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BIO IONIC Graphene MX Vs Croc Hybrid Hair Dryer – Choose The Best One

BIO IONIC Graphene MX Vs Croc Hybrid Hair Dryer

Looking for control, power, and speed in a hair-safe package? Search no further; We have the best straighteners for you. Both Bio Ionic Graphene and Croc Hybrid are high-quality straighteners. Hair straightening has become a fashion these days. Many companies offer different hair straighteners with different features, ranges, and designs, Bio ionic and Croc Hybrid being amongst the products.

Many ladies need an easy hair dryer that will dry their hair quickly and more efficiently while reducing frizz. Regardless of which tool you choose to purchase, all are the best for straightening your hair perfectly. Elchim is one of the latest products in the market, and the model may differ in plate thickness. Bio ionic is also well known for its perfection in hair drying straightening. 

The Croc Hybrid Blow Dryer is different from our other blow-dryers because it combines features from the Premium and the Classic dryers. Theseunique features are what make this blow dryer a part of the Hybrid Collection.

Croc Hybrid Hairdryer has a powerful 1875 watt motor for super quick-drying and ionic technology that reducesfrizz. Many clients have liked how quickHybrid dried their hair and how smooth their blowouts turned out. Beneath, we havehighlighted some key features, benefits, and disadvantages of Bio ionic and CROC Hybrid to make your work easier when choosing.

BIO IONIC Graphene MXCroc Hybrid Hair Dryer
BIO IONIC Graphene MXCroc Hybrid
• Made with a compact design.
• Its controls are easy to use.
• BIO ionic tool smoothens the hair nicely.
• BIO ionic is fast in creating beautiful, long-lasting styles with less breakage.
• It tool makes your hair feel and look healthier.
• Has rounded barrel that effortlessly creates curls, straight styles, or waves.
• It is with modern temperature control up to 385°F, 30 minutes and an auto-shutoff and 110V.
• Its lightweight, thus reducing arm pressure for long term use.
• Has an Ionizer (on/off) switch that gives the ability to use even without the Ion Therapy.
• Has two speeds and three temperature settings.
• Made of the Ceramic ball technology that ensures gentle drying by the use of infrared heat technology.
• Has a 12-foot cord for extra length that’s convenient to use.
• Has a specifically designed cap with a silentfanbladethat reduces noise and enables optimal airflow.
• Comes with a warranty of one year.
• Does not have controllable heat and speed settings
• It is a bit expensive.


Bio Ionic Graphene mx hairdryer is a popular brand that brings the best hair styling. One of the best things with this blow dryer is that it allows you to straighten your hair quickly but gently, and other than being the leading product, it appeals to look durable. If you want the bio ionic graphene mix hairdryer, it has a warranty of ten years.

BIO ionic Graphene mx has a temperature rate setting to allow you to adjust the range you need. It also heats up faster and comfortable to hold in your hands. It comes along with a premium price tag, so it’s your choice to decide. Another nice thing with Bio Ionic is that it has an automatic shut-off, and after an hour of no use, it shut itself. It is used to make moisturizing heat to make your hair shiny and glossy all the minutes.


BIO ionic has a plate that features Graphene mix pro of the styling iron. The plate’s size ranges from 2  inches. Made of a premium design, and this makes it straighten a wavy hair. The ceramic plate’s vibration fills with a volcanic mineral that helps to moisturize your hair. The bio ionic graphene mix hairdryer worthy of your money.

Conjured with CROC hybrid, Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat styles hair and gives a smooth, sleek style with more than 58% less breakage. The infused plates, the world’s top best heat conductor, faster heat up and ascertains consistent, even heat from root to tip, whereas the proprietary mineral complex insights moisture into every strand and seals the cuticle. Collectively, these proprietary techniques enable you to have the looks you love, over and over, without affecting your hair’s health.



Croc Hybrid is a hair straightener with powerful ion technology that predicts the benefits of your hair as you style for a flawless end. All

thickens your hair and adds the styling speed, adjusting heat all through the floating plates as you style for awesome results in just one stroke. CrocHybrid has an optimum styling temperature of 185°which protects your hair’s integrity without compromising the style. It delivers a personalized hair experience through the infinity sensors monitoring heat 250 times a second through the high gloss plates.

This machine gives the best quality services with modern techniques and affordable price and has a good reputation worldwide. Hybrid gives a warranty of one year, which covers both parts and labor. This machine has a rounded barrel that is the best for creating myriad styles, from loose waves to flawless straight. It has a unique wishbone hinge that holds the precision milled plates in good alignment for ease of use and snags freestyling.

Croc Hybrid Hair Dryer

Hybrid also has ultra-zone technologies, one of the modern breakouts in styling, and guarantees heat throughout the plate, producing a beautiful shine and look. Its powerful 1875 watt professional-strength motor and patented air filter deliver high-pressure air flow for super-fast drying, while advanced ionic technology. Croc Hybrid hair dryer is equipped with variable power and temperature controls, enabling you to tailor your straightener to your type of hair, while a cool shot button enables you to smartens your style in time with a blast of cold breeze. The Croc Hybrid is also a breeze and uses appreciations to its ergonomic design, making it more comfortable to hold for both left and right-handed users. A nine-foot-long power cable gives flexibility to style.

