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What to do to Look Your Best in Teenage

beauty tips for teenage girls

Teenage is the phase of life when a girl is experiencing new changes in body and mind. It is almost like taking a new birth as the girl adopts thinking of her own and sees the world through her own lenses. And, it is also the time when she knows all are looking at her and so, she is quite conscious about it. Beauty and teenage phase go hand in hand. Girls want to try everything under the sun to make their skin glow, to get their hair in the best look.

So, we bring you here a complete to-do list to know how to look pretty as a teenager.

Give more time to yourself

This is quite a broad statement to make. But, it actually is taking care of your head to toe. There are skin problems to deal with, irregular nails to manage and that messy hair that fall every now and then. So, you can do the best to you by giving yourself some extra minutes. Like:

beauty tips for teenage girls

  • Identify your skin type and use skin care products accordingly: Is your skin oily or dry, patchy or smooth? Reach some beauty expert and dive into this discussion right away. Some creams have better oil balancing properties. Thus, girls must use cosmetics fit for their skin. Oily skin is hard to manage. It gets struck by pimples easily. So, making changes in food in addition to trying herbal products can be good way of managing oily skin.
  • Take time out for scrubbing and toning: Only washing the body with soap and water will not help. Skin requires lot of extra food. Exfoliation with scrubs helps in removing patchy skin. It brings uniformity in the look of the skin. Toning is equally essential. A good toner made of natural ingredients allows user to get rid of patchy skin. Gram flour paste infused with rose water, curd, etc is considered safe solution for exfoliating and toning the skin.
  • Hair care routine: Skin alone is not going to win the compliments. Hair needs attention too. Oiling hair twice a week with nourishing oil like almond oil or coconut oil combined with almond oil can help keep scalp moist and less flaky. Dandruff is the biggest problem of teens. So, visiting a dermatologist should be considered. Some home remedies for dandruff include putting hair under steam.

Another problem of hair is hair fall. It has lot to do with the food and the quality of scalp. If the scalp tends to get flaky, washing it more often is worth trying. Gooseberry paste when applied to scalp help fighting dandruff to a great extent.


Some beauty hacks related to hair care are:

  1. Don’t rub hair or scalp vigorously while oiling or washing
  2. Comb hair when they are semi-dry
  3. Always oil your hair and do not keep hair oiled for more than an hour. If you have dandruff, try not to go out with oil on the hair.
  4. Try to use natural coloring agents like Henna or ammonia-free colors if you want to experiment new looks of hair.
  5. Try to keep your hair braided, if they are long, in a night to avoid undue hair fall.


  • Nail care routine: Shining, clean nails not only show how careful you are about your looks, but they speak a lot about your cleanliness habits too. give yourself a complete manicure once in a month. Shape your nails properly with the help of filer while cutting them. You can try certain nail serums too for giving these more strength. Use good quality nail paints always to minimize the exposure to harmful chemicals. Most importantly, do not neglect toenails. Apply all beauty hacks on the toenails too, to get the complete look.


Take time to dress up

beauty tips for teenage girls

Clothes are something all teenage girls are fussy about and these definitely are worth all the fuss. What you wear should be coming from your mindset and it should not be governed by what others dictate. Always give comfort a priority while choosing a dress as it helps to carry the look with aplomb. You must pick clothes according to your body type and let your attitude be your fashion statement. If you are thinking ‘how can teenagers look beautiful?’ the answer lies in the way you carry yourself. Managing your looks becomes easy when you know what looks best on you and you try to find a balance between what is trending and what is comfortable.

Deck up with accessories

Beauty tips for teenagers are incomplete without talking about accessories. Fashion jewelry of casual kind is the best choice for teenage girls. You can find ear cuffs to be a growing trend in the present times. Beaded bracelets and layered necklaces are must-have for casual outings. You must pay attention to the rings collection if you are quite into accessorizing your fingers. These days bigger is beautiful. So, cocktail rings are your style partners when you want to move out to a party.

beauty tips for teenage girls

Make up for teenagers should be subtle. If it is loud, it looks outrageous. Unless you are in show business, keep it simple and sleek. It definitely helps!

Other beauty tips for teenagers

Beauty is the prime concern in teenagers. So, you must pay attention to small but meaningful things, such as:

  1. Rely more on herbal products if you have oily skin
  2. Adopt a night care routine to keep the hands and legs skin soft and supple
  3. Do not use too much of hot water for washing hair
  4. Do not rub skin hard for drying after the bath, especially, if you have pimples
  5. Never keep the towels and hand towels dirty.
  6. Dress according to the occasion and place. It helps win meaningful compliments and avoid unwanted ogling.

So, try these things to sail through the starting phase of womanhood with confidence. The more you are aware of your body’s needs, more likely you are to take care of it in a correct way. Make your teenage phase loveliest by being the lovely person that you are!

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