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Most Easy Tips on Getting the Perfect Shade of Under Eye concealer

Eyes are the first thing that catches anybody’s attention. This is why; extra few minutes are required to shape these up beautifully.  A variety of products which can enhance this body feature beautifully are available in the market. Mostly, these products work on the upper portion of the eye. One product that actually is an under eye makeup is a concealer.

Dark circles and puffy eyes are the product of insufficient sleep and irregular lifestyle. These should be covered so that the whole face gets a beautiful uplift and looks flawless. A concealer has to be picked keeping a variety of issues in mind so that it does not show up too prominently.

So, here are a few beauty tips on how to get the perfect shade under eye using a concealer.

Choosing concealer according to skin tone

Concealer works on facial flaws and gives a uniform look. This makeup product has to be chosen wisely else the final output can be too dramatic or too clumsy. The best tip for choosing the concealer is to first identify the skin tone and then use the shade which is lighter than your under eyes by a shade or two. It helps two ways. First, it does not become too loud and secondly, it does not appear as a light, whitish, bright line below the eyes, which can be very clumsy to look at. Some concealer tips according to skin tone are:

concealer makeup tips


1. Concealer for dark skin

Dark circles are the most common problem. And, if the skin is dark too, it becomes more challenging. Choosing a correct color base is important for concealing the dark circles and blending it with the dark tone skin. Purple base and yellow base color are two options you can consider for the dark skin tone.

concealer makeup tips


2. Concealer for nature skin

Makeup becomes more important when you want to cover the aging lines and other flaws of the skin that come with aging process. Concealer can do wonders if you have chosen the correct style which is corresponding to the type of flaw you need to cover. Here are some products which you can try for concealer makeup tips.

concealer makeup tips

  • Sephora Bright Future Serum concealer: Bulging skin folds can be tightened with concealer strengthened with serum. The impact is marvelous and it does not add extra weight to the skin. So, the user feels lighter.
  • Clinique Eye smoothing concealer: A variety of shades need to be dealt with while covering the under eye flaws. All lines are emphasized in aesthetic way using the smoothing concealer. It does not guarantee disappearing of lines but surely does beautify those giving the users confidence of who they are.
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer: The skin tends to get dry with age. Thus, hydrating formula of concealer works amazingly well and nourishes the skin with ample moisture as needed. Final result is more captivating and deep eyes glittering with brightness.


3. Concealers for light skin tone

Light skin tone comes with its baggage of challenges. The dark circles look more prominent and so need extra coating of correctors and concealers. Some of the shades of under eye concealer makeup are yellow and orange color based. These shades go well with the typical bluish and purplish dark circles.

concealer makeup tips


4. Concealers for oily skin

Oily skin is too challenging to manage. It is prone to acne too. And, the makeup can tend to peel off with time also. Thus, the very first rule is not to use oil-based concealers which can add to the oil content of the skin. These products qualify to be the best concealer for oily skin

concealer makeup tips

  • Revlon PhotoReady Concealer: Sticks for long and can be carried around easily as it is just pencil-shaped and can be kept in even a small purse. Smear finger pores with the small amount of it and blends it manually. Give further uniformity to look using a blending brush.
  • Match Perfection Rimmel London Concealer: This is ideal for teenagers because it creates natural color look. Works great on acne. A swatch on the jaw line is recommended first!
  • Lakme Absolute Intense Concealer Stick: This is an improvement over the concealer. It claims to have SPF 20 and Vit B3. These elements provide block from the sun rays too and stays for long on the oily skin.

So, shop for concealers that work the best on your skin type and get that impressive look easily.

Some effective concealer makeup tips

Choosing concealer of correct type is not enough. You must be wise enough to use it correctly to get the perfect shade of under eye concealer. Here are some tips:

concealer makeup tips

  1. Always apply foundation first all over the face. The idea is to select the concealer which blends well with the foundation and enhances its effect. Applying concealer helps achieve the desired effect.
  2. Contouring comes after the application of concealer. This is done using a thin coat of translucent powder which is brushed all over the face first. This creates a clean base and allows smooth contouring.

How to use concealer perfectly

The technique of using concealer remains the same for all types of concealers. Apply a small amount of moisturizer on the face first. Too much of it should be avoided else no makeup will stick for long.

Then you apply the foundation. Some people use concealer first and then the foundation. Mostly, the other way round works better.

Once done, dab the finger pores with concealer and cover the problem points. Then comes the blending. You can continue blending with fingers first. But for finer results, use blending brushes and keep going with the process till no lines or discolored portions are visible.

Never use powder foundation first, if your concealer is liquid to cream-to-powder. This may give a cracked or caked look.

Finally, finish the look by dusting the face with loose powder. You may also use pressed powder for the job.

Under eye makeup is completed by adding a luminescent highlighter that covers the flaws effectively and shifts focus on makeup.

So, try all these products and application techniques and see how your look stands out and makes you the star of the show.

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