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Top 31 Lotus Tattoo Design Ideas With Meaning and History Behind Them

Lotus Tattoo Design on your skin is no more a subculture, but it’s a new fashion trend. A cool, trendy, customized tattoo not only takes you one step forward towards the latest fashion trend but also portrays your personality. It has that power and magic which can enhance your soul too. Though thousands of years ago tattooing practice was started with many different reasons, over the years it became a style statement. Tattoo gives identification to individuals. Every symbol or design carries significant meaning with a different part of your body.

Here, we have come up with one of the most significant, dynamic and spiritual tattoo ideas with the symbol of holy LOTUS. It is most famous among flower tattoos. Lotus signifies triumph, rebirth, and purity through its struggle of existence. Its symmetry and alluring nature add grace and elegance into it. The soft contour and soothing color of lotus petal spread peace and spirituality. People love to portray them as full bloom, partly bloom or closed, where every form states a hidden meaning with it.


Lotus stands for faithfulness. Rebirth. Purity. Triumph. These are some of the principles that explain the significance of a lotus tattoo. The lotus blossom is a symbol in and of itself. Apart from these spiritual aspects, there are some more cultural aspects also. Eight petals of the flower represent eight directions. Lotus manages to bloom from murky water, which indicates awareness rising out of chaos. That’s why people keen on lotus tattoo who went through a rough patch. It is also signified as a human heart, the process of universal creation and an unmanifested potential. In modern times, the sole purpose of wearing a lotus tattoo perhaps is aesthetic beauty and spirituality.


Lotus tattoo originated from Asian tradition. It holds a sacred involvement of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Sikhs culture from the very early days. They have individual believes in their heart. Hindu worship lotus as a symbol of purity and beauty associated with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. It has deep spiritual and divine value in Hinduism. The opening of flower petals represents the evolution of the soul and spiritual development. Lotus flower has great significance in Buddhist culture too. They consider the birth of Buddha was from a white flower. These flowers are highly prized in civilizations other than Buddhism. Several hieroglyphs and works of art from ancient Egypt depict the lotus blossom. Regarding the lotus flower, the Egyptians believed in rebirth because it sank under the water at night to resurface and meet the sun the next day.

Lotus Tattoo Ideas

1. Lotus and a semicolon Tattoo

Semicolon tattoos are commonly seen on mental illness survivors as a form of honor. They symbolize the determination to continue one’s healing process. These ankle tattoos, like the lotus, serve as reminders to keep strong even when things are tough.

Lotus and a semicolon Tattoo
Source: Pintrest

2. Blooming Lotus Tattoo

Every flower has its journey, from a little insect to a complete blossom. And we, as humans, are no exception. This lyrical growth tattoo will remind you to be patient with yourself and to evolve in small steps.

Blooming Lotus Tattoo

3. Lotus Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are always in trend because of the unlimited color combinations. To achieve a wow factor, use extremely saturated and contrasting colors. You can also reduce the loudness to keep it sleek and simple, like this one.

Lotus Watercolor Tattoo

4. Moon and lotus tattoo

The moon represents both peace and femininity. The lotus flower represents purity and rebirth since it blooms in the dirt. These symbols are frequently paired in a single tattoo to highlight the wearer’s feminine and spiritual sides.

Moon and lotus tattoo
Source: savedtattoo

5. Tattoos with lotuses and koi fish

The koi fish is culturally significant throughout the East, particularly in China, Japan, and Korea. They are popularly known to be a symbol of prosperity, good fortune, and longevity in that country. Combining koi fish and lotus in a tattoo design adds depth and meaning to the artwork. It also adds motion to a static ink. checkout more fish tattoos here.

Tattoos with lotuses and koi fish
Source: Most Attractive

6. Koi fish and lotus armband tattoo

Tattoos that wrap around the arm are referred to as armband tattoos. However, koi fish and lotus flowers are uncommon because they are not as long as dragons or snakes. The tattooist brilliantly connects the two aspects by using the pond as a background. At the same time, it also wraps itself around the limb seamlessly.