Croc Hybrid’s Curling Iron utilizes a spring-style clamp and Marcel-like rotating barrel to give awesome, easy curls. You can lock the barrel in to use a traditional spring styling technology, or you unlock it and enable the Marcel-like rotations of the barrel to whirl your hair into a masterpiece. You can distinguish between three different temperatures from 370°F, 400°F, and 430°F. Croc Hybrid’s curling iron features an innovative any barrel that constantly radiates far-infrared rays and negative ions into the hair when styling.





Bio Ionic graphene made with curved edges is all black. It is with a soft touch handle that makes it effortless for you to hold. It has a flat iron that weighs 10 oz. with no cord. It’s lightweight, hence making it effortless to handle when using it; no need to worry is guaranteed.



Croc Hybrid Blow Dryer is a dual function dryer designed for all hair types. It’s built with an ionic generator, and this optional feature enables the user to customize their styling further. Turn the ionic generator “on” and enable negative ions to create a conditioning effect on the hair and seal the hair cuticle for smooth, less frizzy results. The Hybrid Blow Dryer is the best for blowouts and works even overly curly, prone to frizz, or thick hair. It is AC/DC combined power makes this dryer more powerful and lightweight.

Croc Hybrid Hair Dryer

Croc Hybrid is made of an ergonomic design for maximum control, whether you’re right or left-handed.  Many users choose to buyCroc hybrid because it’s made of modern technology and comes with a good price and good design. Hybrid has a titanium flat iron material, which is round in shape. Croc Hybrid comes in different colors, unlike bio ionic, which only gives one color option. Hybrid is well designed to attract more customers to buy it.

The Croc Hybrid Flat Iron’s curved barrel enables versatile styling from blow-drying to flat iron curls. It is designed to prevent pulling or snagging the hair. Heat indicator lets you know when the iron is ready to use





Graphene is one of the world’s most powerful heat conductor and works in tandem with BIO IONIC Moisturizing Heat that helps create the softest and shiniest curls at the same time protecting hair from heat damage. It has a 1.25″ extended length barrel, which is longer than a typical curling iron, and it quickly creates loose curls and soft waves that last for long.


Bio Ionic Graphene has the best styling flat iron for customizing the temperatures option. It comes along with a range of the setting to enable you to set the heat you want. You can use it to control it in modern ways, and the temperature is displayed.



Croc Hybrid is mostly used in hair straightening and also has more uses to it. The Hybrid does not only style your hair; it’s also used in drying strands. It is designed with modern technology with floating plates and works together for frizz-free and shinier straightened hair. It offers one heat setting of 365f, and it is said that this heat setting is the best temperature for hair straightening without causing any damage.

Croc Hybrid Hair Dryer

Croc Hybrid has a rounded shaped barrel that makes it more effortless when creating a myriad of styles. Hybrid also has a long swivel cord, which helps measure feet, thus reducing the tangled cords.



 BIO ionic graphene mx is lightweight, and so you can handle it with one hand while the other hand is handling something else; this makes work faster for everyone. It also has a swivel end where the power cord goes into the handle, so the cord does not tangle up as you turn it around your head, and uses the same handle to reduce or to add heat at the same time. BIO ionic does not make noise when compared to other hairdryers meaning, and it cannot disturb you while doing something different for yourself

CROC Hybrid further customizes your blowouts with this lightweight, powerful 1875 watt professional blow dryer. Its new hard-shell casing gives protection to all inner components during accidental drops or falls. Bio Ionic has a lightweight design and its designer Ceramic Ball Hybrid Dryer gives stylists power, control, and speed in a professional package. It will effectively straighten all hair types, including natural, coarse, color-treated hair.



 Both Bio ionic graphene MX and Croc Hybridhair dryers make your hair shine and look awesome and presentable at all times. However, the main difference we notice for both products is that Dyson gives you a broad straighter for each hair type.  Bio IONIC preferred for straightening, to make your hair straight and shiny all day in different hairstyles.

Both products are specified with hairstyling. We have given give you the similarities and differences for each brand. Both products are popularly known and come up yearly with modern techniques to improve hairstyles. These products are both made with high-quality material. Many users said that the controls are easy to use and the heat settings faster help to dry hair. It’s also said that the dryer was a little bit too hot and can sometimes burn the scalps since it has the highest setting, but I thought the concentrator nozzles did a good job directing the airflow.

Croc Hybrids outside the surface of the barrel remained a safe temperature to handle after a blowout. However, Croc Hybrid Hair Dryer is comfortable to hold and does not make a lot of noise, and makes your hair look soft, this making it the preferable hair straightener. Regardless of which tool you choose, both products have the best qualities, therefore choose the one that suits you.

BIO IONIC Graphene MX Vs Croc Hybrid Hair Dryer