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Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic Vs BaBylissPRO Rapido Hair Dryers – Which One is Better?

Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic Vs BaBylissPRO Rapido Hair Dryer

Are you having problemschoosing the best hair stylingtool at an affordable price? If yes, no need to worry; this composition has been written for you. One of the few to do with beauty is that there is always something for everyone regardless of who they are. Therefore, buying a stylingmachine is the greatest option to avoid unnecessary expenses. Elchim and BabylissPRORapido blow dryers are the best machines suitable for blow-drying, softening, and making your hair shinier.

Most womenneed an effortlessblow dryer to dry their hair quickly and more efficiently while reducing frizz. This is a lot to request, but like all other techniques, blow dryers have evolved. Here we have the BabylissPRO Rapido Hairdryer, a feature-rich piece of technology changing how we look at blow dryers.

Elchim is a popularly known company globally that manufactures products with the best design quality and the best customer care service. Withoutconsidering whichmachine you choose, both are used to blow-dryer your hair in a perfect way. Elchim 3900 is among the newestmodels in the market, and the tool may differ in the plates’ thickness.  BabylissRapido is popularly known for its perfection in hair styling.  Here below, we will highlight some key features, advantages, and disadvantages of bothtools to make work effortless for you.

Elchim 3900 Ionic CeramicBaBylissPRO Rapido Hair Dryer
Elchim 3900 Ionic CeramicBaBylissPRO Rapido
A ceramichair dryer effortlesslydries and simultaneously detangles your hair.This machine straightens the hair with one stroke; go once it is done.
It is not much expensive. Work on all type of hair.
Comes with a warrantyof two years.Digital heat adjustment.
Elchim has a high wattage rating.The option of the temperature setting.
It has an electromagnetic wave protection system (Low EMF).Has comfortable grip to work with and does not slip.
Elchimcomes with a built-in silencer and is very silentwhen compared to similar hair stylers.The plate gets hot faster.
May have issues with its power button getting stuck.When got hot is uncomfortable.
It has a very bad, burnt smell on the first use.Does not have auto shut off.
It has a short cord .

ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900  is a well-known hair dryer that has been used by even professionals. Elchim is been adopted in most of the great hair parlors worldwide.  All hairstylists know how beneficial it is to blowdry and style using a superior mixture of heat setting and airspeed setting. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic reduces the drying time on a minimum of 30 percent, and at the same time makes hair shinier to hair and maintaining the integrity of your hair. Using the correct heat amount, ensuring a beautiful blow-out from inside out. This tool was handmade in Italy.

 The ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer showed that its capable of matching some of the industry’s highest quality items, and this blow dryer has a list of great features that puts to its reputation. When shortly viewing at all factors, this blow dryer comes in at a nice four out of five stars, and buyers agree that this is a modern hair dryer that gives great value. Its heating components are one of the main important things to look at when discussing different blow dryers with each other. The great thing with the Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer is that it gives an awesome heat output for all optimized blow-drying possibilities.

Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic

The major-minor factor, as we mentioned, is the potential for the imperfect heating component, howsoever, buyers should be ready to utilize their warranty advantages. In most cases, buyers have never experienced innovative heating components and have shown a good response towards.

Continuously, going through all reviews, features, and factors to the Elchim 3900 blow Dryer clearly shows why buyers have shown so much great feedback towards that particular hairdryer. This Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer remains the best option for those who want a nice professional hairdryer without breaking the bank, but there are also the same choices, giving a bit different prices and options. customers will have their part in their hair in making their final buying decision, that’s depending on which machine fits them.

One of few the biggest concerns about this machine is your hairdryer’s lifespan and durability, and components. For many users, the blow dryer seems to be durable and works as intended; howsoever, there seems to be a less percentage of blow dryer units with components that stop to function between the first 2 years. buyers should be well prepared to take advantage of their two-year warranty if they receive a hairdryer unit with a potentially faulty component.


 If you are searching for professional hair styling hair shiny, then BabylissPRORapido can work for you well. It is made with durable material and gives you good functioning. It also has a swivel cord that enables you to straighten and heat up quickly, giving safety to the user. Babyliss comes with an extended plate that goes for up to 5 inches.

Its designed of agronomic design to make it comfortable to use for a long time.  BabylissPro Rapido can get a hair cut and colored better when you are straightening. If you do not want to choose an unsuitable machine for your hairstyle, then choose this one. Its cost is affordablr as a tool. Babyliss also has a faster heat-up time, with 450 degrees faster. Has a powerful heat setting option, thus you can adjust the heat you want.

