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Most Expensive Shoe Brands Fashion

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Shoes have a special place in styling. There are many quotes surrounding the shoes that show how important part the shoes are to any kind of look. Some call shoes the true mirror of personality and financial status. That is why; the notion that handkerchief and shoes should never be blemished is yet to find a counterattack. To earn the best compliments, do not start from head. In fact, start from the toes and do not leave shoe behind when you are selecting the complete look. Without correct shoes, the look certainly goes waste, and sometimes, fetches lots of flak from the fashion police too. So, if you do not want the look to go waste, buy correct shoes.

To ease your job, here are the most expensive shoe brands that are worth every dime and are capable of seen in every fashion connoisseur’s wardrobe.

A)  Jimmy Choo

This brand is the baby of a Malaysian designer Choo Yeang Keat. The designer had germs for shoe designing as he was born in shoe maker’s family. But, it is his aesthetic sense that helped him create a line, which ultimately did the job of adorning feet of elite of the world. Right from the princes and royals to the business tycoons, this brand is becoming the favorite brand of the elitists. The designer woks on a versatile line and offers both the sneakers and formal shoes. His eye for detail and also the passion for comfort have helped him create the line that has won most loyal customers even in the world of cut throat competition.

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B)  Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood gives the utmost importance to the freedom to choose. He philosophizes that Freedom lies in being bold. And this outrageousness of the statement is reflected in his shoe designs too. The rampant use of best combination of colors, embroideries and crazy tall heels define the brand that Brian Atwood is. His work was first recognized by Versace and won him a place amongst the loyal workers of this global brand. But his talent needed more space to grow and so he started his own line. Each product has distinct individuality, something that voices the personality of this brand to the best. No wonder, Brian Atwood has become the first choice of trend makers and the achievers, and would surely be seen worn only by the chosen few of the society.

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C)  Louis Vitton

Ultra Luxury and the brand Louis Vitton are synonymous to each other. Ruling the world since about hundred years now, this brand has seen the brightest moments of all the eras. The first choice of loyal luxury shoppers, the shoe stands out in style, look and of course, the make. The idea of hand sewn shoes is crazy enough to bowl over the people with classiest fashion sense. The maker of handbags, accessories, travel bags originally, the brand has forayed into the world of expensive shoes and is offering a tasteful way of carrying yourself at the platforms of global importance.

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D)  Gucci

Gucci shoes are pure perfection! Nothing can beat the loudness, which is also done with taste in the Gucci shoes. Perfect fashion staple for the elites, the brand is known for breakthrough designs that certainly surpass all levels of creativity. If you are a game for shockers that can blow your mind over, visit to a Gucci showroom is your thing. The brand is known for the quirkiest of designs created with the most unimaginable materials. If you know the walk well, then only Gucci shoes are for you. These shoes are classy, interesting and are worth that separate closet you design for keeping such footwear.

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E)  Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen shoes are poetry on feet. Eccentricity is the essence of the designs of these shoes. If you have the taste for things that stand apart in looks and creativity, these shoes are for you. The designer rose to fame due to its stint as chief designer with Givenchy, and certainly moved on to become a known name in luxury brands. The freedom to be you has been utilized to the full in the line that he created under his own label. And the same is depicted in the stilettos, wedges and other stylish party staples worn by who’s who of the society.

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F)  Manolo Blahnik

The connoisseurs who love bling in everything they own can safely turn to Manolo Blahnik for enriching their footwear collection. Classy style and luxurious looks, the use of breath-taking designs created using jewels make Manolo shoes a masterpiece. The shoes are custom designed, only on order and never shown in public as bulk collection. Thus, when you are actually preparing in advance and want shoes that match your personality, order for the shoes from Manolo Blahnik. The result is worth every effort and dime you invest in these terrific looking shoes.

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G)  Miu Miu

Women fashion is incomplete without the shoes that tell a story. Miu Miu shoes are one such option that can certainly take you places and help you flaunt your connoisseur side. Miu Miu can be branded as rebellious sister of Prada which stood for sophistication and subtlety. Miu seems to be designed to woo the taste buds of women with loud tastes in design, unlike those who love all things sober and subtle. When it started its first line, it became a head turner due to the statement making designs inspired by couture and feminine principles. The brand continues to surprise with its trendy numbers. Thus, when you are out to steal the show, choose to walk in Miu Miu.

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H)  Louboutin

The story of birth of brand Louboutin is an inspiring one. It tells that fate can never be sealed for those who write it for themselves. Rejected on various fronts, Christian Louboutin devoted his energy to shoe designing. He added a signature style to the shoes by keeping the sole red. And now the story is a true Louboutin can be spotted from afar, thanks to this marvelous idea of red soles!

expensive shoe brands


As stunners as these brands are, equally stunning are the stories that are associated with their rise. If you have also risen from the Phoenix and have become a ruler in your world, these shoes are something you will find easy to identify with.

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