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10 Beautiful Feather Tattoo Design Ideas

Feather Tattoo Design

Whether the feathers are colorful or black & white, feather tattoo is elegant in its way. Feather tattoo is very popular and very common all over the world. People have different interesting believes with it. In Egypt, people weighed the heart of the deceased’s heart against a feather. If it came out that the heart is as light as feather, the soul was considered pure. Similarly, Americans apply feathers to establish a connection with the bird’s spirit and pure soul. On the other hand, a feather is also symbolized as an angel.

Nowadays, feather tattoo boldly carries the meaning of wisdom, courage, intelligence, virtue, and easy life. Eagle feather is associated with tribal culture and warfighter as a mark of the battle for life. Similarly, owl feather stands for its intelligence, mystery, and wisdom. On a lighter note, the feather symbolizes beauty, color, dream, hope, magic, promise, travel, and number. Feather is an integral part of the dream catcher.

As a tattoo, the feather is easy to fit in every size, shape, and color. Every single feather from various birds carries some individual meanings. Here we tried to showcase some variant designs of feather tattoo for you so that you get a vivid idea about it.


1. Arrow-like feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design

A nice and exotic illustration of an arrow-like feather tattoo. Arrow is symbol of protection, power, and positivity. While it merges with a feather, it states independence, liberty, and triumph. Designer portrays his skills through intricate rendition. This black and white tattoo can be worn by both males and females. Small dots form a ribbon shape that enhances its beauty. Detailing and the number of colors is deciding factors for the budget. You can wear them on arm or leg. The inner arm is good to get inked in terms of maintenance.


2. Light feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design

This is a beautiful blue-bird feather tattoo. It looks light in weight and conveys the spiritual connection of the tattoo wearer. It states that the tattoo owner takes the life easy. The detail stroke and blend of color make the tattoo realistic and attractive. This small or medium size tattoo can fit in any part of your body, like arm, neck, wrist, or legs. Girls love to flaunt a simple real like tattoo on leg or ankle which is a fashion-trend. But you need some extra care to maintain your ankle tattoo for over sun exposure.


3. Crow feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design

This is a minimalistic representation of crow tattoo. It fits on your wrist or finger. Crow feather is common but it carries lots of significances. Crow stands for balance and skills. Some people believe crow is a symbol of unleashing from past life. Crow feather is also represented as tradition breaker. Some believe it brings message of death. This blackline tattoo is pocket friendly and time-saving. Wrist tattoo is easy to show off and looks absolute cool. But one should avoid wrist or crease line as it may give trouble after.


4. Couple feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design

You are in love and want to stay connected by soul, just go for a nice pair of feather tattoo. Dove feather is suitable for this as it resembles love, peace, and greatness. Getting inked with identical tattoos, couples want a state that they are inseparable, complete each other. In addition you can put the initials of your own name or your partner’s name. It makes your tattoo unique. This fine black and white tattoo is decorated with small dots and motifs which makes them attractive.


5. Peacock feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design

Peacock feather is an example of ultimate beauty. It has its grace and elegance. Peacock feather is symbol of beauty. The elliptical part at the end of the feather is called eye.  It depicts the power to see insight. People who are intuitive or having the power to look beyond, can flaunt this type of tattoo. This one is mostly wear by girls. Though the original peacock feather is colorful, this design is furnished with nice and fine distinctive black and white lines. And it looks classy.


6. Peacock feather tattoo on finger

Feather Tattoo Design

As we discussed above, the peacock feather is a symbol of beauty and pride. A small tiny peacock feather can convey your personality, confidence, inner beauty and spirit. It also states royalty and immortality. According to Greek mythology, the peacock tail resembles the eye of stars. Meanwhile, in Chinese culture women wear them a holy symbol of conceiving. The white shadow of the strings adds stunning attractions value. This tattoo perfectly fit on your finger and easy to show off. It can be painful as the finger skin is sensitive but it worth it.


7. Freedom feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design

These tattoo genres from Celtic culture and girl’s favorite one. The flying bird is symbol of freedom. The transformation into a bird signifies the ambition of a tattoo owner. Girls who want to fly high, go beyond barriers, and aim something really high, are keen to have a transforming feather tattoo. The beautiful rendition of colors makes the tattoo more attractive.  This medium size tattoo fits on your shoulder, arms, legs, or back. Shoulder tattoo can be changed in size and shape over time according to muscle transformation.  A color tattoo is costly compare to black and white.


8. Eagle feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design

Eagle feather tattoo is very much appealing. Eagle feather stands for freedom, sacredness, courage, honor, and prestige. If you are strong, hold the ability of leadership this tattoo suits you. People, who are dealing with justice, can also flaunt eagle feathers on your skin. Flying birds symbolizes the freedom of your body and spirit. You can customize your eagle feather with a number of birds. This medium size tattoo perfectly fits in your sidearm. White shades enhance the reflecting beauty of the tattoo. Girls and women prefer this type of tattoo.


9. Color feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design

A majestic feather tattoo with beautiful color rendition. This is an artist’s impression of a modern feather tattoo. If you are dreamer, or simply want a beautiful tattoo as a fashion trend, this tattoo is ideal for you. You can customize and decorate with different color and sparking element as per your desire. A small tattoo can fit on your neck, shoulder, arm, or anywhere in your body. Color tattoos are expensive.  It needs some extra care to maintain. As it is permanent, choose the color wisely.


10. Boho feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design

A boho style is always an eye-catcher. Boho stands for freedom, self-expression, inner-growth, love, and happiness. Boho is an abstract form of art. Feather is also an icon of freedom. If you love the boho style of living this is just for you. If you are simply a bird lover, you can also adopt a feather tattoo on your skin. People who are working on the conservation of bird species can have a feather tattoo to address the awareness. Small but furnished with detailing, this black and white tattoo is inspiring.

Now, you can have a basic idea about a feather tattoo, and organize your tattoo to express yourself.

Feather Tattoo Design



Always remember, that tattoo is a life-time affair. So, get familiar with the tattoo concept of tattoo which you want to get inked. And most importantly, fall in love with your tattoo and flaunt it.


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