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10 Charming Feminine Tattoo Designs

Feminine Tattoo Designs

Tattoos for some people can be scary or painful but for some it’s an amazing way to show the world who they are. Tattoos are a form of art that is inspirational and beautiful in its own way. People think for days, think about what they love or find beautiful or aesthetic and then make the decision of getting inked.

For some it’s a way of expressing what they’re passionate about and for others a way of overcoming the fears and insecurities by accepting them. Once inked, they stay with you even when other physical things leave your side. They’re an intimate part of our human bodies, symbolizing our thoughts. Tattoos can inspire you, motivate you to be yourself.

Tattoos are thoughts, ideas, permanent memories that we’ll never forget. And they always tell a story. A tattoo is never just a picture. Most importantly they prove that ‘Pain can be beautiful too.’ Here are some tattoo ideas with a particular theme of flowers. Flowers show the human connection with nature and Earth. It can show various different qualities of a person like their earthy nature or soft heart or anything that you may find beautiful. Let’s talk about some feminine tattoo designs.

1. Hibiscus

Feminine Tattoo Designs

The name for this flower, Hibiscus, comes from a Greek word ‘Hibiskos’. This particular flower symbolizes youthfulness or delicate beauty just like most women. They are beautiful big flowers that come in red and pink color denoting perfection.

In some cultures, they’re even related to or believed to signify wealth and fame. The patiently added details in the tattoo brings out the best meaning of it. The tattoo doesn’t always have be on your hands or arms, they can be anywhere on your beautiful bodies and still convey your personalities. Such tattoos can always remind you about the beauty of nature.

2. Carnation Flower

Feminine Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is of the very beautiful carnation flower which is generally used at weddings. The flower symbolizes love, affection or fascination and sometimes distinction from our loved ones. The flower petals are opened and blooming in the picture and the tattoo is in a very noticeable area. So, it can be assumed that the person might be an extrovert. Just like the flower, he/she grabs attention wherever they go and are full of enthusiasm. Although other meanings can come out of this tattoo based on one’s perspective and memories with it.

3. The Bunch

Feminine Tattoo Designs

Fashion besides from clothing and accessories can be associated with tattoos. Like one’s clothing taste, their taste in tattoos also tell a lot about people. And what’s fashion without some colors. The Bunch is just an example of that. With two or three or even more flowers of different kinds, this tattoo signifies the various qualities a person can have denoted by a particular flower. The colors in the flowers bring out true beauty of gardens and natures. This is a fun tattoo to have on your body.

4. The Finger Flower

Feminine Tattoo Designs

As the name suggests, this flower tattoo goes best on your fingers. For the fingers that give birth to creativity every day, such creative tattoos are the best to get. The tattoos on your fingers are supposed to be very small and so the clarity of it is of the most priority. Though a little painful as these require fillings to bring out the best in them, these tattoos can signify a lot. Nothing good ever comes without a little of pain and this little one is worth the pain. The picture shows the same tattoo on two hands which can denote their similar love for it or towards each other. Getting similar tattoos can be a sign of commitment or show how two people are connected to each other.

5. The Lotus

Feminine Tattoo Designs

This a tattoo of a lotus flower which in most cultures is regarded as a sign of purity and enlightenment. Even in our Indian culture it is believed that even with its roots in the dirtiest waters, the lotus produces the most beautiful flower and that in itself signifies a lot. It is the easiest flower to play around with. Like this one, the faded moon like shape in the background adds a little depth in both the pictorial and symbolic manner.

6. The Canna Flower

Feminine Tattoo Designs

The Canna flower is also known as the Calla lily. These are most commonly related to purity, holiness and faithfulness. In some cultures, they also symbolize rebirth and triumph. Trumpet like shaped flowers, these are one of the quirky ones. They come in different colors which is again the denotation of one’s nature during colors. If you’re fond of colors or this flower, it’s best to get more than one of them to enhance the tattoo.

7. The Forearm Tattoo

Feminine Tattoo Designs

This is a picture of a bunch of flowers which you can get on your forearm. The flowers can be different from the ones shown in the image and can have different variations like colors or other detailing. This tattoo along with the flowers has some branches and leaves as a supporting figure to the flowers. The flowers on a man’s forearm sends the clear message that flowers are not just for girls and that men can adore them too. Breaking such gender biases, this tattoo can really put out some of the human qualities.

8. The Bud

Feminine Tattoo Designs

As the name suggests, this tattoo is a bud which is yet to bloom. This tattoo can signify that just like the bud, the person that has this tattoo is yet to bloom and show the world its true potential and colors. A work under construction, the person is waiting for the right time to show its success to the world. The branches and the circle behind give a shape to the tattoo and brings attention to the buds. Unlike the picture, one can also get this tattoo on their upper arm, shoulders or backs.

9. The Flower bed Tattoo

Feminine Tattoo Designs

The flower bed tattoo can be done with a lot of others flowers as well. This kind of a tattoo fills up your entire shoulder and narrows down towards your chest. The chest and the shoulders of a girl are best covered according to some notions, but this tattoo is set to break them. It allows one to accept their flaws and insecurities before they can carry them on their bodies. It’s a beautiful thought that give a very meaningful message of breaking the barriers. Along with this it signifies courage and inspires one to accept themselves as they are.

10. The Flower Pillar

Feminine Tattoo Designs

The name of the tattoo helps you to picture exactly what the tattoo could be. The leg symbolizes a pillar which is cover in flowers, right from the ankle to the calves. Again, a little painful as it a huge tattoo and requires a lot of detailing. The tattoo has all the features of a flower pillar, from stems to flowers to leaves to fruits and even bees. All this creativity adds a certain character to the tattoo making it seem quite real.


At the end of the day, every tattoo is unique and has a special meaning to it. It’s just a matter of how we see it. We know that you are going to look perfect and captivating in any tattoo you will get inked. Just make sure of the choice of colors you will be taking while curating feminine tattoo designs.

Feminine Tattoo Designs

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