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Top 15 Round Faces Hairstyle for Women and Girls

If you want to go for a trendy haircut this time you have come to the right place. It does not matter whether you are 50 or 15 here we have a list of 15 unique hairstyles for females of all ages and all budget sizes. As females you always take care of your hair. Now give a unique style to your hair as well. Hairstyles are a symbol of one’s character and personality. It also depends upon the physical characteristics like facial characteristics, face shape, and overall body proportions. Facial characteristics include length of eyes, nose, length of forehead, cheek size etc. A face could be round, oval or elongated in shape.

A variety of hairstyles are listed here which does not depend on whether your hair is short, medium or long or if it is highly dense or thin hair. Just sit back and select the right hairstyle for you.

Check Out the Latest Round Faces Hairstyle


#1. Long Smooth Curls

If your hair is long and has depth show off your hair and those beautiful long curls. This is ideal for occasions like wedding and marriage anniversaries as the curls remain shiny and sleek all day long.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#2. Ballerina Bun

This is perfectly suited for interviews and official purposes. It looks tidy and the hair does not fall on your face and needs low maintenance. It is easier to tie up and takes only a few minutes.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#3. Fishtail Braids

The hair is gathered in a side ponytail. The two ponies are separated into sections which are then interwoven with each other forming a fishtail like structure. Ideal hairstyle for casual parties for young women.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#4. Short Vintage Curls

The hair is well defined by small tight curls which give a vintage look of the 70s. Ideal for elegant looks for middle-aged women. It is a low-cost hairstyle suited for aristocrat parties and functions.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#5. Pixie Cut

It is the go-to hairstyle for today’s contemporary women. It’s convenient and looks cute as well. This haircut looks good on all face shapes including round-faced women. It gives you a business-woman like look.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#6. Half bun

This hairstyle is best suited for young girls in colleges and looks really pretty. This style can be done for both long and short hair. The tying up of this hairstyle takes a long time.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#7. Long Side Fringe

This is a vintage hairstyle. It looks good among women with long and medium dense hair. See how long the fringes at the sides are. It looks good among young and middle-aged ladies.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#8. Medium Long Messy With Bangs

This hairstyle is unique and is also one of the growing hairstyles among women of younger age nowadays. The frontal hair covers the forehead diagonally and while the shoulder parts of the hair have side bangs.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#9. Short and Flippy

The central part is nicely layered but the hair near the shoulders contains flips and turns. It is a very good looking hairstyle and an expensive one as well. It looks good among women of all ages.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#10. Swept across Pixie Cut

The highlight of this is hairstyle is its asymmetry. The frontal view of the face shows long side-swept fringe creating a diagonal hairline swept right across the forehead. It is expensive and very trendy.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#11. Straight Textured Bob Cut

It looks neat when combined with a short hair bob-cut style. It gives a sophisticated stylish look. It looks good on young girls and middle-aged women as well. It is a slightly expensive hairstyle to have.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#12. Wavy with bob-cut

This is one of the best hairstyles for a cheap budget but looks fancy. It is best for an aristocrat party. The upper part of the hair is beautifully kneaded while the lower part has little curls.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#13. Voluminous top knot bun

Tying up this hairstyle is easy. It can be achieved by girls even with shorter hair and looks best on slightly middle-aged women. It gives a tidy look on the face and goes well with professional setup.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#14. Classic Beach Waves

It is one of the most common hairstyles nowadays. This is easy to maintain and looks good among women with long hair and for women across ages.  The beautiful wave-like features of the hair look glorious.

Round Faces Hairstyle


#15. Deep Curls with Medium Hair

This hairstyle is good for those having medium but dense hair. The deep and wavy curls of the hair are beautiful. It is ideal for a party look and gives a glossy shine to the hair.

Round Faces Hairstyle

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