Koi fish and lotus armband tattoo
Source: Pintrest

7. Blue lotus arm tattoo

Blue lotus is more rare in nature than red and white lotus. As an outcome, it is ideal for those who aren’t scared to stand out. Furthermore, having the tattoo on the neck  or arm heightens its visual effect.

Blue lotus tattoo
Source: The Trend Spotter

8. Dragon and lotus tattoo

Lotus blossoms, an essential tattoo element in Eastern cultures, are frequently utilized to complement other themes. Haku, Dragon tattoo, the primary character of this thigh tattoo, is a character from the Japanese anime film Spirited Away. And the stars and lotus add a divine touch to the design.

Dragon and lotus tattoo
Source: Pintrest

9. Lotus Tattoo Between Boobs

Tattoos between the boobs are both intimate and attractive. They are also close to the heart chakra, making them ideal for objects that embody the wearer’s essential ideals or beliefs.

Lotus Tattoo Between Boobs
Source: Pintrest

10. Crystal lotus tattoo

Consider applying other textures to a lotus, such as this shimmering crystal tattoo, if you want to stand out.

Crystal lotus tattoo
Source: Most Attractive

11. Lotus Turtle tattoo

Turtle tattoos are frequently used as a symbol of knowledge and protection. This lovely sleeve tattoo, with the lotus on its back, will channel her intuition and keep her grounded.

Lotus Turtle tattoo
Source; Pintrest

12. yin yang lotus

In our bodies, thoughts, and the world, yin and yang represent darkness and light, femininity and masculinity. This tattoo features a lotus flower growing on top of a paper fan. The yin-yang symbol is positioned in the center, giving the design a sense of balance and harmony.

yin yang lotus
Source: Pintrest

13. Tattoos of a geometric lotus

You may have pondered geometric tattoos if you like abstract and elegant designs. These tattoos are typically composed of simple forms and crisp lines. However, due to their complicated architecture, they frequently offer a sense of mystery and equilibrium.

Tattoos of a geometric lotus for men and women
Source: Pintrest

14. Lotus Tattoos by Unalome

The unalome symbol, like the lotus flower, is a spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism. It symbolizes the way to enlightenment as well as one’s life journey. The twists and bends at the top reflect life’s ups and downs. The straight line at the bottom represents joy and satisfaction after suffering. If you’ve recently been through a difficult time or want to be reminded to stay resilient and calm, the next unalome lotus tattoos are for you.

Lotus Tattoos by Unalome
Source: Pintrest

15. Tattoos of Buddha and Lotus

If you’ve studied Buddhism, you’ve probably seen the lotus blossom associated with the Buddha in tattoos and paintings. It’s because the blossom is considered a harbinger of Buddha’s birth. It is also shown as Buddha’s seat in Asian art.

Tattoos of Buddha and Lotus
Source: detacher

16. Landscape lotus tattoo

Landscape tattoos frequently portray a location or setting that the bearer finds sentimental. This one, on the other hand, transforms the lotus petals into an oriental mountainous heaven. The inventive twist not only adds to the design’s appeal. It’s also a subtle way of linking the imagery to the wearer’s culture.

Landscape lotus tattoo
Source: Peacefulhacks

17. Lotus leg tattoo

There is no such rule to place a tattoo. The young generation finds it very attractive to ink a tattoo on the leg or ankle or sometimes back of the ankle. A small tiny half bloom lotus really catches everyone’s eye.

Lotus Tattoo Design


18. Animated lotus flower tattoo with brush stroke

A full bloom lotus comes out of murky water indicates the person’s struggle. People, who walked through a rough patch and came out as a winner, love to flaunt this kind of tattoo to narrate their story through ink. Large design suits on back or belly.

Lotus Tattoo Design


19. Purple lotus tattoo

This large back purple tattoo is very much pretty and meaningful. Purple lotus is a symbol of mystery. It spreads spirituality. If you are a feminine person, then your choice probably ends here. This asymmetric illustration creates a beautiful pattern.

