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L’ANGE Triomphe Vs ELCHIM 2001 Classic Hair Dryer – Choose The Best One

L'ANGE Triomphe Vs ELCHIM 2001 Classic Hair Dryer

For anyone who needs her hair to look professional hairdryer is an important accessory. Styling and drying up your hair is impossible without getting the best dryer. We spent may hours researching and comparing L’ANGE TriompheVs ELCHIM 2001 Classic Hair Dryer. They all function the same but have a little different; that is why L’ANGE Triomphe is the best one. We have listed both pros, cons, and features to determine the best one for you. You can get one of them and try.

L'ANGE Triomphe
L’ANGE TriompheELCHIM 2001 Classic
It dries hair quickly.Very quiet because of the high quality of the AC motor, which reduces the noise.
LightweightHigh blowing pressure that gets your hair dry and it manages cutting down drying time.
Ergonomic, comfortable to handleIt has two airspeeds.
It has a detachable nozzle for concentrating heat and precision styling.Five temperatures
The price is a little affordable.Professional AC motor
It makes the hair smooth and straightener. Fast drying
Easy for changing the attachment
It seems a little louder.Fast-drying but fingertips got hot.
It has a less intuitive button control.
Expensive, this dryer is expensive compare to others.

L’ANGE Triomphe Hair dryer Reviews

This hair dryer is designed for hair for the features cushioned to handle and ultra-light frame, which allows user to dry hair faster. It makes your hair look healthy, although it is not good for shinning. The dryer is lightweight and designed to texture and cushion handle for easy grip. It is cool shot button locks of the style for a blowout.

It contains 1875 watts for a quiet and powerful dryer that produces negatives of the hair’s infuse hair and smoothening. The particle adds shine and reduces the frizz.

L'ANGE Triomphe

The dryer comes with turbo airflow that dries faster and promotes a long and powerful AC motor life. The dryer will give you some of the ultra-luxe models that give you the same professional quality blower.

ELCHIM 2001 Classic Hair Dryer Reviews

ELCHIM is a popular brand for hairstyling. Therefore, ELCHIM 2001 Classic has been a staple product for the salon for over 40 years. The majority of women believe it more than another dryer. It is made of 1875 watts to power the hair end of your hair.

This dryer gives you the quality, and you can feel it after long use. It has ceramic technology to help preserve hair integrity, and while the pressure compressed increases the heat and speed. This enables us to cut down the drying time.

The front section of the dryer channeling is greater for heat and air pressure. You can attach the high-pressure nozzle and reduces the drying time.

The dryer has five temperatures for the ELCHIM hairdryer for the two fan speeds and three heat settings. The heat has high, medium, and lower. The dryer is the low setting for the cooling air.

ELCHIM 2001 Classic Hair Dryer

They are many salon goods that support the features of the salon quality of the hairdryer. It has an air concentrator model that allows you to blast the hot air jet for small air. It has an extra nine-long feet swivel cord, which allows you freedom of movement.

The ELCHIM professor hair dryer is designed for hairstyle and salon. You will get a streamlined control for different temperatures of every use. You need to take a look at the features of the ELCHIM 2001.




L’ANGE Triomphe-Design

It is a long cord, which is great for convenient blow-drying and styling. Compact design is lightweight and ideal for packing. When you work with this dryer, it makes it powerful for the blowouts breeze.

It helps the user for achieving smoothness and damaging of the hair. The handle should be foldable and wrap up the 9 feet long cord. The design is the sacrifice ergonomics.

L'ange Triomphe Hair Dryer

ELCHIM 2001 Classic-Design

The model is lightweight for the ELCHIM. It has a dual switch for the two variable speed and four varying the degree and perfect control of the dryer. The machine is designed in the classic and unmistakable for the ELCHIM style. The change of the setting is fixed easily. The cord is dryer to the plugin, which protect basically of the temporary fixes.

ELCHIM 2001 Classic Hair Dryer



L’ANGE Triomphe-Performance

The airflow delivers unmatched drying performance. The speed of the dryer is maneuvering of the more comfortable with a salon performance. The modern among the L’ANGE is powerful and is enough for most of the dryer. It is super faster for efficiency while guarding your health. Its features generate a heating engine of 1875 watts for a quit time.

L'ange Triomphe Hair Dryer

ELCHIM 2001 Classic-Performance

This hair dryer has an umbrella balance of high performance, consisting of heat and time-saving savages. The motor working combination is a narrow nose designed to make the professional quality of the hair unique. It has powerful heat that is airflow, and after the heat, it breaks the hydrogen. The ELCHIM model gives the choice of several colors to enable the use of select colors she needs. They make your hair shines.

ELCHIM 2001 Classic Hair Dryer

Additional Features

L’ANGE Triomphe is a detached nozzle that concentrates on the heating hairdryer. The rocket switches to allow you an easy speed for the temperature of the adjustment. It features the cool short button for the extent of your blowout. L’ANGE Triomphe has a cap and filter to remove the cleaning maintenance. The voltage has 110-125V AC 60Hz.

ELCHIM 2001 Classic has a faster dryer model for the powerful working of the combination narrow. It has a lifetime warranty from the manufacture. The dryer is manufactured in Italy. It has dimensions measures 8.5 inches (height) by 3 inches (width) by 9 inches (length).

ELCHIM  turbo powers to ensure the hair dries for the shortest time possible of damaged hair. It is equipped with a 2000 watts-motor which operates without noise. The narrow shape of ELCHIM blow dry for the front nozzle increases the airflow pressure to the dry hair faster. With seven possible combinations of the temperature range’s speed range suits your preferred degree of the hairdryer. It is lightweight to make it possible for easy use.



L’ANGE TriompheVs ELCHIM 2001, both of the product offers you the best features for the technology. The main difference between this product ELCHIM is fast hair drying, and L’ANGE Triomphe is best for straighter.

Both of the products are of a tight budget for the professional hairdryer to give you a maximum performance of the particular hair. Both of the products help to keep the hair healthy and strong.

The majority of the customers agree with the features that manage the quality of the salon. Each of the products has different features in terms of performance. But both product has a lifetime warranty. ELCHIM maybe the best high-quality hairdryer, but L’ANGE Triomphe performs better.

If you start your day using the dryer, you will want to get the best service. You need a dryer that operates quietly, affordable, and does not damage your hair, as one mentioned here. You need to be keen when choosing this product. Overall we choose L’ANGE Triomphe hairdryer as one of the best on this list.