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Neck Tattoo Designs are Hot Favorite Among Everyone


Tattoos on the neck are highly visible and both men and women love to have tattoo on their necks. All those people who want to look beautiful by inking a tattoo, neck tattoo designs is the perfect option. You can experiment with wide range of colors and designs and you can get the tattoo of your interest.

Neck tattoos look amazing and you can choose from variety of designs and intricacies.


Here are few neck tattoo designs that you can look into and consider.

  • Celestial stars

Celestial stars are very popular designs for both men and women. Variety of shapes can be connected to each other using the mystical looking swirls. You can also get the tattoo of a constellation design of your zodiac sign.


  • Dragonfly

Dragonfly is so amazing and is known to fly at a very high speed. Dragonfly tattoo looks so cool on the neck and you can also get it colored as this will bring life to the tattoo design.


  • Religious designs

These tattoo designs work as perfect tattoos and they are most commonly inked tattoo on the back of the neck portion. You can get a cross, praying hands or an angel wings inked on your neck.


  • Floral designs

You can choose your favorite flower and get it inked on your neck. You can choose from the variety of art forms and can have colorful floral pattern.



  • Birds Tattoo

Many people use bird tattoo design to get the perfect tattoo inked at the back of their neck. One bird or couple of birds can be drawn and they may be shown flying away or perching on the tree.


  • Text Tattoo


Neck is the best place to get a tattoo inked

Neck is an ideal place to get a tattoo inked .The neck tattoo is easily visible to everyone and one can easily cover it up.

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