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Dyson Supersonic VS ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic – Choose The Best One

Dyson Supersonic VS ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic

Having problems choosing the best hair straightening machine at a reasonable price? If so, this article has been written for you. One of the best things about beauty is that there is always something for everyone inconsiderate of who they are. Hence, purchasing a straightening tool is the best option to avoid unnecessary expenses. Dyson supersonic and Elchim hairdryers are the best tools suitable for straightening, drying, smoothening, and making your hair shine. 

Many ladies want an easy hair dryer that dries theirhair faster and more efficiently while reducing frizz. Sometimes, this is a lot to ask for, but hair dryers have evolved just like all other technology. Here we have the Dyson Supersonic, a feature-rich piece of technology changing how we look at hair dryers.

Dyson is apopularly company worldwide that manufactures products with the best design quality and have the best customer care service. Inconsiderate of which tool you choose, all are used to straighten your hair perfectly. Elchim is one of the latest products in the market, and the model may differ in plate thickness.  Dyson supersonic is also well known for its perfection in hair drying straightening.  Below, we will talk about some key features, pros, and cons of these two products to make work easier for you.

Dyson SupersonicELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic
Dyson SupersonicELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic
• Supersonic has four heat settings and three-speed settings.
• Light to handle.
• It’s fast in hair drying.
• Does do not burn your hair together with your face since it has controllable settings.
• Leaves your hair shining
• Has two years of warranty.
• The styling concentrator is super thin nozzles that jet the air in one way and enables straightening of the hair with a round brush.
• Has a long lead; you can easily plug it into awkward places and still reach the mirror.
• Has an ionizer.
• Elchim easily styles and simultaneously detangles your hair.
• It’s cheap when compared to Dyson’s supersonic.
• Has two years of warranty
• The dryer has a high wattage rating of 2400 watts.
• Elchim has an electromagnetic wave protection system (Low EMF).
• The dryer has a built-in silencer and is very quiet compared to similar hair dryers.
• Supersonic is expensive.• It’s said to have issues with their power button getting stuck.
it may have a very bad, burnt smell on the first use
• Has a short cord which is only 8 feet long


Dyson limited Company is a British technology established by sir James Dyson in the United Kingdom in the year 1991. The company manufactures and designs household appliances, including vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hand dryers, hairdryers, bladeless fans, heaters, hairdryers, and lights.

Supersonics a great blow dryer with two attachments with which you can style and dry your hair perfectly. This is the best hairstyle than others because your hair will be protected; it won’t get damaged by the heat effects. It has the most precise heat. It has an engine that controls extreme heat damage. It is used to style your hair so that you can maintain it and look amazing. This dryer does not make any noise because it has three-speed settings that are controllable. It does not have specific hair to style; this product is for all types of hair.

Dyson Supersonic

Dyson supersonic is the best because it helps in preventing the hair from heat damages. The cost is a bit high but is worth the best price and has an easy cleaning filter with a magnetic, washable, and removable filter with a cleaning brush. The warranty for this product includes both labor and parts, and if the product fails to work or to satisfy any, it can be returned within one month from the date of purchase.

Everyone should consider buying this product because it is made with new and advanced technology; this tool has the best features, which are likely to attract buyers to purchase this product. Dyson’s supersonic features are explained below as those features are the best, and the results from this product are awesome.


ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

 Elchim 3900  is a well-known hairdryer which has been used by even the professionals. This machine has been adopted in some of the best hair salons across the whole world.  The hairstylists know how important it is to dry and style using dryers using a superior mix of heat and airspeed. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic cuts drying time on average of up to 30 percent, adding shine to hair and preserving hair integrity. With the correct heat amount, ensuring a beautiful blow-out from inside out. This tool was handmade in Italy.

The ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer showed that it could match some of the industry’s highest quality items. This hair dryer has a list of amazing features that add to its reputation. When briefly looking at all factors, this hair dryer comes in at a nice 4 out of 5 stars, and purchasers agree that this is an innovative hair dryer that offers good value. Elchimheating components are one of the most important factors to consider when comparing different hair dryers against each other. The best thing about the Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer is that it offers an amazing heat output for optimized hair drying capabilities.

The main minor factor, as we mentioned, is the potential for the defective heating component; in any case, customers should be prepared to utilize their warranty benefits. In many cases, customers have never experienced issues with the modern heating components and have expressed good feedback towards this category.

ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic

Subsequently, going through all reviews, features, and factors related to the Elchim3900 Hair Dryer clearly shows why customers have expressed so much positive feedback towards that particular hairdryer. The Elchim3900 Hair Dryer remains the best option for those who want a nice professional hairdryer without breaking the bank, but there are also the same choices, which give slightly different options and prices. Buyers will have their hands in their hair when making their final purchase decision, depending on which tool suits them.

