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11 Best Foods for Healthy Hair

best food for healthy hair

Hair is one of the most attractive assets anybody has. It is considered one of the criteria for calling anybody beautiful. This is the reason why all people irrespective of their genders are extra careful about their hair health. To keep the hair healthy and beautiful, the very first thing required is beauty sleep. Your life must be stress-free, in addition, to having ample sleep. However, it is what goes inside the body that contributes significantly to the hair growth. So, make sure you include the best food for healthy hair in your diet.

The diet should have vitamin E rich ingredients as this vitamin is considered quite responsible for the healthy hair. Apart from vitamin E, there are omega-3 fatty acids, which can promote hair growth naturally. Thus, have foods that provide you with these hair growth boosters amply.

Listed here are a few proven foods that you can try including in your diet in order to have beautiful hair body.


1. Eggs

Biotin is a protein type that is considered the best food for healthy hair. Egg yolk is rich in this protein along with other proteins good for hair health. So, if you are searching for a natural alternative to biotin supplements, start adding egg in your daily diet. Boiled eggs are the best form which helps having good hair body. Apart from using in diet, you can also prepare a hair mask using egg yolk as an ingredient.

best food for healthy hair


2. Spinach

Foods rich in iron are considered helpful in achieving full hair. It is because the hair roots get their strength when they are enriched with iron. Foliate and iron provide added strength to the hair roots preventing them from falling too often. Thus, the hair gets more body with regular eating of spinach and other foliate-rich foods.

best food for healthy hair


3. Fatty fish

Fatty fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids impart added texture to hair. It boosts hair health by reducing hair loss. It also prevents thinning of hair. The fatty fish is also rich in other hair boosting ingredients like selenium, vitamin B3 and D3 and anti-oxidants.

best food for healthy hair


4. Seeds like flax seeds and sunflower seeds

1 ounce of flax seeds offers approx 6g of omega-3 fatty acids and 1 ounce of sunflower seeds fulfill about half the amount of daily requirement of vitamin E. Other hair health improving vitamins can also be obtained through regular intake of flax seed and sunflower seeds.

best food for healthy hair


5. Shrimp

Shrimp nourishes the body with vitamin D and Bs, zinc and iron which are known to have hair strengthening properties. About 3.5 ounce of shrimp can fulfill about 38% of the body’s daily vitamin D needs. All these vitamins support hair health effectively.

best food for healthy hair


6. Vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C is required for collagen production. Collagen is responsible for adding body to the hair strands. Thus, you have to include vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits, gooseberries, etc in your diet. It will help you maintain good mane while solving the problem of brittle hair.

best food for healthy hair


7. Biotin rich foods

Eggs, almonds, sweet potatoes, spinach and mushrooms – all of these make to the list of best food for healthy hair due to their high biotin content. Biotin is basically a protein that improves the keratin make-up. Keratin is the protein that is responsible for the healthy strands of hair. Also, various hair disorders like alopecia can be managed with the help of biotin. Thus, this should be taken in regular diet as oral biotin taken through foods is considered much better than injections and supplements.

best food for healthy hair


8. Anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants are responsible for preventing the premature ageing of hair. Additionally, oxidative stress leading to poor scalp quality prevents onset of many hair diseases leading to their loss. Thus, anti-oxidants work two ways – first, it prevents premature falling and second, it does not cause diseases that may lead to hair loss. So, have foods avocados and other vitamin E rich foods in diet for better hair quality.

best food for healthy hair


9. Sulfur

Keratin the protein which human hair is made of is said to have high amount of sulfur in it. Thus, if you want keratin quality to improve in human hair, you can go for sulfur-rich foods that help having strong and full hair. The problem of undue thinning of hair can be solved effectively with the intake of sulfur-rich foods. Examples of sulfur-rich foods include broccoli, garlic, onion, poultry products, fish and a few others.

best food for healthy hair


10. Silica

Whole grains, leafy vegetables and onions are the foods rich in silica. Silica is responsible for the growth and development of all parts of body including hair. It actually balances the acidic levels in the hair which can lead to hair breakage caused by breakage of hair follicles. A number of scalp infections are also prevented by using silica rich foods in the daily diet.


11. Zinc and Selenium rich foods

Beef and white meat are rich in zinc. Vegetables like potatoes and peas are rich in selenium. The selenium content of the soil decides its level in the foods, however. 200 mcg of selenium a day is essential for men’s health as well as hair health. Thus, include foods like fishes and turkeys, poultry products and vegetables in your diet so that these nutrients essential for hair growth are taken in required amounts through foods only.

To conclude, the foods rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins like A, D, C and E and minerals like silica, iron, zinc and selenium and also certain proteins are good for hair growth and development. Having balanced diet that includes all these nutrients in ample quantities is a natural way of promoting hair growth. So, instead of relying too much on medicines and supplements, make changes in the diet if you find dreadful reduction in the quality and quantity of your locks.

Some useful tips for promoting hair growth the diet way include:

  1. Start your day with lemon and honey.
  2. Have salads and fruits in your daily diet
  3. Include beef and fatty fishes in regular diet plan

In addition to above, try finding ways to eliminate stress from the life. Stress and poor nutrition wreak havoc on hair health always remember that and take steps to avoid both of these!