Lotus Tattoo Design


20. Dot work lotus tattoo

Dot work is another demanding style of tattoo. Multiple dotted inks turn any design into a majestic one which comes out as a unique tattoo. It also adds a flawless silhouette to a tattoo.

Lotus Tattoo Design


21. Chest lotus flower tattoo

Simple black lotus tattoo on chest indicates your strong personality. It reflects your inner soul. Black lotus comes from Tibetan culture, and it depicts absolute purity. It grows within dirty water but comes out to bloom unstained. It is idiotism of perfection and compassion.

Lotus Tattoo Design


22. Blue lotus tattoo

A stunning blue flower tattoo is everyone’s favorite. Each color of a flower has own meaning. Blue lotus stands for knowledge and wisdom. Partially opened flower signifies as infinite growth of your mind. These beautiful blue lotus can take place anywhere in your body.

Lotus Tattoo Design


23. Butterfly style Lotus tattoo down the spine

A full bloom lotus tattoo with curvy lines and fine elaborate works looks like a butterfly. Female tattoo lovers are very fond of it. It looks stunning with diamond-like dangling accents.

Lotus Tattoo Design


24. Mandala Lotus tattoo

Mandala style lotus tattoo is apt for female tattoo wearer. It defines beauty, life, and spirituality. Simple and basic form of a mandala can dignify the complexity of lotus very beautifully.

Lotus Tattoo Design


25. Hand lotus tattoo

This is an ultimate form of spirituality. the Hand of Buddha holding a lotus with shuni mudra indicates the ultimate patience in chaotic times. It also showcases the all-knowing ability of a person with third-eye. This tattoo is mostly famous among male wearer.

Lotus Tattoo Design


26. Minimal lotus tattoo

This is a perfect example of modern style lotus tattoo in minimal and artistic form. People who do not like to be loud, are fond of these simple illustrations. A full bloom flower with a splash of blue water makes it eye-catching. And you have always options for cove or display when you put it on the shoulder.

Lotus Tattoo Design


27. Finger Lotus Tattoo

If you are planning to have a tattoo to flaunt but not a big one, then a finger tattoo can be just perfect for you. This is really amazing how tiny design took place in a small finger with solid lines. Finger tattoo also conveys your strong and firm personality to others.

Lotus Tattoo Design


28. Tribal style lotus flower tattoo

The most intricate style of tattoo is ancient tribal form. They are enriched with outstanding detail works. You will find combinations of curved lines with dotted marks and ornamentation with hanging dangles altogether.

Lotus Tattoo Design


29. Attractive lotus flower tattoo

Patterned petal design always adds attraction value to lotus flower tattoo. You can choose any pattern as per your desire. This is very unique in style. Customization is always welcome. Personalize it with hangings, shrines, dots to make it distinct and quirky.

Lotus Tattoo Design

30. Side lotus flower outline tattoo

Go bold with a tattoo on your ribs. If you love to show off your body, it cannot be better than a seductive lotus tattoo. A full bloom spiritual lotus can make you attractive and trendsetter among your netizens.

Lotus Tattoo Design


31. Small Ankle Tattoo

In recent times, fashionable people love to flaunt their feet. And what can be better than a tattoo as a permanent ornament. This tattoo is minimal but attractive. Females are crazy about cute yet classy ankle tattoo.

Lotus Tattoo Design


This way you can design your tattoos by adding your vision and style to lotus tattoos to create a unique design that fits your personality.

Getting a tattoo is a kinda serious affair, so choose wisely. It won’t be wont to say it is like getting married. If you choose the right design, it might end with a lifetime of happiness. Don’t even think about getting it removed. Instead, stick to it and flaunt it all the time.  Covering your tattoo, later on, isn’t worth it and so take the time to carefully consider your decision first. I hope the above designs will give you a better idea and with the following tattoo designs with its meaning and message, you will end up having an amazing tattoo experience.


Lotus Tattoo Design

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