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15 Unique Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas

Arrow tattoo design ideas

Arrow is a strong reminder of tribal life, a life that our ancestors lived in the past. It indicates direction. It also finds place in the scribbles that we find in ancient caves. The arrow tattoo, therefore, means differently to people belonging to various cultures. When combined with golden fire, it means cupid’s arrow and so the arrow tattoo design ideas carrying this symbol are picked by those who want to show they are in a relationship. It is also used by the people who want to show how determined they are about their goals.

The arrow tattoo is easy to make, and can be as small as suitable for carrying on fingers. It can be a part of abstract design that can cover the whole of the arm too. Arrow tattoo inked in pair facing opposite directions means one is open for exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Other interesting ideas centering arrow designs are rose and arrow design, geometrical figures and arrow design, and so on. The arrow tattoo has deeper meaning and stands for courage and determination. So, flaunt it when you know your path and the destination, too, and know how to reach there as well. It looks great on arms, fingers, legs, chest and neck.


1. Paired arrows

Paired arrows on fingers is a very interesting tattoo. This tattoo design is simple and easy to get inked. It is one of the finest finger tattoos one can find around. It stands for the readiness for trying new paths or exchange of ideas. This tattoo looks great on both men and women.

Paired arrows


2. Couple arrow tattoo

It is a colorful tattoo where men wear it in blue shade and women in pink. The arrow comes with the bow which is shown in ready state to release the arrow. The aim is also shown in design. Two people having fallen in love can flaunt their feeling by wearing this tattoo on their wrist area.

Couple arrow tattoo


3. Abstract Arrows Tattoo

This tattoo looks great when worn above the elbow. It is a beautiful arm tattoo idea. It is the most suitable for men. It comprises of lots of triangles which can be seen as heads of various arrows. Determination of mind is depicted beautifully in this arrow tattoo design idea.

Abstract Arrows Tattoo


4. Tribal Arrow tattoo

This tattoo looks its best when inked on the base of the small finger of hand. It looks like henna art, when other fingers are also carved in v-shaped design. It makes amazing tattoo idea for females. The tattoo shows your unique personality and ability to stand out in crowd because of it.

Tribal Arrow tattoo


5. Arrow and heart tattoo for couples

This couple tattoo is really cute. It is meant for man. The man wears the arrow tattoo design and his female partner wears the heart. Thus, it is a beautiful depiction of a love story that happens between two individuals. It is best flaunted in the wrist area. It can also be carved on the back of palms.

Arrow and heart tattoo for couples


6. Lion face with arrow tattoo

A perfect tattoo for men with leadership qualities. The lion face shows your ability to lead and arrow shows the determination to do so. This tattoo is ideal for those born to lead. It looks great on forearm. The other ideal location will be the back or near the shoulder.

Lion face with arrow tattoo


7. Inverted arrow neck tattoo

The inverted arrow tattoo is ideal for neck location. This tattoo suits both men and women. It represents an arrow drawn downwards. When you want to rise from the ashes like phoenix, you can show your determination with this tattoo design idea. This tattoo has distinct tribal look and gets its inspiration from tribal manuscripts.

Inverted arrow neck tattoo


8. Arrow with band

It is a unique style tattoo. It features an arrow in two parts. The front and the back are separated by a strip of bands. It represents your determination to keep going despite hurdles. It looks beautiful on forearm near the elbow pit. It is a men’s tattoo and can be worn on calves, thigh or back too.

Abstract arrow tattoo


9. Abstract arrow tattoo

This abstract design tattoo has arrow in the center. It is surrounded by the circles and triangles. These figures can be the representation of present, past and future and arrow shows your journey. This abstract tattoo is ideal for both men and women and looks great on arms and legs, hips, thigh and upper arm too.

Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas


10. Colorful tribal arrow tattoo

This arrow tattoo design makes use of watercolors and can be maintained easily. It is a very colorful tattoo and has an element of abstractness in it too. it is accompanies by circles and lines that show diversity of thoughts. It makes a beautiful arm tattoo and can be inked on the calves too.

Colorful tribal arrow tattoo


11. Angel Numbers Tattoos

This is another interesting couple tattoo representing two angel numbers 1612 and 1640. These numbers stand for positivity, optimism and self-development, and so, make great combination for couples who find growth in each other’s company. It is a beautiful way of saying ‘you complement me’. These tattoos look the best on back side of arms near elbow.

Angel Numbers Tattoos


12. Colorful arrows

This tattoo is beautiful and has distinct feminine appeal. The tip and base of the arrows are made in different designs. It shows widely diversified interests in various fields. It is creative to look and a great delight to eyes. This tattoo for women looks great in the inner side of the arm near the shoulder.

Colorful arrows


13. Dawn of time

The triangle tattoo having landscape within and arrows in different directions on the top feature in this design. This tattoo is ideal for men who are globe-trotters and enjoy the beauty of life. Triangle tattoo stand for mind, body and spirit and arrows show winning over the conflict. The best locations to have this tattoo are arms, back and legs.

Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas


14. Arrow and the bow

The arrow andbow tattoo is feminine in nature. The bow is made in the shape of tiara, representing success and authority. You are a woman of your own mind and love control. This is best depicted with this small tattoo for arm. The tattoo can be a part of series of tattoos covering the arm.

Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas


15. Tribal tattoo for finger

It is a small tattoo for finger. The arrow is placed singly and it is darkened with the help of blue or black ink. Its look is purely tribal. The tattoo represents direction and ability to steer alone through hurdles. It is ideal for men, but looks good on females too.

Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas


Unique Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas


Unique Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas

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