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Best Street Long Hair Styles for men

The best hair style which can be adopted by men is the one which is supported by the natural texture of the hair. Men Long hair style works well on boys who are having good quality hair.

Pin hair styles look good on guys with long hair and white curls look glamorous in wet looks.


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Some of the trendy long hair styles of the season are given below:

  • Twist in Bun Long hair Style

This is very popular hairstyle and the hair is divided into two sections and is twisted loosely. You can join the hair into a low ponytail and then twirl them in a quick sloppy knot.


  • Shoulder Length Side Part Hair Style

There is a need of indistinct deep site parting and a large section of the hair is swept over to one side of the head. This hairstyle can be a good choice for formal occasions.


  • Side and Back Swept hairdo

A side part is created at the hairline and larger portion of the hair are swept on one side. They are easy to maintain and men with thick hair doesn’t have any problem pulling this hairdo.


  • Easy Swept Back Layered Hair Style

It comprises of the tangled locks that are actually cascading down the back. Shoulder length hair of men with soft layers makes them look sophisticated and give them a cool edge.


  • Shiny and Wavy Pompadour

Long haircuts are easy to manage and you can try this hairstyle which hits at the nape of your head. Tease your roots a bit and comb your hair back and this will impart you a pumped up and the pompadour look.


Long haircut is the style of the season

Men Long hair style is something which has made a comeback. You just have to find the right cut which makes you look the best. If you have got full head hair, then probably long hair style works best for you.

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