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16 Unique Best Friend Tattoos

Best friend tattoos are very common way highly popular and funny way to show off your friendship. There are lots of things which you can have for showing your love and affection for your friend. And there is nothing better than having a matching tattoo with one of your best friends.

You can have a message tattoo or combine them with heart shapes and flowers or birds to show your unwavering faith on your friend. Finger tattoos also have similar meanings and can be used to show that your friendship will last forever no matter what the circumstances are.

#1. Leaves and Flowers

This tattoo is around the wrist and it shows the leaves and flowers beautifully and decoratively. This is a simple tattoo and the leaves and flowers signify peace, love, and affection. The leaves and flowers are taken from the same tree. Both males and females can have this tattoo.

best friend tattoos


#2. Floral Design Arrows

These tattoos look better on females although males can also have this tattoo. The back of the arrow has been beautifully designed with leaves and flowers and curvy lines to depict peace and love for each other. In fact, the first two tattoos from the left side look very similar.

best friend tattoos


#3. Heart tattoos

Heart tattoos are a very nice way to show love and affection for someone. Here the tattoos look very beautiful on the feet. Any both boys and girls can have this tattoo on their feet, wrists, hands, shoulders, and back of the neck.

best friend tattoos


#4. Elephant tattoo

Elephant tattoos have a deep meaning associated with them. Elephants like peace and always stay together in groups although they are the biggest and the heaviest creatures in the jungle. Go for this tattoo where it can be seen as the size is small like wrists and hands.

best friend tattoos


#5. Message tattoos

There is nothing better than leaving a message for your best friend to show your friendship. It is a more direct form to show your love and friendship. You can go for messages or combine and have them on your hands, wrists, shoulders, and back.

best friend tattoos


#6. Basic bird tattoo

Birds are also creatures that are symbols of love, affection, and friendship. Just see how the girls have made a basic ‘V’ shape in the tattoo. There are three basic blackbirds on the wrists of each girl. You can go for this type of tattoo if you are in a team like a music band.

best friend tattoos


#7. Colourful feather tattoo

Feathers are a nice and elegant way to show your friendship. Here we can see the feather has been beautifully decorated with green and black colour to make it look visually appealing. This is an instant eye-catcher and is simply amazing tattoo.

best friend tattoos


#8. Finger tattoos

Finger tattoos are always rich in meaning. In this tattoo, we can see two hands held with only the little finger. It signifies that even during the tough times their friendship will not end and it will stand the test of time. This tattoo looks better on hands and feet.

best friend tattoos


#9. Basic smiley tattoo

Smiley tattoos are also a nice way to depict your friendship. This tattoo is very simple but also unique as these types of tattoos are rarely seen. We can see two smiley images with a laugh and holding each other. It’s a really nice and beautiful tattoo.

best friend tattoos


#10. Message tattoos

As told above message tattoos are very common if you want to show your friendship for your friend or companion. You can have them anywhere on your body like arms, wrists, chest, and shoulders. Here the message has been kept short and simple.

best friend tattoos


#11. Hill tattoos

Hill tattoos have an inner meaning as well. They resemble strength and fixed character. It shows that you will remain friends forever whatever the circumstances are. You can have them on your wrists as shown or on the chest or on the back.

best friend tattoos


#12. Image with a message

Here you can see how the tattoos have made to resemble each other. It is a unique tattoo made to for your friend only with the word ‘Forever’ written beside it. It shows that the two females are best friends of one another their friendship will last forever.

best friend tattoos


#13. Chatting with Friends

This tattoo shows your love of friendship and is a really cute one. If you really like being in touch and always like to chat with them on the phone or face-to-face this is a really good one to go for. This tattoo so beautiful it should be on the arms or wrists where it can be seen.

best friend tattoos


#14. Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are very common tattoos to show that you have a best friend and the flower is for him/her. Both boys and girls can have this tattoo on their arms, wrists or on the back. It resembles friendship, love, and affection for your best friend.

best friend tattoos


#15. Magnetic compass tattoo

This is a rather unique way to show your friendship. On the image, you can see the magnetic compass on the wrists of one of the friends while the coordinates are on the other one’s hands. You can show off this tattoo just the way it has been shown in the image.

best friend tattoos


#16. Colourful cute flowers

This tattoo is really good and beautiful and would look terrific in the hands and wrists of the females. If you want to show off your friendship for someone what better way than having such beautifully crafted flowers on your hands?

best friend tattoos

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