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Will Vitamin C Remove Permanent Hair Dye?

Will Vitamin C Remove Permanent Hair Dye?

Giving your hair a new color can give you a tremendous energy boost, but every hair dying treatment is accompanied by a serious concern: What if I don’t like it? Thankfully, there’s a way to get rid of undesirable shades without harming your hair. Do you hate your new color? Here’s a surprising solution

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the safest supplements that are useful and delivered in numerous ways, which is the reason it is enthusiastically suggested by specialists and nutritionists for better hair and body growth and general development. It is available in the form of food sources as well as pills.

It is known to be a super vital part of the human diet and is one of the numerous indispensable cancer prevention agents that strengthens one against harming atoms and synthetics. However, in this post we discover a new use case for Vitamin C which does not involve ingesting it. Let us evaluate the utility of Vitamin C to remove unwanted hair dye?

Why Vitamin C can remove Hair Color

The ingredient making that makes up a Vitamin C tablet is ascorbic corrosive. This corrosive, alongside one of its different constituents, citrus extract, communicates with the molecules of the hair color, subsequently breaking the substance security and aiding eliminate the particles of the color that are adhered to the hair.

In spite of the fact that it contains corrosive, which is fairly destructive, using Vitamin C as a hair color remover is enthusiastically suggested, not just on the grounds that it is a practical as well as a protected choice, yet in addition on the grounds that the main way it would change the nature of your hair would be by making it somewhat dry, and causes definitely no other mischief.

Will Vitamin C Remove Permanent Hair Dye?

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How To Use Vitamin C For Hair Dye Removal

Since you are reevaluating your choice to color your hair or just need to return to your unique look, gather your instruments and get to work!

Materials required:

  • Vitamin C pills (powder base)
  • Pestle and mortar
  • A blending bowl
  • Hostile to dandruff shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • A shower cap


  1. Take around 15-30 Vitamin C tablets and squash them completely with the assistance of a pestle and mortar. Take the pills as per your hair length, in the event that your hair is short, 10-15 tablets would get the job done, in any case, take up 20-30 of them. Presently, put the final result, that is the squashed tablets in a blending bowl.
  2. Ensure there are such item colors or food shading as these will obstruct the method involved with eliminating the hair color.
  3. Now, take around 45-59 ml of your anti-dandruff and dye-free cleanser and pour it in the blending bowl, wherein you put your squashed tablets. On the off chance that your hair is long, you would expect around 75-89 ml of cleanser. Furthermore, blend away!
  4. Continue to blend the constituents till you get a thick glue sort of item as the outcome.
  5. Subsequent to blending it, hose your hair somewhat and afterward apply the combination from the blending bowl to your sodden hair.
  6. Delicately knead your hair, particularly your scalp so the blend is applied to the underlying foundations of your hair also.
  7. As you are finished applying the glue on your hair, wear a shower cap in order to cover your hair and allow it to be like that for something like 60 minutes. This will give the combination of the nutrients and the cleanser time to retain into your foundations and work its impact.
  8. Rinse your hair appropriately after the combination has been there for the given time and ensure that all the glue has been washed off your hair totally.
  9. Apply a saturating conditioner whenever required, i.e., on the off chance that your hair will, in general, get crimped after a wash.
  10. Dry your hair after that. Also presto, your work here is finished!

What To Expect: How Effective Is Vitamin C for Permanent Hair Dye Removal

Assuming you wish to ease up the coloring more, you can likewise repeat the cycle along these lines you initially did it, and you will see that the color would have blurred more.

The most awesome aspect of this Vitamin C color treatment is that it doesn’t need high upkeep whenever it’s finished! Simply deal with your hair by oiling, washing, and molding it consistently, and you should be fine.

You just require fundamental things during the whole cycle which you can without much of a stretch find at home and on the off chance that there is a thing or two missing, the cash you would place into purchasing that would, in any case, be way lesser than whatever you would need to pay at a salon for getting your hair color eliminated. Furthermore, what’s more, you would just wind up confronting more hair issues!


Does vitamin C take out hair color?

Utilizing squashed-up vitamin C acid tablets is a protected and powerful method for eliminating hair tone normally. It works by separating the substance bonds that hold color to the hair and eliminating the shading particles.

Would vitamin C be able to harm your hair?

It might make some dryness in the hair, however, in general, it doesn’t cause harm. It might even assistance the state of the hair.

How lengthy does vitamin C take to eliminate hair color?

Every 30-hour long cycle is said to ease up the hair up to two levels. Be that as it may, it might take a few cycles to accomplish the ideal outcome.

How frequently would I be able to utilize vitamin C acid on hair?

It tends to be repeated 3-4 times in succession. Be that as it may, it’s ideal to offer your hair a reprieve in the middle of cycles and utilize a profound molding treatment to battle dryness.

Does vitamin C lift virgin hair?

No, it doesn’t work as fade does. It just assists eliminate the hair by biting the dust atoms.

Will Vitamin C Remove Permanent Hair Dye?

Final Thoughts

Utilizing Vitamin C hair color remover is a protected and successful method for eliminating hair color from your hair normally.

It may not be the most ideal choice for eliminating long periods of dark hair color, however, it can ease up it. It does, in any case, do some incredible things for semi-super durable and demi-long-lasting hair color.

It’s not difficult to do and can be repeated a few times. Simply make a point to involve a conditioning treatment in the middle of cycles.

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