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ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic Vs FOXYBAE Blomance Hair Dryer – Choose The Best

ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic Vs FOXYBAE Blomance

If you are looking to shop for the best hair dryer, then you are in the right place. Whether you need sleek, volume, waves, and a straight hairdo, you must check the styling tool of your choice. These products are easy to use the device in any hair.

Getting a high-quality hairdryer can help you perfect hairstyling. Both of that product does not damage your hair. However, there are not created equal, especially for particular hair type. Every device in this list is the best. In this article, we will compare ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic Vs. FOXYBAE Blomance Hair Dryer and see the best of all. Read below to get the best one.

ELCHIM 3900 Healthy IonicFoxyBae Blomance
• Ergonomic handle with raised hemispheres for better grip
• It yields professional results.
• Ideal for all type of hair, fragile and dedicated hair
• Equipped with instant cold air shot used to fix hair setting
• Frizz reduction
• Its engine is a professional AC motor made of the last long and fast hair drying.
• It has two airspeeds and three temperatures.
• Great technology
• Lightweight design
• Use of cold shot button after a blow-dry
• Affordable price
• Expensive to buy
• It is not hot enough.
• No cool shot button.
• It does not have a dual voltage setting.

ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic

The ELCHIM 3900 healthy is effortlessly stylish and lightweight to use. The modern is compact in size and ideal for all types of hair. The hairdryer makes cutting drying time by over 30%. The machine is built in silence.

The machine has watts of 2000 power, and the dryer uses far-infrared heat that penetrated each individual.

Elchim ensures the hair dry fast and even. It is powerful and easy to use the design, especially for delicate thin and fine hair. This dryer is super faster and excellent airflow for reducing frizz, and it makes the hair appear healthy and bouncy. The dryer is even thickest hair closing hair cuticles.

ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic

This device helps you achieve the perfect look, and it includes the concentration of blow dry designed for brushing and another pricing styling. Both of the styling processes contains flawless results.

ELCHIM 3900 is a popular dryer used for passion. It adopts some hair salons, which are essential to dry and style for mixing heat and airspeed. It ensures beautiful blow out inside out.


FOXYBAE Blomance Hair Dryer

FOXYBAE of the hairdryer has been used to rinseraise your hair. It is a professional bromance hair dryer that is used to arouse interest. This is one of the dryer’s cute names, which included all beautiful things and performed gorgeously.

The dryer is a competitive hairdryer in the market. It covers the comparison between a travel dryer and a bromance hairdryer to show the specification’s difference.

FoxyBae Blomance

This is reliable and provides you excellent drying experience. It is a perfect option to choose that offers you blowout.



Design of ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic

It is designed with the highest quality hair care and styling product to ensure your hair is luscious and perfect groomed. It is developed in one of the fashion capital in the world. It offers premium quality, which will last for a long. It helps to achieve smooth and significant compared to the FOXYBAE. The product’s design is essential to come up with the placing to count the quality of the material used for making the hair look smart. The hair interface application is necessary for monitoring the screen to navigate simple uses of your device. 

ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic

Design of FOXYBAE

It is compact with the first dryer from forcible, which is simple and comes with the shorter body of marble pattern fresh. It feels ultra-light, which weighs 11.7 ounces. The device is a foldable handle to give your dryer a more compact size.

FoxyBae Blomance



Experience of ELCHIM 900

When looking for the best and quality machine, look for the ELCHIM, trimmed and entirely for hair drying. The temperature helps to avoid damaging the hair with the use of conversational. The flexible management copper is used to straighten your hair to look beautiful. 

Drying experience FOXYBAE

The FOXYBAE is more likely to plain your hair for balanced hair. This does not have the power of the motor setting because it is more straightforward. The design is control with the heat and speed at the same time. The cool button of the device allows you to get cold air immediately.

FoxyBae Blomance

As the temporary hair dryer helps you to get, the job done immediately. Therefore, if you are looking to make your hairdryer look nice, then get this one. FOXYBAE is the model that fits you best.


ELCHIM 900 is smooth and feels to leave your hair newly trimmed and of perfect style. Using this tool, you can achieve the hydrated salon of the level. It shines and feels beautiful to nourish the glowing of the hair. If you are looking to make your hair smart, try this.  It is connected with an intelligent device for measuring the temperature you need to form your product.

Heat protection of the ELCHIM 900 is another important feature you need to check out. The ionic ceramic system is nourished to the hair for more shinning. The blow-dry is infrared technology that protected the hair from getting too hot to preserve the shine level’s hair integrity. This helps to make your hair look smart.

FOXYBAE is built with technology for the small blow dryer to exceed our expectations. Here we review many of the perfect hair technology. This dryer is the ionic model to ensure tourmaline to shine the smoothness of the hair to protect it from the frizz static away.

Ceramic material is of high quality and is probably necessary for the travel voltage of tough hair. Your hair will look smooth and shining.

Pricing features is another important thing you need to observe. It is a little higher for travel your hair because the typical hair price falls between $15 to $30. The incredible technology is regular for the travel dryer, which might be of good help.


ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic and  FOXYBAEBlomance Hair Dryer both of the product offer you good quality. Both are used to straightening your hair. Both of the products are expensive.

FOXYBAE is reliable and provides you with a great experience. You will get the best of the performance of your hair to look shining using this type of device.

Both product uses hairdryers, which travels an excellent option to choose from the offer of the dryer. If you are looking best overall, then you need to consider ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic. It’s one of the best in the list of the product you can use for your hair. But both product offers you an excellent service to your hair. Both come with a limited warranty.