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Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas

15 Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas

Cat tattoo is representation of various things. Some see it as the representation of love and soft feelings for anyone weak or close to heart, such as a baby or a pet. Some use it as a token of remembrance when their pet is lost. Cat tattoos carry a deeper meaning of art as interpreted in various cultures across the world.

Cat tattoos do not have face only always. Some tattoos feature cat eye, cat paws, too. there are certain variations of cat tattoos such as Cheshire cat and Egyptian cat which are derived from the novels and cultures respectively. The single cat face stands for loss of a pet.

Cat paws represent good luck. As cats always land on their feet, the tattoo of feet is inked mostly to attract good luck. Cat eye is another interesting indication of cultural values of a person. These are the window to the soul and symbolizes desires and longings of a person.

Some people use cat tattoo as a warning of others. They believe that they are cunning by nature and want to convey the same to the world to keep unwanted forces at bay. A cat tattoo also finds mention in Russian prison where jail inmates were stamped with this tattoo.


1. Cat in Triangle

While cat is representation of love and luck, triangle shows the stability of mind and thoughts. The users of cat in triangle tattoo display their loving side with this stylish tattoo. The cat in triangle tattoo can be inked near ankle. The other beautiful spots are below the shoulder and on back.

Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


2. Twig and cat tattoo

A clear face of tattoo shaded naturally and the twig just below it makes a beautiful sight. This tattoo looks the best on the upper arms below the shoulders. Its green eyes and the natural stripes make it look like a painting on the arm.

Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


3. Laughing cat

It is a very beautiful tattoo on foot featuring a laughing cat. This tattoo shows your happy-go-lucky and positive side. The representation of universe in miniature form stands for your wanderlust. Thus, the travellers who feel happy searching new places get this tattoo inked on arms, chest, foot, etc.

Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


4. Coy and toto

Coy and toto tattoo is beautiful representation of your nurturing instinct. The tattoo of coy and toto looks great on women. When you have welcomed a new baby in life, this tattoo fits your mindset perfectly. It is ideal for the places close to heart such as ribs and shoulder.

Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


5. Cat face and paws

A cat sitting in resting position with paws close to her ears is a very beautiful tattoo idea for arms. This tattoo represents your relaxed nature. The innocence of the cat featuring in this tattoo is eye-catching. This tattoo looks great on forearm or upper arm.

Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


6. Glyph cat

This abstract style of tattoo is made using lines that are drawn to create a cat face structure. It is very innocent-looking tattoo and is ideal for females. It looks great on upper arm. This tattoo shows your feelings of love and compassion and that of wanderlust.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


7. Cat heads tattoo

Beautiful tattoo featuring three cat heads. This tattoo is a popular tattoo idea for females. It stands for love, honesty and compassion. It also presents three lives, or a kind of evolution of a person according to some tattoo designers. Forearm and wrist are the ideal places to have this tattoo.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


8. Peeping cat

When luck smiles at you, this is the tattoo to represent your happy space. The peeping look of the cat represents your welcoming of new things in life. The new feelings found in life and your preparation for new change are depicted with peeping cat tattoo. It is an amazing foot tattoo idea.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


9. Smiling cat

Smiling cat with buds below and half ring above makes a colorful cat tattoo idea. This tattoo can be shaded with watercolors and is easy to maintain. Space near elbow pit is nice place to have this tattoo. It is a beautiful tattoo for females.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


10. Flowers in cat tattoo

This tattoo is colorful and quite feminine in appeal. The design is that of a sitting cat which is further elaborated with flowers inside. Cat and flowers tattoo represent love, softness of emotions and kind heart. It is a great tattoo idea for girls.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


11. Cat and peonies

Black cat tattoo for back elaborated further with peonies in the body. This tattoo represents love and faith in God. It is ideal for people with strong religious sentiments. The best place to have this tattoo is back. The other suitable places are side of the belly and arms.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


12. Graphic cat tattoo

Clean and simple glyph cat tattoo for feet. This tattoo only with the outline creates an impression of cat design. It can be made using dotwork. A cat tattoo turning to a side looks very stylish and forms beautiful tattoo idea for women.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


13. Black and white cat

Beautiful symbol of togetherness, this cat pair tattoo stands for eternal love. When you want to show your commitment for undying love, this tattoo helps. It looks great near ankles. The tattoo is ideas for arms and calves, below shoulder too.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


14. Glyph cat tattoo for couples

Graphic tattoo for couples featuring cat design is an amazing tattoo idea. This tattoo is clean and made using dotwork. Couples embarking on search for love and new life have this tattoo near the ankle. It also looks great near shoulder of both men and women.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas


15. Brown cat head

Beautiful tattoo that adorns the chest bone tastefully. When you go for some strapless dress, it adds to your fashion quotient. This tattoo is characterized by brown natural shades found typically in a cat. It is a small tattoo that can be worn anywhere in the body.

Best Cat Tattoo Design Ideas

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