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10 Best Libra Tattoo Design Ideas

Libra Tattoo Design

Libra which signifies “Tula” in Hindi is the seventh sign among the astrology signs. The meaning that is concealed within this word has a reminiscent effect. The libra word was acquired from the Greek language which signifies Goddess Themis and is a symbol of justice. Let’s move ahead in line with spirituality and get a deeper meaning of this word.

The sign also reflects feeling things rather than perceiving it. It is known as an air sign. Just like air there are other things which you can’t see but can feel it and there can’t be any justice done to those things. E.g., your personality. Someone can’t see it but you know who you are and how you behave. There is no right and no wrong while attaining justice. Hence, it is blind to judge anyone’s personality. This is what Libra signifies.

Fashion doesn’t only consist of apparel or accessories. Back in the 60s and 70s, when their people used to follow minimalism. Tattoos were the way how they used to reflect their style or religion or language or the area they come from. No matter how ahead we go in the field of fashion, we can’t ignore the importance of Tattoo. Libra Tattoo is one of a kind that people prefer to get done. The reason can be that they simply belong to that astrology sign or they want to conceive a spiritual meaning. Libra tattoo comes in a plethora of styles. Let’s dive into some of the famous styles one by one.

1. Justice Tattoo on Neck

Libra Tattoo Design

As mentioned above Libra i.e. Tula Rashi in Hindi reflects weighing signs of justice. Either both sides are equal then we call it justice. If one side is heavier than the other one then the heavy opinion wins. People prefer to get this sign inked either on their hands or behind ears i.e. backside of the neck. For boys, the tattoo behind necks is amiable as it is easy to show it. In this type of tattoo, it is  preferable to get the middle stand and both sides inked dark enough to show that it reflects the Libra sign.

2. Libra Vibrant Tattoo

Libra Tattoo Design

Fashion is a synonym for creativity. When it comes to indulging with a tattoo(s) there is no way that you can stop yourself from not showing your creativity. Tattoo reflects a lot about your personality. In this picture, it can be seen that the Libra is inked with a colorful and vibrant design around. This is a mixture of a serious and casual tattoo. It also signifies the freedom of having justice in everything.

3. The other way for Libra Tattoo Ideas

Libra Tattoo Design

This is another way to portray Libra sign or must say justice in a more literal meaning. This tattoo is the simplest (yet most painful one). The only thing or an idea you acquire to curate this sign is a blank ink. Make sure to get it inked properly as if not filled properly, it won’t signify the exact meaning.

4. Libra Tattoo Near shoulder

Libra Tattoo Design

It doesn’t always have to be around the neck or hand. To get a more quirky one, this kind of design is perfect. To all Libra females out there, this is the one for  you. If seen properly, the creativeness shown in this tattoo is spell bounded. It is not just about the tattoo, but the style you are going to acquire with the one tattoo to show it off. In these kinds of tattoos, you preferably wear single strap tops or crop tops. You’re going to be the center of attraction.

5. The Finger Tattoo

Libra Tattoo Design

Trust me, this one hurts but there’s nothing you can’t achieve without pain. Here’s one example of the swaying tattoo. The finger tattoo is supposed to be very small so make sure to get it inked properly. You can also try creative libra signs on your finger. However, this one shows the simplest libra sign on the finger.

6. The ancient type

Libra Tattoo Design

This one is one of the classy designs that you can get. As mentioned above, Fashion can never run out of creative and quirky designs. Here’s the one for you. The sign shows simple libra sign however with intricated designs and very deep meaning. On one side it’s the heart and on the other side, it’s the brain. And justice is when both are used equally. If you see, there is fineness in this tattoo. However, there are chances that this kind of tattoo will be curated and will leave light ink.

7. Libra Tattoo on Neck

Libra Tattoo Design

This is one of the minimalistic types of design you can get. Female or male, anyone can get this tattoo. It is a simple and small tattoo on the rib bone. The sign is simple and the most focused while filling the ink was given on the edges and the top. Generally, the outline has been done properly to show what it is about.

8. Astrological Sign

Libra Tattoo Design

When we say that you should have a tattoo and you take it literally, that’s how it looks. Just look at this captivating tattoo. This is the highest level of creativity  you can ever expect. The preference is given on dots than lines and that’s what makes it the best. Not only that but the stars line concealed behind the weighing machine also gives it a spiritual as well astrological meaning. The spiritual or psychological meaning can be seen when diamond and heart are weighed to decide what is important, money, or feelings? Well, I leave this question on you as everyone has a different perspective. If you want a perfect Libra sign design, then this is it.

9. Libra Dotted One

Libra Tattoo Design

While we were talking about dotted patterns, let’s talk about a little simple version of it. This is the one. If you notice, the inked is on the outline and the design is curated on the middle stand. There is no such spiritual or astrological meaning involved in this one. As both sides are empty and the only meaning is that it is a libra sign. If you want to go ahead with the amalgamation of simplicity and creativity, then you should go ahead with this one. The tattoo has been inked near the biceps. You have a choice in choosing the area where you want to get tattooed.

10. Libra Tattoo on Back Spine

Libra Tattoo Design

A tattoo is a one-word for “a picture speaks for itself”. This tattoo reflects power even if you give a glance at it. The tattoo doesn’t only reflects the Libra sign but also comes with a quote. The quote varies but this is just to show you that don’t limit your creativity to a box. Pour it out and see what all you can acquire. If you’re getting a quote or words written then make sure to get it to darken enough. You should also make sure that words are written neatly and the whole tattoo looks clean and alacritous.

In conclusion, at the end of the day, it is your tattoo and we believe that every tattoo has its own story. Your tattoo might reflect a different story. We have presented a different type of tattoos that you can look up to. Make sure of the ink and the colors you are going to use. We know that you’re going to have the perfect tattoo inked.


Libra Tattoo Design Ideas

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