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How to find perfect hair colour for you?

find perfect hair colour

It is a known fact that hair colour is one of the most important factors to get your style up a little. But, the old rules have changed and you cannot keep your hair off just any colour you like. There are tons of things that you should check for before you could for any colour. Going to a stylist is the best choice you have but it would also be harsh on your pocket. This article gives you some tips using which you can easily choose the perfect hair colour for you.

hair color ideas

  1. Wash your face completely

You need to know the true skin tone that you have and for that, you will have to take out the layer of makeup sticking to your face.

  1. Get in a well-lit room

You need to be in a perfectly lit room if you want to know the true skin tone. Our skin looks different in different lighting so get as much natural light as possible.

hair colour ideas

  1. Colour test

Here we are going to identify whether your skin tone is cool or hot. You need to first hold a blue shirt against your skin and then a red colour shirt against your skin. If your skin looks good against the blue shirt then you have a cool skin tone and if it goes the other way then you have warm skin tone.

  1. Examine your veins

This is a test that you need to carry out if you are still unsure about the skin type. Examine veins on the wrist. Cooler skin tone will have blue or purple veins and warm skin tone people will have greenish veins.

hair colour ideas

Once you’ve got the skin tone, you should choose the hair colour that balances your skin tone and you will never go wrong. Warm skin tone should have colours that have ‘cool’ or ‘ash’ in their description and cool skin tone people should have colours having ‘honey’ or ‘warm’ in their title.

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