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15 Best Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Legs are the ideal place for having tattoos which you may want to keep hidden, at times, for personal reasons. The design ideas for leg tattoos can be applied on hips, groin, calves, ankles, feet, shin and so on. The leg tattoo design ideas can be quite elaborate like a ship sailing through the sea, or it can be a miniscule tattoo like a flower leaf or even initials. The tattoos for legs have enormous appeal and these offer the flexibility to show them off or keep hidden as per the mood.

Leg tattoos carved on calves or upper side of thighs look the best. These require wearing shorts when you choose to flaunt them. Leg tattoos are quite painful for the areas such as hips and these are, therefore, chosen as rare site for getting a tattoo inked. The areas near feet where nerves terminate, in the hollow of the knee and around ankle bone are also painful sites. The best leg tattoo design ideas are flowers, a quote, birds, abstract design. The symbols of religious importance should never be inked on legs due to the sentiments attached with these. Any image of cultural significance or birds flocked on a branch are some elaborate design ideas that can help go full leg while getting tattoo inked.


1. Flower with a branch

Beautiful leg tattoo idea for females. The flower tattoo on leg represents kindness and softness of emotions. This tattoo is inked mostly near ankles, when you are in mood to show it off often. The tattoo of flower and one small bud shows some development happening in your life.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


2. Woman with a pose

This colorful tattoo covers the leg on the outer side fully. Thus, it can easily be flaunted with shorts and just hide it by wearing a skirt, simple it is. This woman in a pose tattoo represents a stylish female. The second half is carved on the lower part of the leg with some abstract design.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


3. Thinking saint with flower, clock and bird

Quite an elaborate tattoo designed to cover whole leg. The upper part shows a saint-like figure in thinking pose. The other elements are bird, flower and timepiece. This tattoo is shadowed in black background. It looks beautiful on women.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


4. Animal Life

Ideal tattoo for covering both legs in a colorful design. This tattoo is colored in various shades. Various animals and birds feature in this leg tattoo design. It is colored with the help of watercolor shades. The tattoo offers great cover for legs when you want to dress in shorts.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


5. Flowery calf tattoo

Calves can be decorated beautifully with flower tattoos and abstract design. This tattoo is ideal for calves that offer great space for getting such elaborate tattoo inked. It covers almost the whole of the leg. The shades of black offer it more tasteful look.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


6. Story picture and quote

While angels reveling in a garden-like area form the upper part of the tattoo, a fierce person’s face forms its lower part. This tattoo is for full legs. Quote is inked on the other leg in the uppermost part. You need to have several hours in hand to get it completed.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


7. King of all times

Clock tattoo with a roaring lion in the dial region feature in this design. It is inked on the lower part of the leg and covers it completely. The lion and clock tattoo on leg is the best representation of the leadership qualities and that of a conqueror. This tattoo suits men more.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


8. Abstract design

Ivy featuring motif inked all over one of the legs and similar design covering the upper thigh of other leg make a beautiful option to cover the legs stylishly. This tattoo is worth flaunting and so is good for you when you prefer wearing shorts for outings.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


9. Abstract Geometry

Abstract design featuring geometrical figures and insect makes very interesting leg tattoo design idea. This tattoo helps adorn the leg tastefully. It also has a small phrase in the bottom. This tattoo is unisex in appeal and looks great on both men and women.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


10. Nature in mirror

Beautiful tattoo having four parts feature mirror as main element with a picture of nature in it. It has insects, flying bird, ivy design and so on that together create a tasteful site. This tattoo looks amazing on women and makes terrific tattoo design idea for females.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


11. Favorite stories

Very colorful tattoo for film lovers. It is a watercolor technique based tattoo for men and women. Great reminder of things that meant entertainment in childhood, this tattoo is stylish. It is beautiful, intriguing and full of colors and does deserve your attention.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


12. Abstract XXX cover

This tattoo extends over both legs. It is an abstract design that is shaded further with watercolor and colorful inks. Its main attraction is XXX design inked in a vertical line one above the other. It covers full legs and looks great with shorts.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


13. Mysterious Garden

Full leg tattoo design ideal for women. This tattoo features flowers, skull, diamond and a woman. A word also comes in middle of the design. A quote is also inked on the upper side of the leg. The tattoo has different symbols of love, luck and even sadness in its design.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


14. Pair of Roses

Pair of roses form the main design of this tattoo. This tattoo is inked on both the legs. The design of roses is indicative of love, friendship and luck. It looks good on both men and women. The background is shaded black.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas


15. Colorful signs

This tattoo for women is elaborate in design. It features various elements like stag, butterfly, flower, bearded man and various other creatures. The design collectively is appealing and is decorated further with colors that give it a distinct appeal. This tattoo can be kept concealed or flaunted as desired.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

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