BaBylissPRO Rapido Hair Dryer

BabylissPRO has a wet to dry feature to help you style your hair. The size of the BabylissPRO offers you a better results when using it. Babyliss has LED help to control the temperature setting. Thus, this flat iron machine is fit for people with curly, coarse and thick hair. It would benefit if you considered buying this product because of the innovativetechnique introduced and comes with all features you are looking for from a straightener machine. Below included some of the best features.




ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic blow dryer is one of the best tools for hair straightening. This machine has a dual-grip design, which enables it to fit almost any hairdryer. Elchim easily detangles and styles your hair simultaneously.

The blow dryer hair is an essential traveling hairstyle accessory. This machine is designed with heavy-duty nylon for long-lasting use. The concentrates airflow to detangle and straighten your hair in one step because of its unique design. It is patent double layered and grabs all types of hair to give the best salon-quality results.

Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic

ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic hair dryer works better in drying, straightening, and styling hair without causing any damage. Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer is well designed to be easy to use by offers the users an effortless setup process that focuses mainly on simplicity. This Elchim hairdryer is efficient and lightweight so that users can begin to experience the ergonomic handling that this hair dryer represents.



The BabylissPRO model is available in an amazing color. Thus, it appears modern and attractive when compared to other machines. Babyliss weighs 7.2 oz that makes it less light compare to others. Its body is slimmer and smooth to ensures better performance.

BaBylissPRO Rapido Hair Dryer




ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 has fast-drying and gorgeous drying ability. This tool comes with a range of settings that enable you set the heat as per your requirements. Its heat settings can control it in an innovative way, and the temperature is displayed.


BabylissRapido comes with an originalcurve on the side of the plate. Thus, you can effortlessly styling your hair waves well. Temperature is displayed digitally. New technique made it stronger. It comes three heat settings to pick from(340F degree, 400F degree, and 450F degree) respectively. therefore it is the fit for the lower heat settings.





Just because of the right combination of airflow, power, and heat, this  Elchim 3900 ionic ceramic hair dryer reduces drying time by more than thirty percent. It’s a bit lightweight and well balanced. The airflow hydrates and makes hair glossy, removing the static electricity thanks to its system.

Elchim 3900 ionic ceramic hair dryer has a backlit touch-screen that allows you to control heat, airflow, and ion settings easily. Elchim 3900 blow dryer gives your hair the body and volume you’ve always wanted to have. This tool also has ceramic ions, which gives a faster and gentle hair drying from the inside out, thus reducing frizz and adding shine.

Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic

Elchim is cheap when compared to BabylissPRO. Elchinm 3900 has a swivel end where the power cord goes into the handle, so the cord doesn’t tangle up as you turn it around your head, and it also uses the same handle to reduce or add heat at the same time.



BabylissRapido is popularly known as a high-end premium hairdryer and straightener. Its air temperature keeps changing and more, so you keep measuring twenty times to make sure that no damages are made while blow-drying. The engine is very powerful, and its settings are very controllable. It is very fast, indeed.

BabylissPRO has pressure fatigue that uses to handle a slim body. The flat iron fastens the heat up time. Its outer surface always stays cool. Rapido packs with pricey titanium materials. This brand can serve you for more years because of the materials used.

BaBylissPRO Rapido Hair Dryer



Elchim3900 blow dryer is one of the best and newest modern blow dryers to have ever hit the market worldwide. We recommend this

blowdryer since its affordable.

It functions well, we aren’t degrading its quality, but it’s a bit expensive for a home hair dryer. If this price were for the professional brand, then maybe it would be an easier pill to swallow, but as it comes out, the professional model cost even more! If the BabylissPRO is out of your budget, we recommend you to check out our reviews of Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, which is much cheaper.

BabylissPRO and Elchim 3900 hairdryer make your hair look amazing, presentable, and shinier every time. However, the main difference we notice for the two products is that BabylissPRO gives you straighter for each hair type. ELCHIM 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer is mainly trusted for hair straightening, to make your hair straight and shiny all day in many different hairstyles.

Both machines are specified with hairstyling, drying, and hair straightening. That’s the reason why we have given you the similarities and the differences for each product. Both products are popularly known worldwide and come up yearly with new technology to beautify hairstyles. the two of the products are designed with high-quality products and design. The choice is yours of what you wish to do with your hairstyle.

Nevertheless, for me, I would choose BabylissPRO, which seems to be the best. Reason being that it straightens the hair the way you desire and adds some waves to your hair. Elchim 3900 remains the best in making your hair shine and look stunning. I would purchase a BabylissPRO straightening machine because it’s a suitable tool for me the most, but the choice is yours and choose well.

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