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15 Beautiful Tattoo Ideas for Women & Girls

tattoo designs for girls

Tattoos have been around for a long time and are now fashionable. Tattoos have become popular among women in recent years because they enhance the appearance of the body. Minimalist tattoos are preferred by females since they always look fantastic on them. Tattoos of flowers and butterflies are popular among women, but girl’s tattoos are not restricted to those two; there is a wide range of designs available.

Tattoos do not have to be enormous to be attractive; tiny tattoos can also be attractive. Small tattoos allow you to express yourself in a variety of ways. These tattoos are suitable for those who are conservative, and they are also simple to conceal if you work in a stringent profession.

There are numerous tattoos that may be placed on any part of your body and yet look nice. Choose a tattoo that you like and have it professionally inked on your body. We’ll take into account a wide range of tattoo designs, including those on the arm, ankles, back, fingers, and neck. We want you to be able to take a design home with you. Get a tattoo if you know what it means and you like it!

1. Heart Tattoo.

The heart tattoo is a symbol of love and compassion. Why not show love in a world full of hate with this lovely tattoo? It’s lovely, plus it comes with a bird. The smaller the better; the tinniness adds sophistication and beauty. Wear this tattoo to show the world your enormous heart as a lady and your kind demeanour. It’s possible to have it tattooed on your fingers, neck, arm, or wrist. When you wear this tattoo, you can be sure to get a lot of attention.

tattoo designs for girls

2. Sparrow Tattoo.

Sparrow tattoos have many meanings including happiness, loyalty, good luck, power and love. A sparrow will always come back to the owner after being separated, even if it travels for miles, it will still come back. Loyalty is an admirable trait and you can depict it by wearing this tattoo. You can have it drawn on your neck just like this tattoo or even at your back, chest or fingers. It is best represented on the skin in black colour despite it being white.

tattoo designs for girls

3. Small Birds Flying Tattoo.

This design is suited for you if you fancy minimalist tattoos and if you are trying tattoo for the first time. The back of the neck is perfect for a discrete tattoo as you can easily cover it up. In this tattoo, the birds inked are flying to illustrate freedom, optimism, family value and ease. Flaunt your free-spirited soul both in physical and in ink! There are different types of birds and each tattoo of a bird has a different meaning, get one that you love.

tattoo designs for girls

4. Ankle Fine Letter Tattoo.

Ankle tattoo is more famous among women, this is because it adds beauty and makes your ankle more attractive. This tattoo can be of any word or letter that has great significance to you. When inked on the ankle it looks sexy. You do not have to be worried about an ankle tattoo if you are a student or working because you can conceal it easily. You can have it in plain letters or have it in any other design.

tattoo designs for girls

5. Palm Finger Tattoo.

Finger Tattoo makes your fingers alluring and gives you an excuse to take pictures of things you are holding in your hand, more so if you like taking finger pictures. When you see a palm tree it reminds you of the summer, the coast and sandy beaches. This tattoo will show your outgoing nature. It does not have to be limited to a palm tree you can have any other writings or creative small tattoos on your fingers and still rock it.

tattoo designs for girls

6. Animal Designs.

Animal lovers, we got you covered. You can represent your love and dedication to animals by having them inked on your body. Animals are adaptable as a tattoo idea. This design features a dog and a mermaid sitting together. Each animal tattooed on you will have a different meaning. Do not go for any animal without knowing what it symbolizes.

tattoo designs for girls

7. Unalome Tattoo.

Unalome tattoos can be expressed in many designs as either modern or traditional. It symbolizes the path to enlightenment in the Buddhist culture. The spirals in the design represent the turns and twists encounters in life journey. The dots at the end of the spiral means the end of life or fading into nothingness. The lotus flowers symbolize overcoming difficulties toward perfection.  You can have it inked on any body part.

tattoo designs for girls

8. Wrist Designs.

Flying Bird tattoos symbolize freedom! This tattoo looks good when done on the wrist. It has an accompaniment of the word believe which can mean that you have freedom at the same time you are a believer. All the better when done on black ink it makes the design remarkable.

tattoo designs for girls

9. Fern Tattoo.

Fern Tattoos for girls shows the mystery of the wearer. This tattoo is unique and because of this, it is best done at the back so that you can flaunt it with open back clothes. It symbolizes insight, hidden opportunities, openness, tidiness, devotion and depth of thoughts. Girls who want to express the purity of their thoughts and their sincerity have this tattoo.

tattoo designs for girls

10. Lotus flower at the back of the neck.

The neck tattoo has been popular among men for a while, though in these modern times women have started getting one. Unlike men, women have the tattoo done on the nape area while the men get it on the front side. The tattoo for girls can then stretch to the clavicle and the chest area. This tattoo can be covered smoothly for those who don’t like showing it off. You can show it off also by styling your hair in a high ponytail.

tattoo designs for girls

11. Back Neck Butterfly Tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos are well-loved by a lot of ladies. The meaning of the butterfly tattoo differs among different cultures. It typifies beauty and happiness. They can be done on any part of the body be it the wrist, upper arm, chest area, clavicle or the back of the neck. In this design, it is immaculately done with black ink at the back of the neck. It can be done in colours or in black and white. This tattoo is diverse in terms of size, colours, shapes so that you can have a variety of possibilities to choose from.

tattoo designs for girls

12. Forearm Butterfly Tattoo.

The forearm is a body part that most women place their tattoos on. You can reserve the inner and the outer part of the forearm for the day tattoos. Have a pro draw a tattoo like this that is done in a spot of black and white ink and is accompanied by a flower. The butterfly and the flowers are done delicately with creativity giving it an alluring finish.

tattoo designs for girls

13. Clavicle Flower Tattoo.

The clavicle area is delicate and one of the body parts considered to be difficult to tattoo on. Many people are afraid of going for it. The tattoos done on the clavicle should be colourful, floral and should be feminine. You do not have to get a floral tattoo only; any other tattoo can still look good on the clavicle so long as it fits your skin tone. Small designs are perfect for the clavicle.

tattoo designs for girls

14. Arrow Clavicle Design.

Arrow tattoos are common with men but ladies can also have them. Male tattoos are always aggressive but women tattoos are delicate and most of the time minimalist. You can never go wrong with a collarbone tattoo. It hurts while taking it but this does not have to stop you from getting it, because the results are worth the pain. Arrow tattoo signifies the strength one has and the direction in finding your way.

tattoo designs for girls

15. Floral Tattoos for Girls

Floral tattoos are associated with a pleasant and feminine demeanor. It’s a beautiful emblem that represents innocence, fragility, delicacy, and a variety of other qualities. Tattooing a flower or plant, on the other hand, does not imply that you are weak or unstable. Floral tattoos are among the most popular designs and motifs etched on women’s bodies. When you visit a good tattoo artist and allow enough time for it to heal, small floral tattoos, floral patterns, plants, trees, or floral tattoo sleeves all look stunning.

tattoo designs for girls


Get a tattoo because you understand what it represents, not just because it’s cool. You must conduct an extensive study before purchasing one. Tattoos are permanent, and you should consider them carefully before getting one. A permanent tattoo is quite tough to remove, and you don’t want to go through the pain for nothing.

Choose designs that complement your skin tone and get them applied to the body part that will show them off the most. If you like bold tattoos, you might want to consider getting them on exposed portions of your body. Some people prefer subtle tattoos, and you can instruct the professional designer to place them on body regions that are simple to conceal.

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