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40 Women’s Formal Hairstyles for 2023


In our feminine world, there is an unwritten rule that every self-respecting woman strictly adheres to: formal hairstyles are something we need to pay close attention to when it comes to special occasions. Yes, we understand how important it is for women to look perfect, and you know how difficult it is to stand out among other girls.

Furthermore, every hairstyle on this list complements any outfit. These formal hairstyles are also appropriate for any formal occasion. Your special occasion is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your beauty. Let’s see what you’re capable of!

1. Waterfall Side Braid Hairstyle

Waterfall Side Braid Hairstyle
By: Popsugar

Make a side braid on the left side of your head. The rest of the front hair should be on the right side of the head. The hair in the back should be directed toward your natural growth.

2. Formal Bob Hairstyle

Formal Bob Hairstyle
By: All Things Hair

This hairstyle can be achieved with either natural or synthetic hair extensions. Make a line down the center of your head. This line determines the position of the front hair on the head. Remember to trim the edges of your hair to achieve a uniform look.

3. Textured Crop

Textured Crop
By: Cloud Front

Add some texture to your short hair to keep it from looking flat and dull at your following interview. A textured haircut can give you a sleek, modern look without looking disheveled or undone. Apply some texturizing spray to damp locks and allow them to dry.

4. Braided Bun Hairstyle

Braided Bun Hairstyle
By: Pinterest

Your hair should be curly and layered in this case. Then, on the left side of your head, create a braid. Tie all of your hair in the back before forming a braided bun.

5. Sleek Pixie

Sleek Pixie
By: Hairstyles Weekly

The pixie cut is ideal for professional women due to its ultra-short length. You’ll get a sleek, defined look if you wear it straight. Please choose a side part to soften the overall look and keep it from being too bold or flashy.

6. Hair Bun with Accessories

Hair Bun with Accessories
By: All Things Hair

Begin by sectioning the hair into layers. Create a bun at the back of your head. To keep your hair in place, use a hair accessory (bow, scrunchies, brooch etc.). The size of the bun hairstyle with a hair accessory is not specified. You can choose the size to form on the head.

7. Fishtail Twist Updo Hairstyle

Fishtail Twist Updo Hairstyle
By: Cute Girls Hairstyles

You can achieve this glamorous hairstyle with your natural hair or hair extensions. Create a fishtail braid at the back of your head. This braid should be worn on the back inverting it to an updo. Anyone who chooses this hairstyle will find it simple to maintain.

8. Half-updo with a Twisted Heart

Half-updo with a Twisted Heart
By: Missy Sue

Direct all of your hair to the back of your head. Form a heart shape with a section of hair from both sides of the head. Finally, you can go with any muted color for this hairstyle.

9. Bob with Twisted Braids

Bob with Twisted Braids
By: Hadviser

Make at least half of your hair into twisted braids including bangs on your head. Make sure your braids are on the right directions of your head. Also, trim the edges of your hair for a sharp look.

10. A Straight Lob

A Straight Lob
By: All Things Hair

Lob haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles and are suitable for interviews and professional jobs. Straight hair gives you a clean and chic look that is ideal for the office. This length looks best with extra texture and volume, just above the shoulders.

11. Braided Loose Ponytail 

Braided Loose Ponytail 
By: Twist Me Pretty

Are you a fan of ponytail hairstyles? If so, take a look at the braided ponytail. This hairstyle is appropriate for both formal and social occasions. Before forming a ponytail, join the bangs and hair to the crown of the head. This braid should be combined with the remaining hair to form a loose ponytail.

12. A Curly Bun

A Curly Bun
By: Rocio Isabel

Curl all of your hair towards the back of your head. Create a bun at the back of your head. The size of the bun to form on the head is entirely up to you. Not only that but make sure your hair is above your neck. Indeed one of the most-loved formal hairstyle for all occasions. 

13. French Roll Hairstyle for Medium Hair

French Roll Hairstyle for Medium Hair
By: Bella Tag

Interlace all of your hair at the back of your head. You have to make a French roll updo by rolling the hair inwards. A section of hair should be left hanging down on the right side of the head. Consider this excellent hairstyle because it is appropriate for any occasion, whether casual or formal.