One of the biggest concerns regarding this machine is the lifespan and durability of your hairdryer and the components. For most users, the hairdryer seems to remain durable and function as intended; however, there appears to be a small percentage of hair dryer units with components that fail within the first two years. Customers should be well prepared to take advantage of their two-year warranty if they receive a hairdryer unit with a potentially faulty component.





Dyson supersonic functions best in styling and straightening your hair without causing any damages to the hair. It is not much noise as compared to the other hair straighteners. It has four heat settings from 28°c to 100°c and three-speed settings from fast drying, regular drying, and styling. This hair dryer comes along with three attachments: smoothing, styling, and diffuser.

Dyson Supersonic

Dyson supersonic is a wand that comes with some attachments from the styling dryer to different brushes and barrels. It is thoughtfully designed with a beautiful look that does not sacrifice ergonomics.

ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramicblow dryer is one of the best tools for hair straightening. This machine has a dual-grip design, which enables it to fit almost any hairdryer. Elchim easily detangles and styles your hair simultaneously.

The blow dryer hair is an essential traveling hairstyle accessory. This machine is designed with heavy-duty nylon for long-lasting use. The concentrates airflow to detangle and straighten your hair in one step because of its unique design. It is patent double layered and grabs all types of hair to give the best salon-quality results.

ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic

ELCHIM 3900Ionic Ceramic hair dryer works better in drying, straightening, and styling hair without causing any damage. Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer is well designed to be easy to use by offers the users an effortless setup process that focuses mainly on simplicity. This Elchim hairdryer is efficient and lightweight so that users can begin to experience the ergonomic handling that this hair dryer represents.





Dyson supersonic hair straightener has two nozzles and a diffuser. These Nozzles directs airflow to a particular section more meticulously, and the other one diffuser enables you to maintain your curled hair after washing. It works well for all hair types; you need to choose the style that suits you.

ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Elchim3900 has fast drying and amazing styling ability. This machine comes with a range of settings that help you set the heat as per your requirements. The heat settings can control it in a modern way, and the temperature is displayed.





Dyson’s main goal with the Supersonic was to have a high-end hair dryer that dries faster, easier to use, and powerful. The Supersonic meets two out of three of those goals. You know the old saying: “two out of three not bad.” Thus, for the price tag, it would be nice to have all three.

Dyson Supersonic

This machine is popularly known as a high-end premium hairdryer and straightener. The air temperature keeps changing. More so, you keep measuring 20times to ensure that no damages are done while blow-drying; its engine is very powerful, and its settings are very controllable. It is very fast, indeed.


Because of the right combination of airflow, power, and heat, this  Elchim3900 ionic ceramic hair dryer reduces drying time by more than thirty percent. It’s a bit lightweight and well balanced; the airflow hydrates and makes hair glossy, eliminating static electricity thanks to its system.

Elchim 3900 ionic ceramic hair dryer has a backlit touch-screen that allows you to control heat, airflow, and ion settings easily. Elchim 3900 hairdryer gives your hair the body and volume you’ve always wanted to have. It also has ceramic ions, which gives faster and soft hair drying from the inside out, thus reducing frizz and adding shine.

Elchim is cheap when compared to Dyson supersonic. It also has a swivel end where the power cord goes into the handle, so the cord doesn’t tangle up as you turn it around your head, and also it uses the same handle to reduce or to add heat at the same time.



Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is one of the best and most innovative hair dryers that have ever hit the market. We recommend this hairdryer if you can afford it.

It works great, we aren’t disputing the quality, but it’s a bit expensive for a home hairdryer. If this price were for the professional version, then maybe it would be an easier pill to swallow, but as it turns out, the professional version cost even more! If the Dyson supersonic is out of your budget, we recommend you to check out our reviews of Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, which is much easier.

Dyson supersonic and Elchim 3900hairdryer make your hair look amazing, presentable,  and shine all time. The main difference we notice for both products is that Dyson’s supersonic gives you straighter for each hair type. ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer is mainly trusted for hair straightening, to make your hair straight and shiny all day in many different hairstyles.

The two tools are specified with hairstyling, drying, and hair straightening. That’s a reason why we have given you the similarities and the differences for each product. Both products are popularly known worldwide and come up yearly with new technology to improve hairstyles. Both of the products are made with high-quality material and design. The choice is yours of what you want to do with your hairstyle.

Nevertheless, for me, I would choose the Dyson supersonic, which seems to be the best. This is because it straightens the hair the way you desire and adds some curls to your hair. Elchim 3900 remains the best in making your hair shine and look stunning. Howsoever, I would purchase Dyson supersonic straightening machine because it’s a suitable tool for me the most, but the choice is yours and chooses wisely.

Dyson Supersonic VS ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic