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Unique Tattoos Design

Interesting Tattoo Ideas and Their Meaning

Tattoos are unique way of expressing emotions, ideas, endorsement to thoughts and passion. These fashion statements have come a long way from being just a unique styling material. Some tattoos are permanent, while others are made using materials that leave temporary impression. Here are some of the tattoo ideas that have got the nod from both the fashion police as well as followers.

Star and star design tattoos :- Stars shine through darkness. So, when you want to show to the world that you have been a survivor of tough times, you can express it better with star design tattoos. The stars can be carved as solitary tattoo, or a whole design on shoulder can be worn as accessory that comes out uniquely in off-shoulder dresses.

Unique Star Design Tattoos

Wings design:- Who could imagine that two wings can work as tell-all for a person’s hidden personality? Wings stand for two sides of a coin, and the wearer of such tattoo wants to convey to the world that he is also human and has both positive and negative side to his personality.

Unique Wings Design Tattoos

Maori designs: Popular amongst wrestlers, warriors and other fighters, Maori designs add a daring look to the personality. Mostly worn on arms or back, the Maori designs stand for strength of fighting.

Maori designs


Fairy tattoo design: This is unique to women. Those women who have retained their child-like innocence and have wonderful appearance capable of leaving people around awestruck wear this tattoo often and give a subtle introduction to their personality using such tattoo.

Unique Fairy Tattoo Design

Sun and Moon tattoos: Sun and moon tattoos represent faith in religion and diving powers and offer unique way to flaunt belief in prosperity, happiness, growth and fertility.

Sun and Moon tattoos

So, try these amazingly unique tattoo ideas if you have just thought of joining the bandwagon of wearable fashion lovers, and get yourself noticed in crowd effortlessly.

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