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Fancy Coloured Diamond Ideas For Your Wedding Ring

Fancy Coloured Diamond Ideas For Your Wedding Ring

If you are planning your wedding in 2023, you will no doubt be thinking about the wedding ring and like most couples, you are likely to want to have the ring designed and hand-crafted by a custom jeweller. When you consider that the cost of a custom-made diamond wedding ring is on par with a regular off-the-shelf ring, why not have the ring designed and made by a leading jewellery maker.

Here are a few coloured diamond designs that you might like to consider for your custom-made diamond wedding ring.

  1. Colourless Central Diamond With A Pink Diamond Halo Setting– If pink is your favourite colour, choose a colourless central diamond with an arrangement of pink pave diamonds in a halo setting. Approach a leading custom jeweller who designs and makes womens diamond wedding rings. The custom jeweller can work to your budget and take your ideas and turn them into reality.
  1. Champagne Trinity Ring– If you like the idea of a 3-stone diamond arranged in a row, a central champagne coloured diamond with a smaller stone on either side. Yellow or rose gold is the perfect metal choice, which adds a yellowish tint that complements the coloured diamonds. The jeweller can find 3 stones of identical colour and using a different cut on the smaller stones is recommended. This style was very much the fashion in the 40s and 50s and in the last few years, the trinity ring has enjoyed a comeback, while coloured diamonds are also trending, which is ideal!
  1. Blue Diamond With A Pave Red Ruby Cluster– Blue diamonds are very attractive and contrast perfectly with small red rubies set in a platinum cluster. A platinum band and setting adds silver colour to the mix, which works well with the blue and red. Google Images can bring you 100s of fine photos of blue diamond wedding rings with small ruby clusters. If you find one that looks just right, send it to the custom jeweller and he can use it as a base for the design. The jeweller has access to wholesale gemstones and can save you a lot on precious stone acquisition.
  1. Argyle Pink Central Diamond With Yellow Pave Stones– One of the most famous diamond mines in the world is located in Western Australia; the Argyle Mine has produced the best pink and champagne-coloured diamonds and even though the mine ceased production a few years ago, there are still many top-quality Argyle pink diamonds that you can acquire via a custom jeweller. This mine is also well-known for producing the best champagne-coloured stones, which blend well with the pink central diamond.
  1. Central Sapphire & Green Pave Diamonds In A Cluster– A stunning coming together of blue and green makes for the perfect wedding ring, with a top-quality blue sapphire with an Asscher Cut, with a collection of green paves diamonds in a cluster. If you approach a custom jeweller with a view to designing a sapphire and diamond wedding ring such as this, the jeweller can show you many images to help you find the right design. Once a design is approved, the jeweller can quote for the project and should you agree, the work can begin.

Coloured diamonds have never been so popular, and the combinations are endless, especially if you incorporate other gemstones into the mix. If you would like to explore the design possibilities, search online for a leading custom jeweller and arrange a free Zoom call so you can have a discussion.

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