as fallen angels. Fallen angel tattoos are typically drawn with their faces buried in the dirt, looking distraught and in pain. A fallen angel tattoo can be done on your upper arm, forearm, or even your calves.

Fallen Angel Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

4. Angel of Death Tattoo

This type of tattoo is typically selected by people who believe that everything in the cosmos will be destroyed someday and all tangible things will fade away. The angel of death tattoo is a powerful emblem. The majority of people prefer to get this tattoo design on their sleeves or forearm.

Angel of Death Tattoo
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5. Guardian Angel Tattoo

Guardian angel tattoos are popular among both men and women. These tattoos can be worn on any region of the body, which includes the legs, arms, and back because they can be done in a variety of forms and sizes. The pattern is quite complicated and precise, and it appears delicate.

Guardian Angel Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

6. Angel Wing On Back Tattoo

The angel wing tattoo is one of the most popular angel tattoo designs. A clever design like this one takes advantage of the natural curve of the shoulder blades to give the impression that the individual has wings. It makes for an appealing huge tattoo design that will for sure turn heads everywhere you go.

Angel Wing On Back Tattoo
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7. Watercolor Angel Tattoo

A lovely pattern created with delicate lines and filled with watercolor adds a unique twist to the traditional black-inked angel tattoo design. Watercolor angel tattoos appear to be incredibly elegant and feminine, making them a popular choice among ladies.

Watercolor Angel Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

8. Angel of Justice Tattoo

Angels can also represent a battle between good and evil. Lady Justice’s tattoo with a blindfold, a sword, and scales appears to be highly powerful. The blindfold and scales symbolize objectivity, while the sword symbolizes the force of justice and reason.

Angel of Justice Tattoo
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9. Tribal Angel Tattoo

Take any tattoo design and give it your own special touch to make it stand out. This tattoo is an excellent example of tribal art combined with modern tattoo art. The end result? This magnificent work of art!

Tribal Angel Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

10. Halo Angel Tattoo

The halo above an angel’s head, like that of a saint, represents holiness. A halo is the ring of light that surrounds the moon and sun and is depicted by a circle on the holy body’s head. This tattoo design is both simple and elegant.

Halo Angel Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

11. Cross With Angel Wing

A cross with angel wings represents a free spirit, liberty, and belief in God or an eternal power. Adding a cross to the angel wings can demonstrate that you are at ease with your religion and have faith in your spirituality. This tattoo is typically worn as a remembrance of someone close to the wearer.

Cross With Angel Wing
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12. Colorful Angel Wing Tattoo

Angel wings are already pretty popular. Adding a bit of colour to the wings will only take the design up a notch. The colors make it seem full of life and create a stunning effect. In this tattoo, the colored wings are placed on the back, covering it entirely.

Neck Angel Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

13. Neck Angel Tattoo

If you don’t want your tattoo to draw too much attention, the back of your neck is a good option. It’s also great for little angel tattoos like this one.

Neck Angel Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

14. Knight Angel Tattoo

A knight-style winged angel tattoo pattern is ideal for males who prefer to flaunt their strong personalities. These angel tattoo designs for guys are shaded in Gothic styles and can be applied on the full body or just the hands. If you choose, these can be done on the entire back, giving you a Gothic look.

Knight Angel Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

15. Angel Word Tattoo

This is a little horizontal tattoo design. You might choose to ink comparable procedures on your back area or anywhere else on your body. These tattoo designs, which represent letters and typefaces, can be incredibly beautiful. You may make these appear cooler by adding a fun aspect, or you can make them in conjunction with other related designs.

Angel Word Tattoo
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16. Floral Angel Tattoo

The preppy little angel, full of attitude and sparkle, lends a peculiarity and quirkiness to the tattoo artist. Furthermore, the flower decorations on the rear give the outfit a sturdy and graceful atmosphere as the angel stands on one toe, her posture seducing confidence at first glimpse. This tattoo is ideal for expressing the attitude of a female character. It is stylish and charming at the same time.

