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28 Feet Tattoos – Get Beautiful Tattoo Design Inked on Your Foot


For many people foot is the prettiest body part to get a tattoo inked. Getting Feet Tattoos provides you the chance to make your foot look more beautiful and this is the reason why many people these days are rushing off towards getting their foot tattooed. Many celebrities have got tattoo on their foot like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Anniston to name few. The tattoo on the foot is inspiring the younger generation too and everybody loves to wear it.Foot tattoos look striking and your foot works as a nice place to get your favorite tattoo design inked. A foot tattoo which peaks out of the footwear looks very attractive. Here are few striking ideas for getting a tattoo on the foot.

1. Beautiful Vines On the Foot

As previously stated, foot tattoos are highly feminine and differ slightly from those done on your hands or elsewhere. Because of the curvature of the feet, the sides are frequently concentrated, attempting to complement the sandal space. Here’s a lovely foot tattoo design for you to consider.

Beautiful Vines On the Foot
Image Source: Pintrest

2. Dandelion Tattoos On the Foot

Are you the simple yet elegant type? So here is our recommendation for you. This foot tattoo design features a dandelion flower with a flock of birds. The concept implies liberation and how our feet might take countless steps toward independence.

Dandelion Tattoos On the Foot
Image Source: tattoosbag

3. Feather Tattoo

Consider a simple and delicate feather tattoo on your foot. This one, on the other hand, neatly covers the main portion of the foot that your sandals do not cover. A well-polished toenail adds to the allure. To begin, try out this adorable foot tattoo.

Feather Tattoo
Image Source: tattoosbag

4. Stars on Feet Tattoo

Consider a delicate and simple feather tattoo on your foot. This, on the other hand, nicely covers the majority of the foot that your sandals do not. A well-polished toenail adds to the enchantment. Begin with this beautiful foot tattoo.

Stars on Feet Tattoo
Image Source: Pintrest

5. Butterfly on Feet Tattoo

This lovely foot tattoo for women features beautiful butterflies with smaller colored stars all over to bring out your feminine side. Butterflies represent vivacity in life, a color-filled delight that keeps us grounded while allowing us to fly. This is a basic foot tattoo design featuring a line of butterflies. You can also have your initials etched there.

Butterfly on Feet Tattoo
image source; pintrest

6. Skeleton Foot Tattoos

Do you desperately want to get a tattoo in a unique style? Here’s something completely different from those lovely foot tattoos. In another way, this one is lovely. The chilly skull peacefully lays on the feet. The borders are tinted, and some shadowing has been added to give the image a terrifying appearance.

Skeleton Foot Tattoos
Image Source: amazingtattooideas

7. Tribal Foot Tattoo

Tribal art is another common type of foot tattoo art. The tribal art tattoo concept is straightforward, with minute details of the tribal art form. If you prefer something sophisticated, this is a good option.

Tribal Foot Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

8. Heart Tattoo

Here’s a cute foot tattoo idea that you may want to try. This one is probably the basic choice for a lot of us. The heart shape tattoo is complete with colors and a lot of others on the sides, giving it a very attractive form. It only covers one-fourth of the leg and thus sits beautifully attractive when you wear sandals.

Heart Tattoo
Image Source: Ecstasy

9. Legendary Lotus Foot

Among all the foot tattoo designs, the charming lotus tattoo design stands out. It is well-shaded and occupies the middle area of the foot. You can also add color to it if you want to. The flowering lotus represents life and hope, as well as positivity and success.

Legendary Lotus Foot
Image Source: Pintrest

10. Astronomy Foot

Don’t we all have our concept of space? In such creative domains, our ideas about the universe and the moon’s phases frequently emerge. Cosmology tattoos come in diverse forms and sizes, sexes, and identity types; nonetheless, a thing they all have in common is the reverence for space and the greater part of the perplexing riddles it holds. This one is both simple and lovely. Don’t we all agree?

Astronomy Foot
Image Source: Pintrest

11. Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are yet another fiery and forceful tattoo design that we, by default, adore. It represents life and energy, two vital aspects of the universe. The beauty is in selecting the appropriate color shades. As a result, the tattoo is truly one-of-a-kind. Examine the dragon’s scales to see how correctly they are represented.

Dragon Tattoo
Image Source; Pintrest

12. Arrow Tattoo

How easy can it get? These tattoo outlines are quite simple, which is the main goal of these plans. This one is simple to obtain and will not break the bank. On a spare afternoon, try out this simple foot tattoo.

Arrow Tattoo
Image Source; Pintrest

13. Paw Tattoo On Foot

Do you adore animals? We see what you’re saying. Here’s a novel approach to expressing your feelings for others. It doesn’t have to be the dog’s paws; you may even imprint your cat’s paws. To begin with, they are adorable and great concepts. The shading is both gorgeous and precise. This adorable foot tattoo is an awesome concept that you can enjoy.

Paw Tattoo On Foot
Image Source; Pintrest

14. Tattoos on the Ankles and Feet

Because of its adaptability, the foot is a good area for tattoos. You can go for something simple and delicate or something more intricate. Consider a foot and ankle tattoo if you want a larger design or one that would work nicely in a larger location. This piece will start at the ankle and go down to the foot. Vine and flower wrap around the ankle and continues down to the foot are two options, or it could be an animal or legendary creature.

