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Top 7 benefits of using Sesame Oil for Hair

Sesame oil for hair

Bouncy hair with good body is every girl’s dream. It can be achieved when the beauty tips for hair are religiously followed. Just like we have regimen for physical and mental health, hair also has its own care regime. Right from the food we eat to the conditioner we use, every element makes an important part of hair care regime. Beauticians prefer use of natural solutions over chemicals to take care of hair. Indian hair care regime gives lot of importance to nature based enhancers like fenugreek seeds, henna, amla, shikakai, mustard oil and etc. One such product is sesame oil which has not yet been utilized to its full potential.

We bring you here the 10 best benefits of using Sesame oil for hair care which were not so much known till now.

1. Protection from UV rays using sesame oil

Sesame oil, also known has gingelly oil is thick in density. It forms a protective layer over the hair strands when applied. That is why; it is considered an effective solution for protecting the hair against harmful UV rays when it is exposed to sunlight. The sun-blocking properties of this oil are used for strengthening the hair’s shaft even while the person stays outdoors for extended hours.

2. Natural hair vitalizer

The sesame oil can penetrate deeply into the scalp. Thus, by using sesame oil, hair is strengthened from the core. The flaky scalp which is largely responsible for weak hair roots can be treated with sesame oil owing to its hair revitalizing property. So, the problem of weak roots can be solved effectively with sesame oil, preventing hair fall in the process.

3. A natural scalp soothener

Sesame oil has distinct scalp smoothening properties. It can induce coolness in the scalp, thus, preparing it better for withstanding stress. It is a common observation that stress is one of the main culprits affecting the hair quality adversely. The cooling property of sesame oil de-stresses the mind and induces good sleep. This is, in turn, reflected in high quality mane.

4. Sesame oil as dryness fighter

The sesame oil is exceptionally lubricating in nature. It, thus, proves to be effective for solving the issue of dry scalp. The dryness of scalp can give way to a number of problems like dandruff, etc. which ultimately destroy the hair health. Thus, apply sesame oil in slow circular motion on the scalp. Once done, cover the hair with towel soaked in warm water and excess water squeezed off. You can also leave sesame oil applied on hair overnight to combat dryness naturally.

5. Sesame oil as deep conditioner and natural shiner

Shining bright and soft hair is one of the beauty traits women die for. Though the serums available can provide short cuts, but the long term effects of these chemical based serums are harmful. The natural alternative to the serums is sesame oil. The layer of sesame oil on the hair brings natural shine to the hair, and the shine is retained for long too. take a small amount of this oil in palm and apply it on the scalp after rubbing it softly. This helps in keeping the hair extra shining.

6. Fights head lice

Sweaty scalps develop problems like lice. This proves to be quite embarrassing for girls. They may switch to chemical based oils and medicines in desperation. But, the side-effects can be very scary when medicine based oils are used. To solve the problem of lice, sesame oil can be considered. This oil is found to have anti-bacterial properties. Thus, the attack of lice on scalp can be checked by its regular use in a safe and natural way.

7. Solves issue of premature graying

Hair fall and premature graying are attributed to the stressful life. Hair needs nutrition to stay strong; apart from nutrition, the stress needs to be busted too. while the soothing properties of sesame oil reduce stress levels, the darkening property helps retain the black color in hair. Thus, hair continues to stay black and shining till late in life if the sesame oil is included in the hair care regime.

sesame oil for hair

How to use sesame oil for hair care – some important beauty tips

There are various hair revitalizing recipes based on sesame oil that can be helpful in maintaining beautiful hair. Some important and easy ones are:

  • Sesame oil in food

Various recipes taste better with sesame oil. Inclusion of the sesame oil in food preparations offers easy way of enhancing the nutrition levels in the body.

  • Eat sesame in roasted form

Sesame can be roasted and chewed. This offers easy way of increasing sesame intake in the body. The body built strongly inside is manifested externally in the form of strong, shining hair.

  • Mix sesame and almond oil for external use

Vitamin E is found in abundance in almonds. The best sesame oil has its own set of hair nourishing ingredients. Thus, both when mixed together offer hair care solution of exceptional quality. Also, too much stickiness of sesame oil can be moderated by mixing it with almond oil. apply this mixture of both oils on hair in night and wash the hair next morning. This will make the hair look exceptionally strong and beautiful.

sesame oil for hair

a) Sesame oil in hair mask

Take a small amount of curd or yoghurt. Add a spoonful of turmeric in it. Also, add a half a spoon of sesame oil in this yoghurt based hair mask. UV fighting property of yoghurt mask can be strengthened with the addition of sesame oil.

b) Aloe Vera gel and sesame oil

Sesame oil and aloe vera gel can be mixed and heated in a sauce pan. This mixture is cooled off. Applying this solution on hair in circular motion offers good nutrition to hair if it is kept for about half an hour. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo for amazing shine and softness.

So, give a thought to adding sesame oil in your hair care routine. It is safe, natural and has long-lasting benefits that help hair stay in the best shape.

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