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23 Authentic Chinese Hairstyle Ideas

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

Chinese hairstyles are colorful and elegant. Like everything else in Chinese history, the traditional Chinese hairstyle was a sign of social status. Not just in China but their hairstyles are popular worldwide.

We can all agree that advancement in the beauty industry parallels advancement in technology. China still has some of the most exotic and innovative styles. The selected types are ideal for Chinese women.

This article will discuss some of the hairstyles that were popular in the past and those that you can still wear today.

1. The Chinese Boy Cut

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

This is one of the most straightforward styles to create. It is a boy-side cut hairstyle with a side part that is long and feathery. It also has choppy and asymmetrical characteristics. With this style, you can be confident that it was and continues to be simple to manage.

This style is appropriate if you want to appear edgy. Short hair is also more elegant. Although our women did not like to shave their hair, these styles could be worn today.

2. Bun in Chinese Style

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

The bun style is the most convenient when you don’t have any hairstyle ideas. It shows the making of a bun, not just any bun, but a high bun. The high bun also helps to shape your face.

This look is also voluminous and healthy for anyone who wears it. Consider this traditional style when attending retro party events. This is one of the few styles that has made a comeback, but it is not going away.

3. Chinese Braided Bun

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

The braided bun is a popular hairstyle. Women from various cultures wear this style. The braided bun is also famous in China. This style is a princess style. It combines the hammer and braided chignon styles.

It is a simple updo in which you hold your hair while still looking like a princess. Because the bun will be on both sides, it should create perfect symmetry.

4. Hairstyle for a Chinese Fairy

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

This is not surprising, given the Chinese people’s fondness for fairy tales and fantasies. One thing is that each of their outfits serves an enchanting purpose. She wore her hair in a bun and then tied it with white ornaments.

Even the rest of her long hair will flow to the back. Remember that you must first keep your hair in a tight bun. You can then part it on the sides to create a distinctive look.
This style is for you if you have straight, silky, sleek, and flowing hair. If you’re looking for a princess look, this style might be the one for you.

You can also add pins and embellishments to enhance the style further.

5. Chinese Beehive Hairstyle

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

You must have very long hair for this style to work for you. Although it is still fashionable today, it has been around for a long time. So, make a beehive with your hair and let the other ends flow into curly hair.

You can wear this style to a party and stand out. This style is similar to the old brooch style. You can, however, add some flowers to make it look even better.

6. Traditional Double Bun

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

This is one of the most traditional hairstyles available. It has the appearance and feel of a standard low flat, sunken bun. As a result, you should part your hair in the middle, forming a middle parting. The hair can then be pinned into two low buns.

Young Chinese girls wear the style because it is fun, and they take their hair out when they have other responsibilities. Some women will even go so far as to add a bang. This is all a matter of personal preference.

Before tying your hair up, brush it to remove any knots. If you want, you can also add hair accessories.

7. Traditional Bridal Style

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

The traditional Chinese hairstyle for various functions wears them with different flower-shaped pins and barrettes. That’s all she has for this look. She should wear her hair in a loose high bun and then embellish it with a hairpin.

The personalized crown is what sets the bride apart from the other attendants. Remember that she is dressed in the traditional red gown and topped off with the elegant crown.

8. Wedding Hairstyle

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles
attractive asian woman wearing wedding dress

Only at weddings do we get glamorous and elegant. It makes no difference where you come from. During weddings, we always want to look our best. Make waves at the ends of your hair and then hold them for a few seconds.

You can use anything from bobby pins and sticks to a flower to personalize the look. Cut the flower on the side of your head here. You will also need to sweep the hair to the side, forming a side fringe.

Whether you wear your hair straight or curly, you’ll look stylish. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Remember that your makeup will either make you look perfect or not. Although the traditional bride wore red gowns, the white style was also used.

9. Blunt Bangs

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

There are many styles that Chinese women wear, but the most common is the blunt bang. The lady here demonstrates how to wear blunt bangs with long hair. You should cut your hair slightly if you have such natural hair.

Chinese women occasionally wear a blunt wig. It comes to an end just above the brow. It also looks best on people with straight hair.

Natural hair should be protected. If you want to cut this type of bang yourself, practice on a wig before cutting it into your hair. This will allow you to make mistakes. Otherwise, you should always seek professional assistance.

10. Curly Long Hair

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

Although most Chinese women have straight hair, some have curly hair. Curly hair, as you know, is fashionable in and of itself. To achieve this look, make a medium parting, spray the hair, and brush it into place.

