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Weight Loss Diet Plan for Vegetarians

weight loss diet plan

Losing weight is a big task. Both the correct diet and exercise are essential for losing extra pounds. If you cut the total calorie intake and add work out plan to your daily routine, you can meet your weight loss goals fast and easy. So, when you have decided to hit the gym to burn calories and want your food to work in support of your exercise schedule, you must look for an appropriate weight loss diet plan. Diet of vegetarians and non-vegetarians is quite different. Those who do not have meat or fish or other non-veg items in diet require foods that offer comparable protein intake. Before we suggest the weight loss diet plan for vegetarians, here are certain rules worth following.

Important rules to follow while changing the diet for achieving weight loss

  1. Do not starve, it stops you from exercising enough
  2. Add more proteins to diet, these help in getting required nutrition and are flushed out of the body easily
  3. Pay attention to what you are stuffing your stomach with
  4. Have proper sleep and relaxed mind; it helps avoid emotional and stress eating
  5. Eat every two hours, but eat healthy.
  6. Drink at least two liters of water a day; it helps flush toxins and suppresses frequent hunger pangs

Though non vegetarians have lots of options to try in the weight loss diet plan, it actually is difficult for vegetarians to choose foods that can help achieve the feat. So, if you are a vegetarian, we bring you here a diet plan for weight loss that is easy to achieve and effective in results.

Seven-day weight loss diet plan for vegetarians

We all have heard of GM diet, Keto diet, Paleo diet and what not! But all the fad diets are not easy to sustain and these result in extra layers of fat coming back in no time. So, changing the way what we eat regularly is one of the effective ways of losing weight the diet way.



Start your day by 7 am the latest. If you can wake up at 6, better! Make your bed, and be ready for a glass full of water. do not flavor the first glass with anything. The second glass of water you take can be adding lemon to lukewarm water.

Eat almonds soaked overnight two in number, and if you work out is going to be rigorous one, energize yourself with protein drink before hitting the gym.

weight loss diet plan




After completing the workout session, you can replenish the minerals of the body by having lemon or orange juice. If not salted or sweetened, much better will it be. Have a serving of seasonal fruit along with the juice.

weight loss diet plan




Ideal time to have first meal of the day is around 9-10 pm. Prepare a hearty breakfast using options such as:

  1. Quinoa salad + almond milk
  2. Oatmeal pancake + soy milk
  3. Boiled eggs – 2 in number and toasted multigrain bread. You can spread unsalted butter in small amount on bread
  4. Zucchini and onion sandwich + milk or cabbage + cucumber sandwich + milk
  5. Oatmeal comprising of half bowl roasted oats + one bowl milk + nuts (like walnut + almonds) + strawberries (2-4)

Avoid tea or coffee during the dieting days. If possible, abandon these for life. And, replace them with green tea, black coffee or lemon tea. You can have any of the above options in rotation through the week.

weight loss diet plan



Do not starve for long – this is the first rule of healthy dieting for weight loss

So, prepare yourself a healthy lunch using options such as:

  1. Lentils soup, beans soup, chicken soup
  2. Beef or fish marinated and roasted in Canola Oil
  3. A bowl of beans, shrimp and vegetables salad
  4. A bowl of yoghurt

weight loss diet plan



Evening Snack

After having lunch at about 2 pm, avoid snacking till evening. To refill the nutrients in the body and to avoid over-eating in night, you can have some light snack in the evening. The options for evening snack can be:

  1. Baked falafel and hummus
  2. A bowl of roasted nuts
  3. Corn or rice flakes
  4. A bowl of fox nuts
  5. Bowl of cottage cheese

Have green tea or lemon tea to accompany these munchies.

weight loss diet plan



More than content, it is the timing that matters when it comes to planning dinner for weight loss. Dinner should be taken the latest by 7 pm. And by 9, you must be crashing the bed. Dinner can comprise of:

  1. A bowl of broken wheat mixed with vegetables
  2. Red bell paper with guacamole
  3. A bowl of dal and two multi-grain roti
  4. Chicken or fish soup and a bowl of blanched vegetables
  5. A serving of apple with cinnamon and flax seeds
  6. Beans and Legumes

weight loss diet plan



The dinner should be filling but easy to digest. And it should not be taken late in night. Gap of at least an hour should be there between dinner and sleeping time. If possible, walk at least 500 steps after dinner.

Have your own diet plan prepared using the options mentioned above in the meals. You can rotate the dishes on a weekly basis to have completely healthy diet.

Some don’ts to consider while following weight loss diet plan for vegetables

Eating correctly and doing lot of physical activities is very important for weight loss. To get the best results, one must know what not to do with your food

  1. Do not eat too sugary or too salty foods – in fact, avoid sugar completely, salt allowed in moderation
  2. Do not include mangoes, bananas in fruits, and potatoes and sweet potatoes in vegetables
  3. Do not drink packed juices; in fact, eat and chew fibrous fruits instead of juicing them.
  4. Do not reduce water intake. It can hamper the dieting results.

So, try following these food plans for weight loss. Have complete awareness about what you are eating and do not forget to exercise or walk in a day.

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