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10 Best Unique Geometric Tattoo Design Idea

Geometric Tattoo Design

Though it looks like the modern one, a geometric tattoo is one of the most ancient tattoos and traveled through thousands of times without many transformations. Geometry is a basic natural form of nature. People love geometry especially related to science. The main concept of geometry is the collaboration between symbolism and symmetry, asymmetry, and stability. Thus they can express many more values.

Some geometrical designs are believed as ‘sacred’ forms. They help you to believe in spirituality and provide some divine power. One of the most sacred shapes is the Gordian knot which means an unsolved problem. Other than that Mandala is also a very popular form. To understand the meaning and value of geometry tattoo we need to dip into history. Geometry is nothing but a scientific form of mathematics. We can find various examples all over the world. One of the oldest habits of having geometry tattoo found among Egyptians. According to Greek mythology, the ouroboros is a symbol of life circle. In the past, men from Micronesia Island used to wear a geometric tattoo as a symbol of marriage or adulthood.

All the geometry evolved from natural elements and each one of them carries a significant meaning. Here we make an effort to showcase some variant designs of geometric tattoo for you so that you get a vivid idea about it.

1. Owl geometric tattoo

This one is a magnificent rendition of a geometric triangular tattoo. Owl has his own fan base. The owl is an ideogram of wisdom, intelligence, and efficiency. As owl roams around night, they are also known for mystery. Straight forward people are very fond of owl tattoo. Mainly who are night-lover, focused in life are likely to get inked with an owl tattoo. You can always add a layer of any geometrical tattoo to give it another meaning in order to make is complex. Here a circle represents the earth, Octahedron air.

Geometric Tattoo Design

2. Libra geometry tattoo

The seventh sign of the zodiac sign is Libra. Artist presents the sign with multiple geometrical shapes. Libra is a symbol of scale which means justice and harmony. People who wear Libra tattoo display the balance of their character. It is known as a feminine tattoo. People who are fighting for justice can flaunt the scale tattoo. This incredible tattoo is furnished with amazing detail works. Tattoo wearer layered the tattoo with different shapes for customization. Variation of black and grey add extra depth to the design.

Geometric Tattoo Design

3. Skyline geometric tattoo

This one is something special. If you are in love with your country, city, or village, you should adopt this kind of skyline tattoo. It can be your identity. All people are emotionally connected with their motherland. And whoever is staying outside, they prefer this type of tattoo to stay connected with their native land. Each and every city has its identical skyline. Generally, it is represented through a single line, but you can go for further decoration with some prominent landmarks. This suits your arm or wrist band.

Geometric Tattoo Design

4. Three triangle tattoo

People often choose three triangular shapes rather than just having one. This one has multiple significances. It can be an icon of three basic natural elements- water, earth, and fire. Also, three interlocked triangles can be a model of the three-element of the holy trinity. On the other hand, you can wear them as a symbol of past present and future. This colorful inner arm tattoo is very artistic and meaningful and popular among tattoo lovers. The inner arm is good to place a tattoo to maintain.

Geometric Tattoo Design

5. Futuristic geometry tattoo

This is an absolute example of the futuristic tattoo. They do not hold any specific meaning. It depends on how you customize and layered with different shapes. The above tattoo is a combination of a large octahedron, two-sphere, and rhombus. Eight triangles of octahedron stand for elements of air. A sphere is symbolic of earth. And rhombus stands for the fore element of nature which is earth, water, air, and fire. Rhombus is also known as a protective sign from the direction of the earth. This is a little complex to understand. It contains lots of lines, dot works, pigments, brushstroke which will make you pay a huge amount.

Geometric Tattoo Design

6. Multiple line tattoo

This is a unique customized line diagram tattoo.  Multiple straight lines, connected point to point, can form an individual shape. This concept is to remind us of unity. We may differ from each other by boundaries, believes, professions, but we are connected inside my soul. People who are involved with public relations or NGOs can ink such tattoos. Each of them will carry different meaning which you want to convey.

Geometric Tattoo Design

7. The arrow tattoo

Men prefer to get an arrow tattoo to portray strength. Arrow is a symbol of protection from any enemy. By adding various geometrical shapes it can be absolutely unique. This time the arrow is decorated with moon and stars. Moon is symbolized as a new birth or new beginning. Arrow needs to pool down before through. They altogether make a meaningful tattoo of a fresh start. It will protect you from the outer world. It is considered a lucky tattoo. The simple line tattoo is stylish and easy to carry. You can place them in the inner arm which is good.

Geometric Tattoo Design

8. Animal geometric tattoo

If you are an animal lover and want something different for yourself, the geometrical animal tattoo is perfect for you. Choose any animal which you love or compatible with your character. Every animal stands for individuals concepts. People who are working with animal conservation can flaunt this type of tattoo to convey a message. The advantages of the geometric pattern- every form is different from each other. You can put them on the leg, calf, hand which one you prefer. But one should avoid sensitive areas. Leg tattoo needs extra maintenance and costs you more for touch-ups. Red color rhombus framing makes the tattoo attractive.

Geometric Tattoo Design

9. Sun and triangle tattoo

The above one is a very example of a symbolic and simplistic geometrical tattoo. The symbol altogether makes a universe. Sun is an icon of life. You can also call it a source of energy. And the triangle represents the air, earth, and water. Triangle sometimes also stands for the moon. An upward triangle conveys masculinity, solar system, fatherhood, and activeness. This is a customized triangular geometric composition in a simplistic form. This black and grey tattoo loos smart on your inner arm. Placing a tattoo on the inner arm is a good idea.

Geometric Tattoo Design

10. Pair triangle tattoo

A matching pair of triangle tattoo is a symbol of love and unity. A couple of parent-children or two best friends can flaunt this type of matching tattoo. Three corners of a triangle can state either mind-body-emotion or feelings-thought-emotion. In this case, black and white design can be represented as the opposite characteristic of two close people. One can say that it is the opposite attraction. You can choose any set of triangular designs and place them anywhere in your body.

Geometric Tattoo Design

Thus, with the above description, you can have a basic idea about a geometrical tattoo, and customize your own tattoo to express yourself.

One thing you need to keep in mind, that tattoo is permanent. Removal of tattoo is a worse thought that you ever can have. That can lead to a health problem. So, get familiar with the tattoo concept of tattoo which you want to get inked. Then organize it as per your requirements and assumption. And most importantly, fall in love with your tattoo and flaunt it.

Geometric Tattoo Design

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