Curly hair is simple to care for if you know how. You will notice that some celebrities today are content to wear their hair naturally straight. You can even cut curly hair to make it more manageable.

Overall, the woman had a beautiful style that didn’t take long to put together. Because it is curly, it has the bounce required for a formal event.

11. The Traditional Ponytail

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

You can style it the best way possible if you have long hair. We have the hair up to the crown here, and you should brush it gently before securing it with a band at the back. However, hold it loosely.

The ponytail can then be twisted and pushed to the side. You can shape your face with a few hair strands if you want.

You can never go wrong with a twisted braid because it always looks lovely. Remember to tie your hair in a loose ponytail.

12. Orb Circles

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

This popular style features an improved version of an older style. Previously, wires were used to keep the hair spherical. Women would sometimes use sticks. This style, however, is not only old; it is said to be a style that is here to stay.

However, sticks are no longer required for the style. Hairspray can be used to keep the hair in place.

13. Long Straight Layers

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

We are naturally one of the few women with long, straight hair. You can achieve a simple style by simply brushing it back. Then you make a side part and let your hair fall over your face.

This style creates non-curly layers, resulting excellently. Consider this one for days when you feel like doing something other than sophisticated styles.

14. Styles from the Tang Legend Dynasty

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

Looking at these images, you will notice that we have various ban styles that you can wear. They wore different bun styles, ranging from a double bun to a ponytail and an elegant single bun. You could wear your hair in a bun and then customize it at the time.

15. Loose Bun

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

Tie the hair in a loose bun or any other method, then add a parting. As you can see, people are becoming more liberal and accepting of women experimenting with their hairstyles.

The trick here is to accessorize the hair with various barrettes and beauty cuffs. You will look more like a queen, but you are an exotic and fashionable person.

16. The Hairstyle from the Han Dynasty

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

Women were barred from many places during this reign, just as they were everywhere else. To please society, we mostly wore the most basic styles. In this case, a low loose ponytail was used. It also has a central parting.

The hair should then be adorned with flower petals. The hair is in good condition, but it is an extended version of the setting.

17. The Thick Bang with a High Bun

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

If you know Chinese women, you’re probably already familiar with this style. This style will highlight the best features of your face for various occasions. The thick bang is a symbol of individuality and elegance.

This bun style has returned from traditional Chinese techniques and is doing very well in today’s fashion. Remember that the bun style is universal, so you should always add the chunky front bang to make the style more Chinese.

You can dress up the look with ribbon and pins if you want.

18. Bob with a Side Bang

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

This is one of the most basic looks. We like the bang hairstyle and try to change and improve it. You’ll need to cut your hair to the same length and part it on one side.

You will also notice that most women wear it for casual and formal occasions. I like the style because it is low-maintenance. That is also why it is such a popular style among various women.

19. Long and Straight Bob

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

The bob style was one of the most popular hairstyles in Chinese history. Most women have experimented with this look at least once in their lives. You can have a short bob, but you can also have a long bob.

Even though it has been around for a long time, it represents the most classic but natural style to try. Finally, you’ve created a side bang, which will shape your face. Brown hair can be used to enhance the style.

20. Middle parting of the Hair

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

The medium parting will suit you if you have medium to short hair and a round face. Fortunately, the majority of our females have this lovely round face. As a result, one of the most famous parting styles is the medium parting. It is also simple to maintain.

Because there are no defined waves, it is a version of messy styles. It also makes a face appear and feel slimmer. It will also make you look younger. Of course, the type is best suited to older women.

21. Long Traditional Style

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

It will be easy to pull if you have long, healthy hair. If you don’t have long hair, you can achieve this look with wigs. As a result, remove sections of your hair and let them flow into two side bangs.

The bands will tie the hair in sections on the crown part. The new wig adds not only length but also volume. You are most likely aware that long hair is the essence of all beauty.

Wearing this wig transforms you into a beautiful princess.

22. The Classic Hairstyle

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

When it comes to style, sometimes less is more. Take note of the sleek straight side-swept bang. It also serves as an elegant crown to complete the look. This is one of the most straightforward styles to pull off; brush the bones of your hair straight and hold it in place.

With this style, you will notice that being beautiful and elegant is simple. You will also allow your hair to flow. The bang is always the deciding factor.

23. Hanfu Style

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles

This look is still popular today. To this day, women wear the traditional Hanfu hairstyle. Women wear this style to special standard festive functions.

As you can see, you let your hair fall back to demonstrate that you are a girl. The hair is then tied in a flower bun. You can also add a middle parting to complete the look. This style gives most women a sense of national identity.

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