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BIO IONIC Graphene MX Vs ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer: Choose the Best One

Bio Ionic Graphene MX Vs Elchim 3900 Healthy

If you want your hair to look smooth and straight, consider our top pick. No matter whether your hair has wavy, naturally curly, thick, or thin. In this article, we have selected your best hair straighteners you need to try.

We are going to compare both the BIO IONIC Graphene MX and ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic. So, we make work easy for you to choose the best one on the list. Read on and choose your favorite.

Bio Ionic Graphene MXELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic
Bio Ionic Graphene MXElchim 3900
• Best for adjusting the speed and heat setting
• Work best for the different type of hair
• Easy to use and lightweight
• Fast-drying machine
• Automatic 30 min shut off
• Energy efficient
• Perfect for the thick hair
• Made of two speed and three heat settings
• Long-lasting
• It takes 30% for drying faster
• Made of the electromagnetic wave protection system
• Built with silence and is quite comparable to the similar hair dryers
• It has low EMF, which minimizes the negative electromagnetic radiation
• perfect hairdressing both at home and salon.
• Easy to handle: It is not lighter in the market but is easy when handling
• A bit expensive
• Does not have sonic vibration
• It heavy and bulky than Ionic
• The cord is eight feet long.
• Handle built to distribute the weight over the forearm
• Expensive: The price is on the upper end if you compare it to others in the market, but it does a good job


BIO IONIC Graphene MX Reviews

When your hair looks natural wavy curl and falls on your shoulder, you need to consider purchasing BIO IONIC Graphene MX. Takes less than 30 minutes, and  done straightening your hair.

Graphene MX is made lightweight for reducing your time while leaving your hair shinning. This dryer can help you zap excess moisture and avoid leaving your hair wet hair when you are in a hurry.Bio Ionic Graphene MX

It has an off settings button, which is easy to switch to another speed if you need. You can easily set the heat speed you need to use on your hair or your customer. The two power settings available for the dryer help for controlling airflow easily. You can decide to choose hot hair styling on the hair.

Due to different heating, it can work on all types of hair. The good thing with this dryer is not like others that left hair on your ears hanging. It makes sure you look clean after blow-drying. Because of that functions, it makes it one of the best on this list. I highly recommend Graphene MX. 


ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer Reviews

ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic is made in Italy and is one of the best high-end hair dryer, which will leave your hair smooth and silky once you dry it. The dryer looks smart and performs well on the hair.

Elchim 3900

The design of  ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair is used to reduce drying and test for around consistency for the faster modeling. It has far-infrared heat that helps you for preventing overheat. The technology is used to hydrates hair to prevent the integrity and shinning of your hair. The dryer is built-in silence and very quiet when you compare to other devices. You will not hear the noise coming from the machine. You can get one and test yourself from the market.




The design of BIO IONIC plays an important role in managing your hair.  Damaged long-lasting, and you can use freestyle. Its plate ensures fast consistency of the heat to give you even heating for hair from roots to tips.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX

ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic-DESIGN

It is designed for professional use on the hair. It is made of a silencer for reducing noise. It has a long cable that gives you plenty of movement.

It is also designed with power that makes lack of heat. It has high watts of around 2400 and power help for blowing the hair. It comes with two concentrator nozzle which you can diffuse the attachment each separately. All those features help for creating the salon best.

Elchim 3900




It lower temperature with a lesser number of the stroke. It is straightening/smooth to make your hair shine. It delivers fast styling power except for the frizz control. The plate is easy to create curls and waves on your hair. It has 385 F used for supporting universal voltage.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX

ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic

It is extremely easy to use. The handle is lightweight to make it easier to hold buttons when you are using it. The hairdryer comes with a heat setting for making your hair look smooth and shining. It has a decent temperature range, safe for the thin, thick, and curl type of hair.

Elchim 3900



Graphene with flat iron powerful to use for the hair and understand the connection between the person and hair that is not easy to damage. The technical aspect help not to expose the scalp of your hair for extreme hair. The hang hoops and rubberized handgrip, and others help for providing safety for the user.

ELCHIM 3900 is ceramic material to heat evenly and constant temperature to lower the risk of damage for the user. It is used for hairstyling. The heat output is the hottest for the hairdryer in the market. You are advised not to dry hair with hotter heat. It can damage the skin.

Elchim is highly durable and wonderful when you use it. Made of the material that enables it to last longer and you do not have to worry about purchasing another soon.


I hope the above reviews of the comparison between BIO IONIC Graphene MX and ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic. If you are searching for the best dryer, we recommend BIO IONIC Graphene MX as one of our list’s top performance. We tested both of them and realized both perfect for hair but Bio ionic emerge the best.

However, you can try ELCHIN 3900. It works perfectly for thick and thin hair.

Both of them work great for giving your hair smooth and shiny hair. The price of the BIO IONIC Graphene MX is higher compared to the ELCHIM 3900. These products will not give you damage when combing. Both of the product has great pros and cons.

Elchim 900 has a shorter cord handle than the Ionic Graphene MX, which is longer with 9ft. You can pick any of them to use in your hair. They perform great. Both have a warranty of two years. The difference we notice is the setting button for both not same. In this post, we highly recommend BIO IONIC Graphene MX as the winner of the two products.