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BIO Ionic Graphene MX Vs ELCHIM Light Ionic Hair Dryer – Choose The Best One

BIO Ionic Graphene MX Vs ELCHIM Light Ionic Hair Dryer

BIO IONIC Graphene MX Reviews

Bi ionic graphene is one of the best for the ionic. It is a lightweight hair dryer that reduces the drying time of your hair. It leaves it with shines. It offers various hairdryers such as flat iron, styling iron, curling wands, and hairbrushes. It comes with premium technology that makes each of the hair tools.

The dryer keeps the frizzy hair smooth, which results in 68% of the breakage. It operated to the 1875 W of energy-efficient significance for long-lasting if you compare to another standard motor.

Graphene MX is one of the efficient that mobilizes the world and can impact the ion’s styling. It makes any of the hairstyles look amazing.

BIO Ionic Graphene MX

This hair dryer is used to dry your hair quickly and leaves them with the superior frizz-free finish that starts from the hair shaft. It distributed the heat by the Graphen particles, which helps to style the moisture of your hair to minimize the temperatures.

BIO IONIC Graphene MX straighten to reduce the hair’s damage due to the styling of 90% making your hair feel healthier.

This dryer allows you to create amazing waves for many of the different styles of your hair. The maximum temperature you will get is 385 F, and you will auto shut the facility for inactive detection of minutes.

The dryer features a ceramic mineral complex of the BioCeramic MCH of the heater. It has a universal voltage of the adjustable heat. It is 9ft with a swivel cord. It is made up of 38 watts. Then has a warranty of 5 years. If you need to purchase a Bio Ionic hairdryer, we recommend this one with all its features and pros.

ELCHIM Light Ionic Hair Dryer Reviews

ELCHIM company was established in 1945 up today is still doing well when it comes to hair drying. It is lightweight and features professional performance, which seals the cuticles. Dues design of the ELCHIM Light Ionic is one of the premium hairdryer known in the world. When you are purchasing it, you do not have to fear about the performance. This one of the best dryer you need to take with you from the market.

ELCHIM Light Ionic Hair Dryer

ELCHIM is a passionate product for the deeply rooted emotions of your hair. The dryer is also great for the medium and course of the hair. They are made up of the heat and speed button of the handle’s side that is more convenient for ergonomic and control of the temperature for the velocity of the airflow. The lightweight of the ELCHIM is the best selling point for the dryer. It offers you a better drying experience for a long period. The button of the dryer helps you to style your hair to look shiny and attractive. ELCHIM dryer is great for home use and certain blow-drying the hairstyle you need. It works quite well as you compare it to other dryers available in the market.

BIO Ionic Graphene MX Hair DryerELCHIM Light Ionic
BIO Ionic Graphene MXELCHIM Light Ionic
Buy NowBuy Now
Fast dryingLightweight
Energy efficientEasy for handling and use
Adjustable speed and heat settingUse of ionic technology for ensuring frizz ease and healthy cuticles
It does the reduction of hair breakage by the 58%Best for all type of hair
Temperature ranges from 385 degrees CelciusDurable
LightweightTravel user friendly
It comes with a hang loop
9 ft cord
Universal voltage
ExpensiveA little expensive
Some people found it louder



Graphene MX is designed with a cord of 9ft. These dryers are padded with the graphene particles’ premium technology to last for a long period. It is designed to play an important role in the management of your hair. It is bulky to travel with if you compare it to the ELCHIM. For the design, you can consider other relevant things such as weight and voltage. They are designed with their styling tool for cutting and edge heat to conduct the technology’s material for the relevant conducing of the material.


ELCHIM is designed for professional needs and best for the outcome of the results you need. It has a sleek exterior with a classy outlook. It designed with lightweight to enables you to hold with the heavy dryer and easy when you are using. It weighs almost 2.5 pounds and more. It helps you reduce the strain of aching wrists.



The Graphene MX performance ensures consistent and even heat from roots to the tips of your hair. Your hair’s stylish is lower the temperature and lesser of the strokes, making the users heat-conducting the property for your graphene hairdryer. It has a digital temperature that controls up to 385F and uses to support the universal voltage. It is effective for the heat temperature, which results in the styling and lowers the temperature. It is not easy to damage your heat. You will feel cool while drying your hair. It is proven to leaves the hair moisturized, which straightens the unprecedented of your hair results.

BIO Ionic Graphene MX

ELCHIM Light Ionic

It is smart and versatile to work with for a long period. If you are looking to save time, you need to get an ELCHIM hair dryer, one of the best to manage your time. They deliver smooth and salon-quality in a short time. You may get them in the market expensive if you compare them with others because of their performance. ELCHIM light ionic never disappoint when it comes to producing better results. Traveling with your dryer is one of the most important that you can make your hair smart always.

ELCHIM Light Ionic Hair Dryer

Effect on Hair


Graphene MX helps for creating iconic styles for your hair without moisturizing your hair. Breakage is reduced to 90% if you check out correctly. It uses to restore the strand instead of scorching them in the shield hair.

ELCHIM Light Ionic

However, ELCHIM is great in a lot of ways but has few effects on your hair. They don’t have much variety for the hairdryer. They don’t manufacture the bonnet dryer. If you do not blow-dry well, it can damage your hair.


BIO IONIC Graphene MX offers you the ceramic mineral of the complex for creating health styles. It heat distributes evenly with watts of 38 and a maximum of 385 temperature, which weighs around 9 oz. It weights for the code of your dryer. It has a one-hour automatic shut off and vibrating plates.

Bio ionic are made of the elegantly that fits most of the hairstyles. They used to blow the dryer. They make sure that the user does not face fatigue when working with them. Its functions are perfect, and you will love to get them.

They have a hang loop, and it rubberized handgrip together with other features. It comes with an installation circuit to prevent an accident. It also comes with an added extension to help them when curling the hair to achieve the volume.

ELCHIM Light Ionic is best when it comes to fast drying. Made with a lifetime warranty of two years and have a cool setting for the easy locking hairstyle you need. The device is very light and a dryer of its class. It is made with ionic technology that dries the hair and adds shines to eliminating the frizzies. ELCHIM is cost-effective and has a side of handle switch that is cool short, and easy to handle. It is used to protect the system from electromagnetic fields.

ELCHIM Light Ionic Hair Dryer


BIO IONIC Graphene MX and ELCHIM Light Ionic Hair Dryer both have specific quality with unique features. The difference between them is, Bio ionic works beautifully on the hair with less damaging. and ELCHIM Light Ionic ensures quality results for the hair. Both of the products are expensive and used for hairstyles. They have great features, and both come with a warranty of 2 years. You can choose any of the above according to the features mentioned.

BIO IONIC Graphene is the winner of our list. If you are checking for the best overall, then we suggest you try Ionic graphene. However, both of the product does a good job when it comes to hair straighter.

ELCHIM Light Ionic Hair Dryer