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Symbolic Wings Tattoos to Fly You to Freedom

wings tattoo

Wing tattoos are among the most impressive and most popular tattoos nowadays. Although there is typically a preconception of women’s choice, wing tattoos are fairly prevalent since wings reflect the innermost yearning that most of us have: the freedom to soar! There are several models—Angel wings, butterfly wings, bird wings, devil wings, dragon wings, and various wings. The wings can be utilized alone or in conjunction with any living organism or object, filled with significance.

Throughout history, numerous civilizations have described winged animals. Hermes, also known as Mercury in Greek and Roman mythology, announces gods. It is the quickest of the gods due to the wings on his ankles. In most cases, winged creatures serve as heralds. To get a more profound meaning on wings tattoos, below is a list of the most incredible wings tattoos. Read through to get the best tattoo that suits your style and personality.

1. Wings Tattoo On The Chest

These are angels tattoo meaning that you believe in a world of good people. You believe in God, heavens, and the angels. The name Noah in between the tattoos is a reminder of religion; this way, as Noah was sent, it reminds you that you were also sent here for a purpose. This tattoo gives positive feelings and the message that you can make this world a better place.

2. Grey Ink Large Angel Wings Tattoo On Arm Shoulder Back

When choosing a tattoo design, the location is equally as essential as the design itself. A back or chest piece is an excellent alternative for people who desire a more inconspicuous tattoo. Those who want to see their ink regularly will gravitate toward more visible areas, such as the arm. The spot is popular among males and may even emphasize the muscles, but the most significant part is regarded as one of the least painful places to get tattooed.

wings tattoo


3. Angel Wings Chest Tattoo

Small, simple designs are not for everyone, while more prominent are preferable for specific individuals. That is why a chest tattoo is so popular; the placement allows for as much detail as you need, and symbols such as angel wings benefit from the curvature of the chest. You may also cover up your tattoos anytime you like or show them off when you take your top off.

wings tattoo



4. Angel Wing Simple Tattoo

Worthwhile designs do not have to be elaborate or complex; tiny and simple angel wing tattoos may create just as much of an impression. The wing is frequently used to represent freedom and safety. It is an appealing alternative for anyone who wishes to commemorate his religion. Although these patterns might mean different things to different people, they are most frequently linked to memorial items.

wings tattoo


5. Angel Wings Halo Tattoo

Angel wings and halo tattoos are frequently connected with the loss of a loved one. The belief is that after someone dies, they travel to heaven to watch over and protect us. It’s ideal for anyone who wishes to remember someone they lost.  Many individuals prefer to personalize it by adding dates or initials and inking it on the hand.


wings tattoo             

6. Innovative Wings Tattoo

These unique angel wing designs combine feathers and other design elements or pictures for symbolism, such as the protecting sword, calligraphy, or the wing and heartbeat. The size, form, and design style may all play a role in creating a one-of-a-kind angel wings tattoo. Large feathers provide a highly unique appearance and a large tattoo noticeable from a distance.


wings tattoo

7. Black And White Angel Wings Tattoo

Angels are frequently linked with innocence and purity, and they are believed to protect and guide humanity. For these reasons, pictures of these celestial beings, particularly their wings, are an effective and popular option for anyone to be tattooed. Little decorations are added to the tattoo by going with black and white ink to make it look more stunning.

wings tattoo


8. Angel Wings Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos were long thought to be reserved for rebels and delinquents, but this perception is changing. Because it is so eye-catching, many male models and entertainers have adopted this location. It’s also a fantastic place to display an artwork that signifies significance to you. If you run out of room, the design is also extended downwards towards your back.

wings tattoo



9. Heaven Angel’s Wings Tattoo

When a person dies and ascends to heaven, it is thought that they are bestowed with wings. Furthermore, it is claimed that their wings hold all of their strength. As a result, angel wings are the most potent sign of a person’s desire to be at peace with his faith and beliefs. This wings tattoo is the best placed on the chest, with each wing placed on the side of the chest.

wings tattoo


10. Wings Tattoo On The Back

Whether you have authentic wings or not, you may make your own by getting angelic wings tattoos, particularly on the back. In general, wing tattoo designs for females represent liberation from everything that serves as a shackle in their lives. Aside from the back, these tattoo designs are also be placed on the wrist. From tiny to large tattoo designs, this is created in various sizes depending on the section of your body.


wings tattoo


11. Angel Wings Colorful Tattoo

Although black ink is frequently the most popular choice for angel wing tattoos, it is not always excellent. If you like more vibrant patterns, why not buy something that pops out on your skin? Combining bright colors creates an intriguing item that is sure to get you noticed! When choosing a color, keep in mind that it will generally cost more than the conventional black option.


wings tattoo


12. Angel-Wings-And-Paw-Prints-Tattoo

Pawprint tattoo has no special meaning, but it is a design that connects more of an emotional level than on the intellect level. People opt for pawn tattoo that is printed with angels’ wings tattoo on the back to show their love for the pet. This connection is so deep that the owner tells the guardian angel to take care of the pet. You can get this tattoo if you want the same thing to happen to your favorite.


wings tattoo


Wings tattoos, regardless of placement, are more than just a piece of art that anybody may acquire at any time and in any place. It’s also a lifetime commitment that provides you the upper hand to embrace a lifestyle that isn’t for everyone. To get the best wing tattoo design on your body, get the best tattoo artist in the city to avoid regrets following permanent inks.

wings tattoo

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