14. Curly Half-up Hairstyle

Curly Half-up Hairstyle
By: Pinterest

If you want a simple hairstyle look no further. Consider the formal semi-collected curly hairstyle. You can also choose any combination of muted colors for your hair with a formal curly hairstyle. Before forming curls in the hair, create a layered look. A section of your hair should be left down on the side.

15. Twisted Formal Updo

Twisted Formal Updo
By: Hadviser

This hairstyle emphasizes the importance of having your hair come together somewhere at the back of your head. Take your sleek loose hair together and twist them into a roll, form a bun and tie it. Compared to other hairstyles on this list, the unique updo formal hairstyle is simple to maintain.

16. Half-way Up, Half-way Down

Half-way Up, Half-way Down
By: The Right Hairstyles

You should embrace your natural and loose hair if it makes you feel more comfortable and confident. Alter your everyday look by wearing your hair half up (a loose bun), and half down. You’ll have the confidence to wear your hair down and the professionalism of wearing it up this way.

17. Sleek Low Bun

Sleek Low Bun
By: Pinterest

Consider an elegant low bun hairstyle. Give your entire head of hair a blonde or brunette look. Begin by forming a low bun at the back of your head. Use this hairstyle to draw attention to your beautiful face.

18. Romantic Waves for Long Hair

Romantic Waves for Long Hair
By: Beauty Riot

If you want to look glamorous with romantic waves for long hair, hire an experienced stylist. Gather your left and right side hair behind your ears. Bangs, mid-head hair and back hair, should all be combed back. The waves should extend to the hair’s edge. Don’t be afraid to use a hair accessory on your head.

19. Waterfall Style Hairstyle
By: The Right Hairstyles

The cascade hairstyle is designed to give the wearer a glamorous look all over the head. Take your side hair and braid it into a braid. This braid should be woven through the hair. The rest of your hair should be straight back.

20. Long Prom Hairstyle 

Long Prom Hairstyle 
By: The Right Hairstyles

Gather your hair at the back of your head before forming a voluminous bun. This hairstyle’s overall appearance with a French tail hairband at the front makes it appealing and easy to maintain. The formal long prom hairstyle makes it simple to switch to another one.

21. Straight and Loose

Straight and Loose
By: Teen Vogue

When worn straight, medium-length hair can be made to look more professional when it is loose. Ensure your hair is in good condition and that any split ends are hidden. Before the interview, apply a small amount of serum to boost shine and keep flyaways at bay.

22. Sleek Prom Hairstyle

Sleek Tucked-in Prom Hairstyle
By: Hadviser

Straighten your hair in the back. Hair on the sides of your head should be slicked back as well. The same goes for your bangs and medium-length hair. Tie all of your hair together in the back. A sleek tucked-in hairstyle is achieved, all the best!

23. Long Hair in a Loose Bun

Long Hair in a Loose Bun
By: Fab Mood

Make a twisted lock from the left to the right side of your head. Maintain the bangs and a portion of the mid-length hair. Begin by forming a loose bun at the back of your head. The curly appearance of the loose bun distinguishes it from other similar hairstyles.

24. Loose Top Knot 

Loose Top Knot
By: Hairstyles Weekly

Direct all of your hair toward the center of your head. This is the point at which you will create a top knot bun. It would help to leave a section of your side hair hanging down. Finally, this hairstyle goes well with any outfit. Try it right now.

25. Curly Hair in a Loose Ponytail

Curly Hair in a Loose Ponytail
By: Pinterest

Continue by directing all of your hair to the back of your head. Form a loose ponytail right after you’ve formed the curls on your head. It would be best to leave a side hair section hanging down.

26. Mini Braided Bob Hairstyle

Mini Braided Bob Hairstyle
By: Latest Hairstyles

Straighten the hair in the front and place it on the right or left side of the head. Not only that but make a small braid on the left side of your head. The bob hairstyle with a small braid is appropriate for formal and informal occasions. This will give you a boho look with formal style.

