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Apply castor oil for hair

castor oil for hair

Since ages, castor oil has been everybody’s most essential oil to be used. We have been hearing a lot about castor oils since ancient times. As our ancestors say, this oil is used not only in cooking but also is used as a medicine. It has many medicinal properties in it. The primary use of castor oil besides cooking is that it the best remedy to prevent hair fall or premature greying of hair. Other than this, let us take a detailed look in the section below that guides us about the benefits and uses of castor oil in our daily routine.

Not only some, but this magical oil has many medicinal properties in it. Generally, it has been used as a medicine by our ancestors. They tell us about its properties and uses.

castor oil for hair

  1. Castor oil is used as the best remedy to prevent hair fall. Today, with such a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle, it is evident that all of us face this common problem of hair fall at an early age. Also besides this, premature greying of hairs is another widespread problem that all the youngsters are facing. As researches say and our ancestors too, this oil is supposed to be a magic wand for our hair problems. Use it thrice a week by applying it to your hair. Its medicinal properties will reduce and gradually prevent hair fall. Regular use will make hair stronger from the roots.


  1. Slapping the castor oil just like this on your hair will not suffice. You need to gather essential things before you apply it. Mix castor oil with any other essential oil. Lukewarm it. You also need a hot towel to give your hair some reasonable amount of steam. Apply this mixture at least twice a week. Give your hair a dash of hot steam by wrapping up your hair in the hot towel. Follow this regime for approximately two months to see the difference. This will surely make your hair lustrous and shiny. Not only this, you will now get in love with your long and pretty smooth tresses.


  1. Other than this, you can also store this oil mixture in a spray bottle. Just spray some good amount of castor oil a night before you plan to wash your hair. Keeping the oil overnight will surely do well to your dry, rough and brittle hair.


  1. Also, you can dip a cotton ball into the castor oil bowl. This procedure can be followed if you have too much dry and rough hair. You need to let the oil soak into your dried hair before you go to wash them.


  1. You can also use your fingers to massage the oil into your scalp in case of dandruff. Castor oil is beneficial in getting rid of dandruff too. Simply massage a handful of castor oil into your scalp. Rub it for good 15 to 20 minutes so that it does not drip. Let it stay overnight. Wash it off with a mild shampoo the next morning.

Following this regime regularly will definitely do justice to your rough, dry and brittle hair. It will also prevent and stop hair breakage and hair fall too. The theory and the benefits of hair oiling have been told by grandmas and to them by their grandmoms.

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