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Your Round Face Will Look More Appealing With These Hair Styles!

hairstyles for round faces

Ladies having round faces struggle the most to find perfect hairdo for their face-shape. The main reason behind this is that round faces have broad cheeks. This makes them look like a kid. Who would want to appear like a kid at a time when all she wants is to appear attractive and slim? Round faces are the big obstruction when it comes to a ‘sexy’ appearance. But now, the time for worries is over! We have researched a lot and have taken advice from experts to provide best hairstyles for round faces. Keep scrolling down and try out the style which catches your eye. All the below-written hairdos are tailor-made for round faces.

Mid-Length Layers

Mid-length layers make round-face look shorter. Having mid-length layers is very easy. Curl-up your hairs starting from the chin. Have a full round of hair in your curling rod. Do this on both sides.  After receiving a curl, there will be little hairs left below the waves. You can either straighten it or just brush it. This will hide your cheek flab in an ultimate manner.

Mid Length Layers
Mid-length layers make round-face look shorter. Having mid-length layers is very easy.

Lots And Lots Of Fringes

Fringes are another awesome way to camouflage the roundness of your face. If the length of your mane is till shoulders, then well done! You are going to get the best then. Have a small to the long fringe on your forehead. Then ask your hairstylist to get you a feather fringes from your chin to the tips of your hairs. This brings a fresh and a very attractive appearance on a face; It also gives the somewhat oval appearance to the roundness.

lots and lots of fringes

Straighten It, Flaunt It

This type of hairstyle is best for mid-length to long hairs. Your circular face will no longer look circular if you handle your hairdo right! Straighten your hairs from the length to the tips. Then take a thin bunch of your hair strand and place it in the front part of your shoulder. Do it only on one side. Make sure rest of the hairs remain firmly at the back. Don a dark coloured lipstick if you want to enhance the look. The lure of straight hair will successfully make your face look slim and elegant. This is a very simple way to give your spherical face the best appearance.

Mid Length Layers
Mid-length layers make round-face look shorter. Having mid-length layers is very easy.

Blunt Ends

Keeping the ends of your strands blunt can bring focus on your jawline. Make sure that the length of your hairs does not exceed your shoulders. Create big waves in your hairs using curling rods. But as you reach the end, leave your tips blunt. This also gives a mix of the rustic and modern look of hairstyle. The other advantage of this hairstyle is that it goes with every outfit and mood. Whether you are in for an elegant party or a casual day out, it will suit all environment. That is why this style is considered best haircut for round shape by many hair-dressers.

big waves haircut for round shape

Side-Bun With Bangs

Bun with bangs is very helpful in hiding the wideness of a round face. You can appear appealing and elegant if you do your bun side-ways. The thing to keep in mind here is to do your bangs correct. While your hairdressers construct your bun on the side, ask him to keep your bangs thick. Lucy Hale carries this style with finesse. Bangs also highlights the feminine features like brows and eyes. It is recommended that you should keep your eye makeup dark and heavy with this fashionable coiffure. This keeps the attention on your eyes and eclipses the roundness of your face.

Hairstyles with Bangs


Round Face Hair Styles

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