27. Center Part and Ponytail

Center Part and Ponytail
By: Byrdie

While you want your interview hairstyle to be simple, it should not be boring. A simple ponytail in the middle of your hair can be tedious, so add some flair. Adding a middle part to your ponytail instantly makes it bolder and more enjoyable without removing the understated look.

28. A Messy Bun Hairstyle

A Messy Bun Hairstyle
By: Fab Mood

Choose a point at the back of the head to form a messy bun. The size of the bun to form on the head is entirely up to you. The messy bun hairstyle is simple to keep up with. It also makes it simple to switch up your hairstyle.

29. Straight with Ear Tuck

Straight with Ear Tuck
By: Static

Straightening long hair is an excellent way to create a serious and professional appearance. While curls are fun and glamorous, straight hair is elegant and sophisticated. Wear your hair back behind your ears to highlight your face and avoid having to adjust it constantly.

30. Long Wavy Hairstyle with Bobby Pins

Long Wavy Hairstyle with Bobby Pins
By: Hairstyle Camp

This hairstyle allows you to wear any muted color you want. It can be brown, black, or blonde in color. Then, sweep all of your hair over the nape of your neck. Use some bobby pins at the front locks to sweep them back.

31. Bangs with a High Bun

Bangs with a High Bun
By: Pinterest

A high bun is an excellent option for women with long hair and bangs because of the extra length. A high bun, besides looking sophisticated, will highlight your bone structure in a lovely way. To be seen as professional and approachable, find a style that falls between a severe bun and a messy topknot.

32. Elegant Winter Formal Hairstyle

Elegant Winter Formal Hairstyle
By: Fab Mood

Blow-drying your hair will improve its appearance and texture. Tie your hair back in a ponytail. Use bobby pins to keep the hair in place and intact. This hairstyle is also simple to maintain. Try tucking-in style to create this ponytail.

33. Ponytail with Messy Braid

Ponytail with Messy Braids
By: The Right Hairstyles

All of your hair should be directed to the back of your head. Make a braid or two of them on the right side of your head before pulling your hair into a messy ponytail. Anyone who chooses the messy braided ponytail will have no trouble keeping it up. This hairstyle is also appropriate for any outfit.

34. Low-knotted Bun

Low Knotted Bun
By: Pinterest

This hairstyle is appropriate for anyone with natural hair. A section of your hair should be straight on each side of your head. The rest of the hair should come together at the back of the head at some point. At this point, make a knot and a low bun is formed.

35. Sleek High Bun

Sleek High Bun
By: Style Craze

A sleek high bun is an ideal hairstyle if you want to appear professional. This hairstyle is sleek, straight, and sophisticated and will help you master interview questions. The interviewer could focus on your answers rather than your hair.

36. A Large Winter Bun

A Large Winter Bun
By: Love Hairstyles

You will look fantastic with this hairstyle. The big winter bun is one of the few natural hairstyles on this list. All your hair should be tied together at the back of your head. Make a bun at the back of your head. Cover the bun with a overlapped braid. You can choose the bun size to form on your head here.

37. Untied Curls

Untied Curls
By: All Things Hair

Although undone curls are not a traditional professional hairstyle, they can be ideal for modern and less formal workplaces. While straight hair is often associated with seriousness, curly-haired women are viewed as risk-takers willing to put their necks out for a company.

38. Retro Short Hairstyle

Retro Style Short Hairstyle
By: Pinterest

Comb the front hair to the right or left side of the head, depending on where it is. The back hair should be combed straight down. Continue styling your long or short hair into a retro style. Trim the hair’s edges to achieve a wavy blunt appearance.

39. Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail
By: Square Space

A side ponytail straight from the back is easy to demonstrate that your long locks are not an issue. This style also ensures that you focus entirely on the interviewer and your answers rather than your hair as your bangs won’t disturb you anymore.

40. Twisted Half-up Hairstyle

Twisted Half-up Hairstyle
By: Style Craze

A section of your bangs and half-updo should be hung to both sides of your head. Similarly, hair on the right and left sides should be directed backward. Twist the strands into a bouffant and tie them. To keep your hair in place, use any hair accessories you have. 

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