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10 Stunning Sagittarius Tattoos with Special Meaning

sagittarius tattoo

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac, describing people born between November 22 and December 21. It is the final sign of the zodiac. People who are born under the sign of Sagittarius are optimistic, self-assured, creative, generous, and have a wonderful sense of humour. They are well-known for their love of travel, freedom, being outside, and philosophy. Their love of philosophy is what drives them to be outgoing and nature lovers.

Why Sagittarius tattoo?

With their fiery personality, Sagittarius tattoos represent passion, fury, independence, the ability to adapt to change easily, and bravery. This tattoo is always associated with the personality of the person who has it. You can use this tattoo to demonstrate your devotion to this zodiac sign, also to express desire for your partner or as a present.

History of Sagittarius tattoo.

Sagittarius tattoos have a long history and have been around for a long time. Some say it came from the Arabs, while others say it came from the Greeks. Indians have strong beliefs about the zodiac signs. They were first drawn on the walls, then on the bodies. This zodiac sign is best illustrated by an archer or a symbol of an archer. It depicts a half-person and a half-horse. A sign that portrays half a person and half a horse The horse’s head is replaced by a human, but the rest of the body would still be a horse.

The Sagittarius tattoo comes in variety of shapes and symbols. Others be drawn as a bow and an arrow, while others will incorporate a directional arrow that passes through a circle. This will depend on the person wearing it.

We’ll look at a variety of Sagittarius tattoos, including bows and arrows, centaurs, constellations, and basic depictions of popular astrological symbols, in the hopes of assisting you in deciding which tattoo to have.

1. Shot Through the Heart

This tattoo has a bow and arrow design. This tattoo’s black, grey, and white ink look wonderful combined. The starburst motifs employed for the stars in this constellation are incredible, and they add to the tattoo’s charm. It’s a wonderful touch. The shot through the heart tattoo expresses your personality as a wearer as well as your desire to see the world.

sagittarius tattoo

2. Sagittarius Bow Geometric Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Sagittarius Bow Geometric Shoulder Blade Tattoo is befitting to a person that like to keep their front clean and have a tattoo at the back. The archer tattoo denotes a person who is goal-oriented. To accentuate the brave human spirit, the archer can be a woman or a man. Another method to update the image is to reduce it to a bow and arrow, or even just an arrow. As illustrated in the samples below, these work well for Sagittarius minimalist tattoos.

sagittarius tattoos

3. Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo

This tattoo is drawn as an arrow, it shows that as a wearer you have hope in everything, mostly shown when things seem to be going wrong. The arrow also depicts your fiery personality also connotes strength and might. You get a boost of energy just by looking at the exact image of it tattooed on your body.

sagittarius tattoo

4. Illustrative Back Tattoo.

With a backless top or dress, the illustrated back tattoo looks great. A woman with a bow and arrow pointing eastward is shown in this tattoo. You may flaunt your femininity while also showing off your passionate personality.A bow and arrow, as the Zodiac symbol, will undoubtedly give off major adventurous and daring vibes.

sagittarius tattoo

5. Unalome and arrow matching tattoos

The tattoo of Unalome is a twisting, single-lined motif. The spiral symbol represents life’s struggle, but the straight line represents harmony obtained through turmoil. As a result, Unalome tattoos are powerful spiritual symbols that depict your life experience.If you truly understand the meaning of this tattoo, you should get it. The Unalome tattoo is paired with an arrow tattoo to represent your desire to see the world.

sagittarius tattoo

6. Matching Bow and Arrow Tattoo on Fingers.

A bow is depicted on one finger of the right hand, whereas an arrow is portrayed on the left hand. The bow and arrow are strongly intertwined. It’s perfect for couples since it symbolizes that they can’t be parted from one another. It would be even better if you’re in a relationship and have the same zodiac sign. Because both your zodiac sign and the strength of your relationship will be represented.

sagittarius tattoo

7. Small Arc Behind the Ear.

Small arc tattoo is perfect for someone who does not like big tattoos, it is simple but sophisticated. This design will show your inner strength as a person of a fighter who is courageous no matter the situation. It signifies a person who has great hopes of life and is also adventurous. The meaning is the same for both male and female so you can wear this design with confidence either being a woman or a man.

sagittarius tattoo

8. Bow and Arrow with Constellation.

Constellations can be added to this style to give it a fiery and mystical feel. If you want to show both the constellation and the bow and arrow, this is the right choice for you. It demonstrates your affinity for nature while also demonstrating your inner power as a Sagittarius. The stars are drawn in a spot of lighter ink, while the bow and arrow are drawn in darker ink. The stars give the tattoo a beautiful finishing touch.

sagittarius tattoo

9. Finger Tattoo.

If you’re a fan of finger tattoos, you’re in luck. A darker patch of ink is used to make a crescent-shaped bow. This tattoo on your fingertips provides them with an attractive appearance that cannot be overlooked. To make it, even more, Sagittarius, you may pair this tattoo with nail polish that features star designs. This look allows you to flaunt your sense of style while also displaying your bold individuality.

10 Illustrative Neck Tattoo.

We have also looked at mystic tattoos.This tattoo depicts an angelic man with wings and a bow and arrow. Illustrative neck tattoois the style for you if you appreciate mystic tattoos and want to show off your personality in both drawings and person. The arrow is pointing upward, indicating that you are brave and ready to explore the world as a wearer. It can be worn by either male or female.

sagittarius tattoo


Tattoos with the sign of Sagittarius aren’t generally reserved for Sagittarians. If you like it and you are not┬áreally a Sagittarius, you can go for it. You should never get a tattoo when intoxicated because you may come to regret it later. Wear a tattoo only if you understand what it means, as it may be regarded as insulting if you get one and don’t even understand what it means.

You should carefully consider the type of tattoo to get, it should be done carefullyby an expert. Because the majority of these tattoos will be elaborate and require more creativity, you should have them drawn by a professional. Choose your colour combination carefully to avoid changing the tattoo’s original meaning.

sagittarius tattoo