Floral Angel Tattoo
Image Source:

17. Shoulder Angel Tattoo

An angel having aura of light and brilliance and wings in flying position define the design of this tattoo. This tattoo looks great on women and ideally displays the idea that the God is on your side. Just below shoulders, sides of the arms and sides of the stomach are ideal places for this tattoo.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


18. Flight of an Angel

Soaring high up in the life and recognizing the role of God and destiny in achieving success is described beautifully in this girlie angel tattoo design. Flowers depict softness of emotions, love for nature and birds show determination and success. This tattoo is ideal for women and makes great arm tattoo idea.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


19. Cat Angel Tattoo

Fairy or angel and cat in pair show simplistic way of acknowledging the presence of God and companion. Cats are women’s best friends, as they say, and the angelic figure offers protective cover even when the woman is all on its own. So, celebrate your freedom with cat angel tattoo having graphic feel.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


20. Paired Cherubs Tattoo

Romance and angelic love find beautiful expression in this paired cherub tattoo. Ideal for arms, this tattoo shows love for the religion and also belief in love and togetherness. A lazy kind of look of cherubs show you love taking things slow but steady.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


21. Winning Angel Tattoo

The winning angel tattoo is colorful yet very stylish. It shows celebration of success and the presence of Godly agents contributing to your achievements.  The tattoo makes wonderful arm tattoo idea. It is having feminine feel and thus, suits women better. The colorful portion shows celebration of life.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


22. Bat and Angel Tattoo for legs

This tattoo shows angel’s wings attached to a man displaying triumph. It is tattooed mostly on the legs. When you arrive on your destination against all odds or embark upon a challenging phase in life, this tattoo displays this emotion beautifully. It can be inked on arms too.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


23.  Cherub arm tattoo

Cute tattoo featuring a cherubic figure and elements like hearts on cheeks, magic wand and flower. This tattoo displays romantic feelings beautifully. It is having some color shades, too. Thus, a simple but soft looking tattoo for women who value love and compassion.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


24. Angel watching over night

Beautifully colored angel tattoo – it features castle and moon overlooking a small township on a snow night. The tattoo represents the presence of a protective figure in life and the landscape shows a sense of achievement. It is an interesting arm tattoo having fineness of watercolor shades too.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


25. Angel carrying balance tattoo

This tattoo shows your love for balance in life. Angel stands for the emotion of feeling protected. Flight displays motion and balance and wand in hand signify the balance of mind and emotions. A big tattoo that adorns side of neck and shoulder area artistically.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


26. Angel Gladys Tattoo

A graphic representation of the presence of angelic figure in life comes brilliantly in this tattoo. Wings, geometric figures and Gladys inked in a beautiful design feature in this. The Gladys stands for a feminine name; thus, it is a beautiful arm tattoo for women.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


27. Sleeping Angel Tattoo

This stylish tattoo features sleeping angel. The sleeping angel depicts peace and protection in an artistic way. The tattoo stands out in appeal due to clarity with which wings are inked. This tattoo suits both men and women. Ideal places to have it are arms, back and side of stomach.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


28. Girl baby angel tattoo

An interesting tattoo for girls. The tattoo features baby angel, tiara and a bird with cherubic face. The seating pose signifies stability. When you have found stability in love and relationship and have kept innocence intact, it can be displayed beautifully with this tattoo.Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


29. Celtic Angel Tattoo

Colorful arm tattoo featuring angel lady in exuberant pose. This tattoo wraps energy, style and faith together in the design. Colorful shades make it more interesting in looks. It looks great on women. The tattoo can be inked on arms, nape, back, back of palm, near ankle, etc.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


30. Sad Angel Tattoo

A tattoo that expressed loneliness and the company of God quite poetically. Its design features a girl angel lying in contemplative mood. Beautiful tattoo, small in size, but deeper in impact. The tattoo is ideal for girls and can be worn on arms, nape, shoulder, upper back, near knee and so on.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


31. Supporting Angel tattoo

This angel tattoo for arms is quite elaborate in design. An angel carrying a person in distress shows feeling of protection. Rising from ashes is possible when the God is on our side, is displayed beautifully in this design. This tattoo covers arms beautifully and can also style up the back too.

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas


Best Angel Tattoo Design Ideas

15 Best Angel Tattoo Design Ideas

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