Tattoos on the Ankles and Feet
Image Source; Pintrest

15. Tattoo of a Phoenix on the Foot

The mythological bird of the phoenix is connected with rebirth, death, and rejuvenation. The fire bird regenerates and rises from the ashes of its predecessor, which many people interpret as a metaphor for facing challenges and emerging stronger as a result. It can also symbolize hope and endurance. This is a fantastic choice for a woman experiencing a tough time in her life or a significant period of change.

Tattoo of a Phoenix on the Foot
Image Source; yusrablog

16. Foot Henna Tattoo

For those looking for something temporary, henna tattoos are an enticing alternative. It is made with a plant-based dye in various colors, including red, orange, brown, and blue-black. In the Hindu culture, henna artwork is widespread, and foot tattoos are tattooed for special or ceremonial events, such as weddings. Designs can be extremely detailed and lovely. A mandala or a peacock can be your chosen artwork.

Foot Henna Tattoo
Image Source;

17. Tattoo of a Sunflower on the Foot

Sunflower is one of the gorgeous blooms, making for a lovely and meaningful design. A sunflower tattoo symbolizes eternal love, adoration, hope, and optimism. It’s ideal for a woman who wishes to remind herself to remember the bright side of life or not to take herself too seriously. It can be seen as a manner to express your faith; the flowers face the sun, which some see as a representation of God’s love and your commitment to your beliefs. Although there are numerous tattoo alternatives, including black ink, the more colorful options stand out.

Tattoo of a Sunflower on the Foot
Image Source: tattoosboy

18. Elephant Foot Ink

Elephants are connected with knowledge, family, power, and fortune. There’s also the adage that an ‘elephant never forgets,’ which could serve as a reminder not to forgive those who have wronged you. Elephant tattoos are an excellent choice for body art because of their meaning, and there is a wide range of design options. You might choose anything modest and basic, such as an outline of this amazing beast or a detailed and realistic painting.

Elephant Foot Ink
Image Source; Pintrest

19. Tattoo of a Snake’s Foot

Snake tattoos can be edgy, threatening, or downright cool. Death, peril, vengeance, and metamorphosis are all connected with the serpent. It may be an enticing option for a woman who is fond of snakes or the symbolism linked with them. Snakes have positive and negative connotations; some associate them with sin, while others associate them with good fortune and success. They also work well with different images, which can somewhat modify the meaning.

Tattoo of a Snake's Foot
Image Source: petpress

20. Tattoo of a Mandala on the Foot

Mandala tattoos look great on the feet and are one of the most popular options. They are lovely and detailed, with shapes and symbols that form a circular pattern. A mandala is a deeply symbolic object frequently connected with harmony, balance, and tranquility.

Tattoo of a Mandala on the Foot
Image Source: blogspot

21. Foot Tattoos With Names

The appeal of having a name permanently inscribed on your body is that it can bring you closer to that person. It could be the name of a romantic partner, a kid, a best friend, or someone who has died. It can make a lovely memorial item, honoring the person you’ve lost and allowing you to have a bit of them with you at all times.

Foot Tattoos With Names
Image Source: Pintrest

22. Tattoo of a Compass Foot

A compass represents direction, patience, and optimism. Travelers have utilized the navigational tool to assist them in staying safe on their journeys and finding their way home. It can easily also be a reminder that after a rough phase, you will find peace or that you can find your way out of bad situations.

Tattoo of a Compass Foot
Image Source: designoftattoos

23. Foot Tattoo of a Dragonfly

The dragonfly is both a beautiful and meaningful insect. It is connected with harmony, peace, wealth, and good fortune, creating a cool and inspiring design. Getting it tattooed on your foot is a terrific option since you can glance down at it every day and remember why you got it inked in the first place.

Foot Tattoo of a Dragonfly
Image Source: designoftattoos

24. Gorgeous Roses

You can get roses inked on your foot. The best thing about the rose tattoo design is that you can always color them in different ways and can redesign it completely.

Foot Tattoo width=

25. Geometric Patterns

At the bottom of the foot you can get some of the geometric patterns inked which complement the shape of the foot.

Foot Tattoo

26. Anchor Tattoo Design

You can get an anchor tattoo on your foot with a star. Anchor has good meaning attached to it and it is more than sea or ships that holds the anchor sturdy.

Foot Tattoo

27. True North Tattoo Design

This is small and cute tattoo design. True North tattoo design is quite flirty tattoo and it takes on the traditional compass which depicts the movement towards north only.

Foot Tattoo

28. Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoo is very much in fashion and foot is a great option to go for a tribal pattern .You can even branch it out from the foot and can extend the tattoo up the way.

Foot Tattoo

Sensual and aesthetically appealing. Foot tattoo is easy to hide in case you work at a place where tattoo is not acceptable. Getting a tattoo on the foot makes the most stylish statement and it can be very sensual, aesthetically appealing and can be discreet at the same time.

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