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Iconic 1960s Hairstyles: A Trendy Comeback

Here are the 5 iconic 1960s hairstyles that are popular again today. Fashion has a way of making a comeback!

Have you ever wondered what happens to 20-30-year-old fashion? Everything returns! And today, we’d like to talk about 1960s fashion because the style of that era was genuinely impeccable. How much chic and sophisticated there was in those images. What was the most critical factor? Of course, the hairstyle!

The fashion of the 1960s was distinguished not only by its elegance but also by its freedom of expression. Looking at retro photographs from that era, we can see this feature in the clothing and hairstyles of young people: short trapeze dresses with recognizable Babette styling for girls, single-breasted jackets with a narrow tie, and neatly combed hair for men. Because fashion is cyclical, designers and stylists actively adapt past trends to the present. Let’s look at how a slight retro palette affects women’s haircuts.

1960s-style Bangs and Curls

Bangs and Curls-1960s Hairstyle

The geometry of sixties fashion extends to the very forms of hairstyles. This popular season’s bangs are available in various styles, including straight, short, and torn. Long hair features even layers and mobile texture, classic or not-so-classic styling, and, most importantly, large curls. Medium hair can be styled in a variety of bob and carriage styles, with sloppy or small curls. As the basic styling on this length is sloppy and ruffled hair, short haircuts are intertwined with the 60 volume.

From Pixie to Session

From pixie to session- 1960s hairstyle

The bob, pixie, and session hairstyles first appeared in the 1960s, characterized by sleek “hair to hair” styles. These haircuts are already gaining a French flair in modern times. Ladies do not want precise haircuts repeated, but rather something that can flutter in the wind and not change the shape but only reveal the haircut itself.

The Teddy Boys movement, a mainstay of modernism, was also born in the early 1960s. Beautiful retro looks are still trendy today. The 1960s provided many inspirations for modern fashionistas. Because this historical era cultivated natural femininity in fashion, the haircuts created by the canons of the time are now in style.

Brigitte Bardot-inspired Volumetric Hairstyle

Iconic 1960s Hairstyles

Hairstyles from the 1960s combined the best elements of antiquity, the baroque, and the brilliant 20s. The vibrant fashion of those years, which allowed free, talented young people to emphasize their individuality, inspires many today to create their image.

Volume and waves were the main components of a good and stylish haircut at the time. The famous film “Babette Goes to War,” starring Brigitte Bardot, contributed to the widespread demand for tall hairstyles. The 60s were defined by the bright focus on the eyes and the “beehive” hairstyle. Hair tips pointing outward were a particularly fashionable touch. Ribbons, headbands, and bows were also popular.

All Types of Beams

Iconic 1960s Hairstyles

Back then, women would frequently wear various headbands. Modern stylists frequently employ similar solutions. This hairstyle can complement a solemn, business, or elegant image.

Balayage Sloppy Square

Sloppy Square-1960s hairstyle

Hairstyles from the 1960s are simple to achieve. If you have long hair, try it for a festive occasion. However, 60s hairstyles were not limited to long curls. During those years, short haircuts were very fashionable.

The 1960s, seemingly forgotten until recently, are now back in style. Do not believe that hairstyles from that era have no place in today’s world. Their femininity and sexuality continue to draw people in.

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