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How Do I Determine My Hair Type?

Hair Type

The different hair types, ranked from 1A to 4C, define the specific hair care and routine your hair requires. Straight, curly, thick, and frizzy hair; how would you describe your hair type? We will explain everything to you.

Because each hair type is distinct, it is critical to understand your hair type to provide the best care for your mane. While straight, wavy, curly, and frizzy hair is easily distinguished, there is a more detailed classification developed by American André Walker, a renowned hairstylist who works with many celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. He developed a hair type classification based on two criteria: a number and a letter. Each number from 1 to 4 represents the hair type, while the letter represents the hair characteristics and subtypes.

Type 1: Straight Hair

Hair Type

Type 1A: Fine Hair

This is fine hair that is easy to detangle. Because it does not hold waves, it isn’t easy to curl.

Type 1B: A Mix of Thin and Thick Hair

It provides more hold and easier styling than the previous type and falls between pleasing and thick hair.

Type 1C: Thick Hair

Because of its thickness, this hair is resistant to curls. It is shinier due to the sebum produced at the roots, which can travel to the ends.

Type 2: Wavy hair

2A: Light Waves

Hair Type

The lengths of this fine hair have a slight S-shaped wave. The hair has little volume, similar to a subtle wavy.

3A: Volume Waves

The hair has more defined S-shaped waves with volume. It could have some frizz on the scalp.

Type 2C: Thick and Voluminous Hair

Hair Type

This hair is relatively thick and voluminous. It has distinct S-shaped curls.

Type 3: Curly Hair

Type 3A: Wide Curls

Hair Type

This hair is shiny and has large curls. This is the moisturized and heaviest hair in this category, which explains the slight loss of curl definition at the ends. Because of the weight of the mane, the root can sometimes become stiff.

3B: Well-defined Curls

Hair Type
Photo of a pretty funny lady showing perfect wavy perming curls in fingers, sending air kisses wearing white casual clothes isolated beige pastel color background

Starting at the roots, the hair has well-defined S-shaped curls. Curls are more voluminous and tighter than the previous type.

Type 3C: Tight Curls

Hair Type

This hairstyle is easily identified by its small, tight curls that form at the roots. This hair is very voluminous and similar to type 4.

Type 4: Frizzy hair

4A: Spiral Curls

Hair Type

This hair has very tight curls that form small spirals. The hair is voluminous and spirals from the root, with a slightly defined shape.

Type 4B: Fine and Frizzy Hair

Hair Type

Hair is tightly coiled and shaped into an S. It is delicate and frequently fragile.

4C: Frizzy Z-shaped Hair

Hair Type

This time, the hair is Z-shaped rather than S-shaped, and there are no visible curls.

This is the finest and most delicate hair in this category. It may appear heavy, but it is very brittle, so it must be handled carefully!

How to know your hair type

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