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From Mud To Turmeric – Best Face Masks From Different Countries

Face masks are of great importance and speak a lot about who we are as it signifies the source of its origin. There is no denial to the fact that face masks are of immense importance. Women all over the world have a great fondness for face masks to get rid of their blackheads, revive their skin, refresh it, hydrate it. The magical ingredients of the mask gives them a more beautiful, brighter and clearer skin.

Different countries have different traditions when it comes to using the products for their face mask. Thus here is a list of the face masks from different countries, choose what suits you the best:

turmeric face mask

INDIA: Turmeric

The essential ingredient of any Indian kitchen is the turmeric and gram flour, and these are also the best ingredients for a face mask. Apply it after mixing it with rose water, or milk or curd and come out with tan-free, brighter and softer skin. The only precaution with this pack is not to overuse turmeric, or else it will tint your skin. Adding sandalwood powder and saffron with turmeric is also a very convenient pack.

FRANCE: Prescriptions

The key to French masks is listening to your skin and as per your skin customize your beauty routine. As per their specific goals, they go to the pharmacy and get the particular face mask ingredient. This surely a specific and on point process to get the best face mask as per the individual issue.


turmeric face mask


USA: Charcoal

Americans are mostly concerned with their pores and look for solutions regarding the blackhead issue. For this issue, the masks that have charcoal in it tops the list. Any pack that has 100% natural, loose charcoal powder is the most popular one. Apply the pack and ones you rinse your face it comes out as glowy, and the pores are tight and clean. Charcoal has made its way to toothpaste also as it has the cleansing properties.


turmeric face mask


MOROCCO- Ghassoul Clay

The Hammam rituals have become the necessity at most of the spas, and from the same land comes the Ghassoul clay. It is a kind of soap that is full of minerals. It can be applied after mixing with rose water. It works wonders as a natural blackhead remover and leaves the skin very smooth. It is a versatile ingredient as it can be used for both skin and hair.

turmeric face mask

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JAPAN- Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are more comfortable to use and are perfect for regions where you spend a majority of time in the Air conditioner, as it leaves the skin dry. To make up for the dry situation, heavy face creams are not a good option as Japan has hot, humid weather. Thus these sheet masks come as the best rescue.

RUSSIA- Dairy and herbs

Russians firmly believe in their fridge ingredients when it comes to face masks. Eggs, oats, honey, dairy products, local herbs, cucumbers, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, in short anything that was used by our grandmothers and could be found in the fridge.


Using the less tinted leaves of henna for smoothing and moisturizing the face. It is a unique ingredient for the face mask and is highly beneficial for the skin. Apart from henna, the Senegalese face masks are from fruits, like the grapes or honey and lemon. Fruits are beneficial for moisturizing, cleansing, and exfoliating the skin.


In just twenty minutes the pack made of mud can do wonders for your skin. The mud is full of minerals and applying it can lead to softer and cleaner skin.

The above were a few of the famous face masks from the different countries which women or men would love to use to enhance their beauty.

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