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Nail Supplies That Will Make Your Hands Look Gorgeous

It is said that “the happiest girls always have the prettiest nails”. Yes, girls need to take care of their nails too just like skincare. Broken or unshaped nails can ruin all your effort to look gorgeous despite fashionable outfit and costly makeup. Nails need proper care on a regular basis called manicure and pedicure. But with busy-schedule especially for the working woman, it is almost impossible to visit a beauty salon or spa parlour on a regular basis. There is a solution for you. You can buy any nails and beauty products from the online store. All you need know is the procedure of doing manicure-pedicure and a piece of proper knowledge about the products. You need a little bit of practice to become a pro. But the final result can make you feel happy and confident with healthy nails that to in the pocket-friendly budget. Yes, you heard it right. Nail and beauty supplies are less expensive than a salon.


Though nails care took a decent time and lengthy procedure. But to understand what tools and beauty products are essential, it’s necessary to have a brief idea.

  • Remove all the previous nail polish with remover.
  • Shape your nails as you desire.
  • Soak the nails on warm water and remove the cuticles & cellulose.
  • Moisturise your nails and hand.
  • Before applying nail polish remove the oiliness using nail remover.
  • Apply base coat, nail paint and topcoat to ensure longer stay.
  • If you are fashion enthusiastic and have enough spare time there are so many options to do nail art.

Now accordingly above procedure you can pick products from the online store. Here are some details of essential nails and beauty supplies you must include in your bucket. We offer some famous brands like Kiara Sky, Glam & Glits, DND, SNS Nails, CND, Revel Nail, OPI, and lots more.

Nails beauty products

Types of equipment

Nail scissor, nail clipper, cuticle pusher, nail files; these are must-have products. We ensure product quality. There are nail buffers to avoid smudging of nail polish. Choose nail tips or readymade nail extensions accordingly your nail shape and size from our huge collection. If you need perfection you can order nail tip kit, which includes Pre, Primer, Builder, Top Coat, and Tips of Selected Shapes. Apply cuticle oil for deep nourishment. Make sure you never go out of nail glue. We also offer finger rest for making your job hassle-free.

End of this never forgets to buy a LED nail lamp. It’s a piece of must-have equipment to dry up the entire coats you apply on your nails. Thus, your nail coats last long.

Nail Polish

Choose your desirable nail paint from the top brands all over the country. Use a base coat; it will help the nail polish to stay longer. Then comes to nail topcoat, it protects your nail polish from external damage. But Gel Polish is the latest trend. We offer a vast collection of Gel Polish. For Gel Polish, there are also separate base coat, top coat and remover. Other than that we also offer cat eye gel polish, glow gel polish collections.

A vibrant or nude shade nail coat turns your hand beautiful and confident. Nude shades are a new trend in the fashion world. On the other side, metallic shades also have a huge demand among the young generation related to pop-culture.

If your nails are crack prone, apply nail lacquer on the bare nails. It helps you to protect your nails from cracks and helps to repair.

Nail Dipping System

Nail dip powder is the latest beauty trend for fashion lovers. It is better than the artificial acrylic nail extensions. Apply a primer and base coat, then dip into a small box of pigmented dust two times, and seal it with topcoat. It protects your nail better than the regular nail polish or gel polish. It will last for a minimum of three to four weeks. You can choose from the variety of glow dip powder, French dip powder, clear & natural dip powder, holographic dip powder with a vast range of colours. For using dip powder you must-have dip cleaning brush to remove extra dust. We listed all nail dip kits available from top listed brands.

Nail dipping powder comes with a small jar, there are ample amount of chances to wastage as it is fine dust. To avoid this, collect a dip recycling system comes with a removable spoon.

Acrylic Powder

We ensure you with a huge collection of acrylic powder for your desire colours. Choose from glitter base, shimmer base, glow effect or mood effect. Make sure you don’t have any leftover polish on your nails. In case yes, use acetone to remove all those. Now apply the acrylic powder with brush tip equally all over your nail. You can apply directly on naked nails or nail tips.

Hybrid contouring

We always update our store with the latest technologies and the latest products. Hybrid contouring gives you a professional touch. Not only for personal uses, for professional nail artists, but our store is also the one-stop solution for them. We arrange hybrid contouring kit from Entity. Both mini and large kit sets are available. Otherwise, you can choose any contouring gel and contouring tool along with a spatula.

Nails Art

We can ensure every equipment you need to do nail art. You can literally anything to decorate your nails, just order the right essential tools and accessories. The store is full with a vast range of nail paint, nail stamp, foils, glitter, gems, stickers, dry flower, art tape, every possible ingredient.

Transfer foil is something you can enjoy doing. All you need to apply a base coat, pres the tape over it and remove swiftly. The foil behind the tape will stick on the nail coats creating a pattern.

Nail charms are 3d props based on any festival or cartoon character or something you adore. Stick it with nail glue over your final nail coats be ready with the theme of the evening.

Collect wax pencil tool, magnetic boards to ensure perfection. You can buy a set of painting gel that comes with three sets of brushes. We have a decent collection of rub on chrome powder. It is a smooth, rich, and shiny power to rub on the nail coats. Never miss keeping a small but useful tool edger on your kit.

For Professionals

If you are stepping forward with your passion and decided to start up your business, we are here to provide you with all the essentials you need. All the pieces of equipment for nail care, from shaping to drill, remove dead particles, nourishment for nails and cuticles, and of course beauty supplies starting from various nail paints, nail coatings to decorate with charms and gems. Along with all nails and beauty supplies, we also offer pedicure chair, furnished nail art table, and large display units for nails.

In short, we offer you a one-stop solution for every nails and beauty supplies you need to flaunt your beautiful fingers. We further assure you to develop our service and expand our stock to fulfil every desire to make your nails beautiful and healthy. Stay with us, and happy shopping.

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